Garage flooring and cabinets?

Garage flooring and cabinets?

Any favorite garage flooring products for your Tesla garages? Any favorite cabinet systems?

Need to redo my S's garage and hoping some of my fellow owners have some good advice

bishoppeak | 11 gennaio 2020

Any decent painter can do an epoxy floor you will love.

NKYTA | 11 gennaio 2020

My decent painter didn’t.

Epoxy floor in white or checkered would be awesome. Cost is up there.

Don’t need cabinets.

GHammer | 12 gennaio 2020

Epoxy is great for a relatively new concrete slab but it requires a lot of work to prep an older surface, particularly one with oil leak spots on it. I did an epoxy floor on the new outbuilding I built and I love it but I'm probably going to do a tile like Racedeck on my old floor in my house garage.

Ohmster | 12 gennaio 2020

I’ve had RaceDeck for over 10 years. Still looks new(ish).

jordanrichard | 12 gennaio 2020

Just like what cleaning products to use on your Tesla, use/do whatever you did before. Apart from having an electric drivetrain, a Tesla is no different than any other car. It’s glass, paint and rubber.

Also, what tool cabinets do you need. The only fluid you need to have on hand is a jug of windshield fluid. If one wants to change out their own brake fluid every 2 years, then perhaps a jug of brake fluid. So you just need space for 2 jugs of fluid.

GoldAK47 | 12 gennaio 2020

If you need any wall or floor graphics/logos, let me know. I can do anything you need.