When does Tesla start selling Model Y in Poland?

When does Tesla start selling Model Y in Poland?

I'm trying to find out if / when Tesla Model Y will be available in Poland.
You can order it if you do it from Germany for example but not from Poland, even though both those countries are in EU and in theory we have an open market.
I would appreciate if someone can share some insight on this or maybe suggest a way to bypass this issue. | 3 febbraio 2020

Does Tesla have a store and service center in Poland? If not, I would not expect to see the Y or other models until that occurs. If Tesla is already in Poland for its other cars, then I'd expect it to arrive shortly after Germany. Not sure there is any timeline yet stated for the EU in general. Usually, the USA gets the first 6-12 months of production so they can deal with any issues locally first, so hopefully, the EU will see the model Y start to show up in the early 2021 timeframe.

Another factor is the Berlin factory. Tesla may wait to sell the Y in the EU until it can be supplied from the EU factory.

Tadek | 5 febbraio 2020

There is Tesla Service Center in Poland since mid 2019, but not a store.
Today I can order Model S, X and 3 online but not model Y (unlike my friends from Germany).
First model Y deliveries in EU are expected at the end of 2020 so it will have to be made in Fremont (Berlin will not be operational until 2021).
Looks to me like Polish market is not a priority for Tesla now so I need to find a workaround to import it privately. | 5 febbraio 2020

Sounds like Tesla may prioritize those countries with sales stores right now for the Y. I'd keep checking the order site every few months - I expect at some point they will open it up for you too.

Uncle Paul | 7 febbraio 2020

Tesla expects to be overwhelmed with international orders when first available. Will take care of areas with the greatest demand first, then when production ramps up, expand their marketplace to absorb additional production.

Not sure there is a date certain for Polish market.

Perhaps best to set up delivery in Germany, then figure out what is needed to bring it across the border.