Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

I have always rotated tires at 5,000 miles.

My model3 just turned 5,000 miles. I read the manual and it says to rotate every 10,000-12,000 miles

I use to change oil every 3,000 miles. As time when on, manufactures starting recommending oil change every 5,000 miles. The Prius that I traded in on my Mode3, recommend every 10,000 miles.

Are tires like that now, only needing a rotation every 10,000-12,000 miles?

Is it no longer needed to rotate tires every 5,000 or in the long run, is it still better????

Peakaboohaha | 23 gennaio 2020

I've rotated my tires at 11k miles. 5/32 in the rear and 8/32 in the front for my M3 LR RWD. Done in Discount Tires, free rotation, $60 for tire balancing (not needed). Someone recommended the puck method, but Discount Tire said we don't need it, they have done hundreds. The tires are rated at 45k miles according to DT.

edhchoe | 23 gennaio 2020

I checked the thread depth with the tool and the difference between front and rear at 8000 mile was more than I expected.
I rotated them front to back immediately.
FYI, mine is RWD.
The car has so much torque and I enjoy quick accelerations a lot. Everyday.
But I rarely hear the tires chirp. But all that pleasing accelerations on the asphalt come with the price of the rear tires.

surfpearl | 23 gennaio 2020

@JimShaw - Michelin's limited warranty states to rotate every 6-8k miles or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, whichever rotation period is less. If you want to be eligible for tire replacement under warranty, do it as Michelin says, i.e., close to how you've always done it.

M3phan | 23 gennaio 2020

@ Peakaboohaha, if discount tire (or any tire place) doesn’t place some kind of lift pad or puck on your car lift points you are risking damaging the battery.

normanrindom | 24 gennaio 2020

Yes, I'd be worried about Discount Tire, Costco and all the others until they convinced me they are compliant with Tesla's lifting procedures. I just don't want my baby hurt...

andy | 24 gennaio 2020

Had mine checked by Tesla in UK at 12k miles - engineer reported recommendation that the tyres are not rotated. AWD, most driving on motorways.

My petrol car has oil changes at around 15k miles on manufacture’s variable service interval. Car tells you when the oil needs it. I think my diesel was similar, possibly 18k mile oil changes.Long life variable service oil as standard.

RJMIII | 24 gennaio 2020

I have been rotating every 7500 miles. I’m coming up on 42500 miles. I had the first three done by mobile rangers and the last two by myself. I’m going to do the next one soon.

I have a LR RWD and I’m working on my original tires. Still a decent amount of tread left.

Teslanene | 24 gennaio 2020

I also rotate every 7500 miles. I’m at 27k with the original tires.

crmedved | 24 gennaio 2020

My AWD tires are wearing pretty evenly. I'm at ~11k miles now and the service center did not recommend rotating when it was in last week. Front is 7, back is 6.

Big_Ed | 24 gennaio 2020

UK uses some groovy units. Gotta rotate tires weighing 12 stone every 50K furlongs, costs 25 quid and takes a fortnight.

Lonestar10_1999 | 24 gennaio 2020

Stone, furlong, quid, fortnight........I can’t understand what this bloke is saying

Fuzzball | 24 gennaio 2020


RJMIII | 24 gennaio 2020

Search Results
Unit Converter
1 mile per hour =
2687.995 us furlongs / fortnight

Big_Ed | 24 gennaio 2020



andy | 24 gennaio 2020

No idea what a furlong is as I don’t do horses, but yes, a fortnight is convenient and it’s weird that you guys describe people by their weight at all, let alone then using a unit normally reserved for bags for sugar or packs of cheese. It take mental gymnastics to divide by 14 to get to a more sensible approximation.

As for for temperature - water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100. Sub zero is freezing, room temperature is 20. That’s why we changed units.

It also seems that you don’t have synthetic oil - otherwise why would you still be doing so many oil changes in cars that run for higher mileage, or a couple of years elsewhere in the world without a change?

The language differences are nice - part of the shared history. Technology and consumer differences on the same tech, just delivered in a different country, are more so.

There is one thing that is unforgivable - the adoption of putting a teabag directly into a mug and not using a pot. Now seen up and down the land, but I experienced it first 30 years ago in the US. Forgiveness is hard, but I’m working it.

thedrisin | 25 gennaio 2020

If the trunk is a boot, is the frunk called a froot?

gmr6415 | 25 gennaio 2020

From the Michelin Owners' Manual:

If the tire treadwear does not reach its mileage warranty a pro rata
replacement of the tire may be available under this warranty. For the
mileage warranty associated with a specific tire, please see your Michelin
tire retailer or visit

In order to maintain the treadwear warranty on your tires, the tires must be
rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles (10,000 -12,000 km), or as recommended
by the vehicle manufacturer, whichever rotation period is less.

Failure to rotate the tires as provided herein voids the treadwear warranty.

thedrisin | 25 gennaio 2020

Costco did a great job. They asked me for the lift pads straight away. I watched since it was the first time I had a rotation. They did a cross pattern as recommended by the manufacturer. They were as careful as anyone. $30 rotate and balance. Can't beat it.

andy | 25 gennaio 2020

@gmr6415 also page 155 of the Model 3 owner’s manual may apply as your link references the car manufacturer’s recommendation.

Had mine checked at 12k miles by Tesla outside the US and the the report from the engineer said that rotation would not be recommended at this time - recorded minimal wear difference on my car.

Happy that I’ve both followed the manual and the further recommendation of the manufacturer on my specific car resulting from its driving conditions.

I guess the learning was - if unsure then get an expert to check it for you.

bjrosen | 25 gennaio 2020

Any recommendations for a set of lift pads?

M3phan | 25 gennaio 2020

Some of you must drive very disciplined. I am having a blast with driving. My LR RWD originals were done at under 11K miles. My second set are on track for the same.
As a poster said several weeks ago, I Do Not Care.

andy | 25 gennaio 2020

Congestion and speed cameras @M3phan. No real choice. A benefit of going electric is that EVs are a nicer place to be in congestion - you can just chill. Once you get the chill habit then you fall into it every time you get in the car.

Have enjoyed these threads though - learnt a lot. Had never heard of manufacturers offering wear warranties before - only warranties against defects and you can buy insurance against punctures (which I decline). As do you, I view tyres as a consumable and don’t really give them a lot of thought other than for safety and to stay legal.

SalisburySam | 25 gennaio 2020

At 6250 miles I had my tires rotated (LR RWD) at the Service Center. At the time that was Tesla’s recommendation. This past week I had a Mobile Ranger come out to do the 13,000-mile rotation but all four corners had 6/32 tread on them. Tech told me no need to rotate at this time, so we didn’t. By the way, the expected charge to rotate would have been $50.

Big_Ed | 25 gennaio 2020

If the trunk is a boot, is the frunk called a froot?

ytr3wq | 25 gennaio 2020

Good to know about the Michelin 6-8k requirement, thanks all.

My local mom & pop tire store rotated my tires for $10. using my pucks. They have also fixed two nail punctures, and topped off the air serveral times, for free.

Sarah R | 25 gennaio 2020

@Andy I won't tell you that I make a pot of coffee every morning but I throw a tea bag of green tea in my travel mug before I pour it.

andy | 25 gennaio 2020

Forgivable. I’m guessing that the travel mug is insulated and will act as a pot. Not quite getting the shivers from that one.

andy | 25 gennaio 2020

There is a but... the travel mug belongs in the side pocket so as to not risk scratching the surrounds of the cup holder. Soft plastic bottles only in the cup holder. I don’t want to spoil the gloss finish.

gmr6415 | 25 gennaio 2020

@andy, Yes it does reference the car manufacturer, but it states, "or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, whichever rotation period is less".

Michelins's recommendation is clearly less than Tesla's, so if you don't want to void your warranty you go with the Michelin recommendation.

Sarah R | 25 gennaio 2020

@Andy it's a stainless steel travel mug that holds 16 oz. of coffee and one green tea bag. In the center console so that I can sip it while I drive. Or my car drives. Whatever. The tea mixed with the coffee doesn't really taste great, but it works like hydrazine!

But as far as the crazy units we use here, don't further that it's the legacy we inherited from your side of the family. ;-) We could have a whole 'nother conversation about shillings, pence and guineas. I understand that was only recently rectified.

andy | 25 gennaio 2020

The thought of a metal container in the centre console is disturbing - I scratched my Leaf like that. My morning routine includes a 440ml (pint-ish?) Nespresso flask that goes in the door pocket. If you turn it at the right angle then it won’t leak and, with the steering wheel on the correct side of the car? and being right handed, the thermal mug is in just the right place.

Showing my age, but yes, I remember D Day (Decimalisation Day) as it was called. Went to school with old money and got the change from my dinner money in new-fangled coinery. It was in the 70s. The US had recently landed on the moon so the powers that be must have concluded that it was therefore possible to convert people to a new coinage. Little do they realise. It led to inflation as all the shops used the opportunity to round up their prices.

More recently they’ve been moving the country to metric units. People under 30 don’t relate to the old units (except miles), but we tend to mix and match and use the best of both worlds. Just makes sense to use what works.

The US has some quaint ways of talking that date back to the 18th century split - and some strange ways of doing things. Difficult to understand why a country that has synthetic cheese doesn’t take advantage of synthetic oil.

..and you really need to have word with the Danes to get some lessons on how to do bacon.

The similar differences make for fun conversations with friends. We also know the words and terms that would be misinterpreted by American speakers and avoid using them other than in wind-ups in trusted company.

cantrell15 | 25 gennaio 2020

I just took my M3 in for a tire rotation at 10,000 miles to the Tesla shop. They guy checked all my tires and said that they were all fine and come back in another 5,000 miles.

rrutschman | 25 gennaio 2020

I haven't rotated I have 24 thousand on the ca,r dual motor. I think I will get another 6 thousand.

Big_Ed | 25 gennaio 2020

The M3 console cup holder is perfectly sized for a Yeti stainless coffee cup or the Walmart knockoff.

CharleyBC | 25 gennaio 2020

“ Yes, I'd be worried about Discount Tire, Costco and all the others until they convinced me they are compliant with Tesla's lifting procedures. I just don't want my baby hurt...”

When I took our Model 3 to Costco for its first rotation, they very politely refused since they hadn’t received their Model 3 lift pads yet, and I didn’t have my own yet either. I respected them for their caution. Next time we were both set.

Tesla initially said every 6250 miles for rotation, so I started on that plan. Then they changed to 10K to 12K as OP mentioned. So I slowed down too. But I also keep an eye on my tread depth, and adjust if needed.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 26 gennaio 2020

I had my Lr rwd tires rotated at Costco at about 7000 miles for $30 including balancing . I supplied the lift pads that I bought from Reverse Logic, a bit pricey at $100, but well made.
I checked my tread depth about a month ago, 8/32 on the left, 7/32 on the right. Go figure, I must be making more left turns than I thought.

SalisburySam | 26 gennaio 2020

@CRAIGJFIFTY3, practicing for NASCAR?