Max speed riding with trailer

Max speed riding with trailer

In my country, and it will be in most countries I guess, the max. speed is limited when riding with trailers to 90 km/h. When activating the cruise control in trailer mode, the max speed goes up to 100/120/130/160 km, the speed a normal car is allowed to drive. My trailer and the police don't like that...
It would be nice when the trailer mode is also limiting the max speed, or is there any other solution?

Just_Ted | 24 gennaio 2020

Eazy-Peazy, lemon squezy! Go into the app, go into the controls, activate the speed limit mode (not the valet mode) with a pin. You can set a max speed allowable.

EVRider | 24 gennaio 2020

Interesting question. I don’t think the US has different speed limits for towing trailers. As a work around, you can use the Speed Assist feature to change the speed limit to 90kmh (absolute) when you’re towing a trailer, which will make that the speed for TACC.

EVRider | 24 gennaio 2020

@Just_Ted replied when I did. The Speed Assist speed limit is different from Speed Limit Mode, and I suggest you use the former because it won’t prevent you from temporarily exceeding the speed limit if you need to.

Lorenzryanc | 24 gennaio 2020

Are we towing with our Model 3s now? What's w/ all the limiting speed posts lately? Just lay off the accelerator

wallbrook | 24 gennaio 2020

EVRoder, some States have lower speed limits for trucks and/or trailers whereas other States have no difference.
That is good advice you give re: Speed Assist vs Speed Limit!

finman100 | 24 gennaio 2020

I tow with my US Model 3 (LR Rear Wheel drive, Oct 2018).

I don't do interstates or mountain passes or large 5,000 boats.

But it does fine on local runs to hardware stores, carries wood 30 miles on 2 lane roads (55 MPH zones), etc.

I'd be pretty comfortable at 60 MPH with 1,000 pounds in my trailer.

Oh, and if you see a red trailer with a Tesla symbol on the back, my trailer was stolen this past weekend in the Albany, OR neighborhood. so it's stolen if you see anything but a black Model 3 towing it in the Willamette Valley. police are looking for it. dude tried to sell it on Facebook Marketplace. it just sucks and i miss it for all the utility that a hitch and trailer brings to the Tesla world.

Joseb | 24 gennaio 2020

I thought there was a big Warning sign in the Owner's manual to NOT use Model 3 for towing.

Varricks | 24 gennaio 2020

Just for scorekeepers, towing speed in California -for anything, lawn mowers to big rigs- is 55mph.

Manufacturers usually don't "allow" towing with front-wheel drive. Limitations on towing are often a matter of braking capability.

Magic 8 Ball | 25 gennaio 2020

So you want the car to know it has a trailer attached and adjust accordingly. Maybe you can find a car that actually does that sort of thing; I doubt it exists.

FISHEV | 25 gennaio 2020

If Tesla provided a speed limiter for the trailer, the first request from owners would be ability to over ride it and sent one’s speed as driver wished.

Since driver can set any speed he wants, there’s doesn’t seem to be a need for automatic speed settings for different situations.

Now if we can get the CCS port and towing package offered to EU’ers that would be great.

crmedved | 25 gennaio 2020

@EVRider All trailers in the US have a maximum rated speed, usually listed on a sticker on the trailer or something. Last trailer I rented was 45 mph. I don't think there is specifically a speed limit by law (although maybe for some states), but if you go faster than the max rated speed, you open yourself up to liability and reckless driving charges if something were to happen.

@Joseb European model 3s have a tow package available... lucky bastards :(

Joseb | 25 gennaio 2020

@crmedved didn't know that, sucks for us :(

FISHEV | 26 gennaio 2020

"All trailers in the US have a maximum rated speed, usually listed on a sticker on the trailer or something."

I looked at my boat trailer and no speed limits I could find for the trailer. Tires have speed limits on them. Be kind of dangerous taking a 45 mph limited trailer on the road.

Issue would be having a tow mode in the car, slow application of power like Chill mode. Be interesting to see what software and hardware Tesla supplies for Model 3 towing when ordered with the car.