Cameras blocked by moisture

Cameras blocked by moisture

Several times in recent days during a cold spell (temps in teens and low twenties) I've gotten a screen message: front, or side door pillar, cameras blocked. When I could examine them at home, there appears to be a thin film of moisture condensed over the camera lens under the glass. Have others noticed this? Does this indicate breakdown of the seals around windshield and side pillar glass? I've also gotten intermittent notices during very heavy rain that fender cameras are blocked.

Sarah R | 19 gennaio 2020

You can expect the repeater cameras to get "blocked" in heavy rain, since a drop of water can bead up on the lens and make the image unusable. You can see this for yourself by looking at the rear camera after driving in a ... driving rain. (Sorry...)

FISHEV | 19 gennaio 2020

I get the cameras offline every day it rains. I drive mostly freeway so the spray is likely knocking off the cameras. Only think that knocked the Subaru Eyesight cams offline was dense fog.

It will go offline, came back, go off maybe 5 times during a 50 mile ride in the rain. Side cams and pillar cams, not the windshield cams.

Nothing wrong as such just that cams in those spots, at least how Tesla has done them, are prone to getting covered during the drive.

BumblebeEV | 19 gennaio 2020

Probably my last 30 drives I had sensor errors from snow, sludge, freezing rain, sludge or ice

FSD could never work from December to March in Montreal, Quebec

FISHEV | 19 gennaio 2020

"FSD could never work from December to March in Montreal, Quebec"

Same in OR. Fortunately I just have AP and Adaptive Cruise is not affected on my commutes.

wildblue | 19 gennaio 2020

I had the interior moisture problem and had a mobile service tech come out to address it. Apparently, it's a common problem with the older models. He removed a small bit of plastic from inside the assembly. I asked him if somebody forgot to remove it at the factory and he said no it's supposed to be there but if moisture is a problem, they remove it. I didn't probe beyond that. Not sure it's completely fixed, as I got the error again a couple days later.

Tronguy | 19 gennaio 2020

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tew ms us | 19 gennaio 2020

I've gotten the "blocked or blinded" message occasionally this winter; I think it's a low sun doing the blinding. This is my second winter with the M3; I had no such warnings my first winter.

M3phan | 19 gennaio 2020

Last year, one time only, we got cool humidity type weather from cold front hitting warm air, the left pillar camera got blocked from condensation located under the glass. Dissipated after 1 hour. Happened for only second time yesterday. Not gonna worry unless it repeats more often than twice in 20 months.

NorthValley | 20 gennaio 2020

Just turn on the aircon...gone in 5 minutes