Weather is so bad that even Cruise control is not available

Weather is so bad that even Cruise control is not available

The weather has been so nasty on the roads lately, particularly tonight with the 2 inches of wet snow on the highway. I was alone on the middle of the highway, activated cruise control at 45mph and it deactivated itself after 5 seconds with an error message Cruise control not available.

The sensors get covered by mud and wet sandy black snow after couple miles, I get so many error messages from the sensors that now I completely ignore the image of the car with it’s surroundings on the screen because I can’t rely on that.

The 20 last times I got home and backed in my driveway spot, the back up rear camera was so dirty that I get a blurry image like if I had end stage cataracts.

I never had any sensor or any driving assist in my last 5 cars and I am driving/parking my Model 3 exactly the same way, but with constant harassing sensor noises when I back up my car in my driveway bordered by snow that my car thinks I’m crashing in a cement curb.

Is there a way to deactivate all sensor warnings and noises? I just want to hear the end of my music or my phone calls without hearing alarms like if Iran and North Korea had just launched 10 nukes simultaneously over North America.

teslamazing | 25 gennaio 2020


hokiegir1 | 25 gennaio 2020

Press the speaker icon

CharleyBC | 25 gennaio 2020

As hokiegir1 said, you can mute the proximity alarms. However, if you do, you will not hear when Iran and North Korea launch those nukes in your direction.

-TheJohn- | 26 gennaio 2020

Sympathy to you fellow human. Btw it was 72 Fahrenheit here in Tucson today.

In all seriousness you super cold weather folks really impress me with your dedication to EV tech this time of year.

DirkFirkin | 26 gennaio 2020

Driver assistance on my Golf 7 GTI is unavailable in very heavy rain or thickly falling snow.

It does however make me question the long-term possibility of Full Self-Driving...

stingray.don | 26 gennaio 2020

I’ve had NoA kickoff in the rain, but never AP

FISHEV | 26 gennaio 2020

With the various proximity alarms spoofed by the weather, has the car tried to brake or hit regeneration for phantom objects? I did notice that the phantom braking in adaptive cruise is more frequent in bad weather.

Lots of rain here and the "Camera offline alerts" are steady with "Cruise offline" only once or twice on the highway. Not as much of an issue on surface streets. Front fender car and pillar cams are the error messages. For cruise to go off it must mean the front facing windshield cams are getting covered.

At the Vancouver WA charger the other day and family charging in an S, they wiped off all the cameras before driving away. An issue on the S's and X's also?

Having snow spoof the proximity and collision sensors with autobraking sounds a bit more problematic. If car starts to brake or even kick in regeneration (same as braking) on snowy roads over phantom objects, that could get dicey. Delayed ski season so we'll see how car does in the mountains in Feb and March.

Subaru had similar functionality but no issues with it. Dense fog and blinding snowstorms only thing that would kick it off line. Proximity alarms well ultrasonic and didn't seem to care.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 26 gennaio 2020

Surprise, More bs from Stinky F and imaginary Subaru superiorty

FISHEV | 26 gennaio 2020

"imaginary Subaru superiorty"

Subaru has earned its Superior rating for Winter driving. Comparing the robust systems on the Subaru to Tesla's or any other car is fair and useful. Bad weather is when the safeties are needed the most. I guess like the S owner at at charger, solution is stopping and wiping off the cams.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 26 gennaio 2020

Too bad Subaru doesn't have FSD or EV cars. Round

FISHEV | 26 gennaio 2020

Most pressing safety issue is whether the loss of sensors due to snow causes any spontaneous braking by the car when it loses vision.

I have mine in "Joe Mode" to lessen alarm noise, have you tried that?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 26 gennaio 2020

Lol Joe mode was designed to be small children friendly and don't disturb them if they sleep. I guess Fish is like a lil kid.