Touch less car was Bellevue WA

Touch less car was Bellevue WA

Any recommendations for a touch less drive thru car wash in Bellevue, Redmond or nearby?

Thank you.

FISHEV | 18 gennaio 2020

Don't do it!

Those high pressure washes are going to force water into areas it shouldn't be and Tesla already has some issues with that. It also doesn't really clean the car, leaving a film of dirt that will scratch the paint as you brush against it.

There are some instruction videos out that show how to set the car to go through a regular soft brush car wash.

Basics are:

1. Learn to put the car in Neutral and how to get it back to Neutral quickly. Have to stay still in seat or Tesla puts car in Park. If that happens, you have to get back to N fast.

2. Turn off auto wipers.

3. Turn off AutoPilot warnings

But look for the videos which give you better details.

shank15217 | 18 gennaio 2020

FISH is full of shit, there is no issues with high pressure wash and Teslas. Just turn off auto wiping.

jludw32299 | 18 gennaio 2020

I've had good luck at Tiki Car Wash in Bellevue at the Chevron on NE 8th and 122nd NE. They do a great pre-wash with soft brushes by 2 employees, then then through the wash, with a guy on the end wiping down the car. I always do a wash and wax spray and wipe down myself afterwards. I haven't had any scratches. It is true that the hardest thing to do is to put the car in neutral and turn off the wipers. Also you can't reach for your wallet to get money out while on the line, or the Model 3 will move to park immediately and you have to move fast to get it back into neutral.

jludw32299 | 18 gennaio 2020

Also, since it looks like you have or had a Model S 75D, note that if you have the air suspension, move it to extra high and then it save that location and move it very high or extra high, can't remember, the next time you go there.

bp | 18 gennaio 2020

OP, you asked for a touchless drive-through car wash. So ignore the advice about neutral as it’s irrelevant to your question. I’m not sure of anything in Bellevue, but there is a Twin Star touchless drive through off I90 exit 25/27 in Snoqualmie, on 202. I go there all the time with my M3.

FISHEV | 18 gennaio 2020

“They do a great pre-wash with soft brushes by 2 employees, then then through the wash, with a guy on the end wiping down the car.”

Wash the car before using car wash, the Touchless Car Wash in a nutshell.

mdnielsen | 19 gennaio 2020

Check out the Kirkland wash called Kingsgate. Wife just took the model 3 there today. Did well.

MSMS75D | 20 gennaio 2020

Thanks @mdnielsen - Kingsgate Carwash it is! Was there yesterday. Liked it. And surprisingly looks like that is the only option nearby...