Anyone ever buy/carry a spare tire (esp. for 20 inch wheels)?

Anyone ever buy/carry a spare tire (esp. for 20 inch wheels)?

Probably a weird notion, but my Model 3 is my first car without an on board spare tire. And given the reports of vulnerability with 20 inch wheels, I'm wondering if it would make any sense to buy a spare wheel/tire and carry it in the trunk if going on longer/cross-country trips?

Anyone ever do that, or is it a deeply stupid idea for one reason or another?

yudansha™ | 13 gennaio 2020

How often have you used a spare in the past? Do you live in a remote area? You'll reduce range carrying extra weight.

sidetracked1 | 13 gennaio 2020

I live in Los Angeles, so no need to carry it around here. But later this year I'll be teaching in Northern Utah, about an hour from Salt Lake. And doing a decent amount of driving round the area, some on pretty remote back roads. And some long freeway stretches getting to and from there where I'm sure there wouldn't be easy access to Tesla service or parts

I was thinking of it for that trip/situation, assuming I would leave it in the garage to hold down weight while just tooling around L.A.

I've used a spare maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years, but I also didn't have 20 inch wheels with a bit of a rep for being prone to damage/failure...

yudansha™ | 13 gennaio 2020

Won't tire repair kit work? I personally don't buy stuff just in case, but it depends on your level of comfort. I heard Tesla roadside assistance is awesome in case you are stranded.

spuzzz123 | 13 gennaio 2020

You won’t lose any substantial range due to xtra weight carrying a tire around. That’s a very “fishy” thing to say, Tanya. But you will lose cargo won’t fit in the frunk obviously. Btw 2-3 times in 10 years is a ton imo. Unless you off-road or something. I’ve only had one flat in my life

yudansha™ | 13 gennaio 2020

@spuzzz123 Firstly, I never said "significant". Nice try.
Secondly, here is from
"Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car’s weight helps to increase fuel economy slightly. (It also incidentally increases automakers’ profits because they don’t have to pay for those parts.)"

Scrannel | 13 gennaio 2020

I also have the 20

I also have the 20" wheels, also in So. Ca. But if I were going into parts unknown, the comfort of having that extra wheel makes sense to me.

sidetracked1 | 13 gennaio 2020

@ Spuzzz123 - Yeah, not happy about the history of flats. Drove 30 years without one, and then in the last decade;
two punctures (one led to a slow leak, one a fast one - not sure how I could have avoided those), and a stupid bit of driving where I hit a curb with my sidewall hard enough to rip it and cause an immediate flat.

I was able to 'fix' the slow leak with a can of tire fixer, but only well enough to get to a service station and get a new tire. The fast leak just wouldn't seal, and the sidewall wasn't even an option...

GHammer | 13 gennaio 2020

Because I travel long distances to out of the way places, I carry a pump, repair kit and a spare. I bought this:

sidetracked1 | 13 gennaio 2020

@ GHammer - very interesting option! I was thinking of getting just a full size replacement, given the likelihood that over the months/years to come one of the 20 wheels could get damaged, and who knows if Tesla will still be making my specific wheel, so at least that way I wouldn't have to buy 4 new. But that would certainly be a lot more up front.

I already do carry a Tesla pump/repair kit, even in L.A. That wasn't a big investment so it felt like a no brianer...

spuzzz123 | 14 gennaio 2020

“@spuzzz123 Firstly, I never said "significant". Nice try.”

If the range loss is insignificant, then why bring it up as a warning? Your puppet master also takes every opportunity to exaggerate range loss and exploit fears about it.

Sarah R | 14 gennaio 2020

I bought the Modern Spare kit. I've had a few issues in the past with tires. My last car was a Volt that I had for four years. I was lucky to have no tire problems. I felt like I was whistling past the graveyard.

Joe M | 14 gennaio 2020

I wouldn’t underestimate the risk of a spare causing injury in a collision either loose in the trunk and entering the cabin from the rear or in the frunk messing with the crush zone.

Sarah R | 14 gennaio 2020

@Joe M I used 2- Inch wide hook-and-loop tape to secure the kit inside the trunk.

KSU4WARREN1 | 14 gennaio 2020

Over the years, most of my flats were slow leaks, and the 12v air pump was able to get me to the shop. However I have experienced sidewall failures that did require a spare. When driving thru the desert, at night, without cell phone coverage, the tire was the answer for my paranoia. Down side, it won't fit in the Frunk or the trunkwell, so it really steals a lot of the trunk space and it adds weight. Good news, my size zero wife, plus the tire, is still less wight than a modern "average" American.
BTY, buying the tire direct from was $20 cheaper than Amazon.

M3phan | 14 gennaio 2020

I too have the modern spare tire kit, use it for longer trips peace of mind.

vswendsen | 15 gennaio 2020

Another vote here for modern spare. But know that the modern spare has two different bolt patterns and it isn't obvious which is for the M3 and which is for some other vehicle. Also carry a plug kit and a compressor.

surfpearl | 15 gennaio 2020

In my garage there are 4 "spares" from the opposite season always at the ready (20" tires & wheels). Have yet to bring one of them with me on a long trip to nowhere, e.g., Baja. You're welcome to borrow one for your trip if you promise to take good care of it. I believe in the rule "if I bring a spare I won't need to use it" :) No issues with potholes around here (I'm also in LA), just big screws resulting in slow leaks that are easily repaired.

billtphotoman | 15 gennaio 2020

I always have a plug kit and air compressor in the car and during road trip season I add a Modern Spare kit. Quite a few of my road trips take me into areas without cell coverage and I like being self sufficient anyway.

Scrannel | 15 gennaio 2020

Curious on Modern Spare: First, is it true that the wheels from the Performance and others are not interchangeable? If so, does the same go for Modern Spare? Thanks