Best EV charger other than Tesla

Best EV charger other than Tesla

I am in NY and will get a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new network enabled EV charging station. It doesnt apply towards a tesla model though, only these:

ChargePoint Home, CPH-25
ChargePoint Home Flex, CPH-50
Clipper Creek HCS40 (JuiceNet enabled)
EVoInnovate iEVSE
Juicebox 32
Juicebox 40
Siemens Versicharge SG

Does anyone have any of these? do they recommend one over the other? Any help is greatly appreciated.


IHaveArrived | 6 febbraio 2020

I believe (via TMC thread at that you can simply use the credit for installation of a NEMA 14-50 outlet. For me, I've only found it necessary to ever charge at home with my NEMA-14-50 and the occasional supercharge or destination charge on a long trip. Do you have a specific need for fancy hardware, or will the simple outlet work for you?

Rick | 6 febbraio 2020

Nah, I wish but the new PSEG credit is only for certain level 2 chargers.

I currently use my tesla cable to a nema 14-50 right now, but wanted to install a charging station at my office and thought this would be a good time to do it and take advantage of the credit. I just dont know which one to get if any.


ellett | 7 febbraio 2020

I had good luck with a CPH25 for my Fiat 500e. Now that I have a Model 3, I'd go with the CPH50 for the faster charging rate if you can get the higher amp circuit. (I got a Tesla wall connector for my M3 since I'd already used my tax credit.)

Lorenzryanc | 7 febbraio 2020

I have only used the Tesla at home and chargepoint at work so I won't be much help, but definitely get a "newer" one that has wifi connection. I want my whole life on the internets! :D ohh.. and get max amperage output so your car is used to its fullest potential (depends on your car how much it'll take).

jallred | 7 febbraio 2020

Juicebox 40 has worked great for us. It goes on sale from time to time at Amazon for almost the price of the 32.

Jay T | 7 febbraio 2020

Strange that the latest Tesla charger isn't included on the list. Perhaps a call to PSEG (number at bottom of their web page) to inquire if this was "on purpose" or an oversight?

jallred | 7 febbraio 2020

Probably a self imposed J1772 requirement.

ltphoto | 8 febbraio 2020

Can't speak to quality of everything listed, but I have had a Clipper Creek unit in my garage for six years now. First 4 years for a Leaf, and my Model 3 since. Has been flawless. Cable and connector as good as new after daily use for six years.

jordanrichard | 8 febbraio 2020

So, even after the credit towards the cost of a third party home “charger”, you still save money over paying for a standard 14-50?

Tronguy | 8 febbraio 2020

Main points:
1. If one has a SR/MR Tesla, one is only going to get 32A of charge at 240 VAC, max. If one has a LR or Performance, then 48A is the max. With a Model S, there are variants that can charge at 80A.
2. A Tesla Wall Connector can go up to 80A for $500. The last time I looked, that was a heck of a lot cheaper than the competition. Given that there's really minimal electronics in the Connector (and a big, fat contactor), it's rather strange that all the competition charges as much as they do. I think this Enhanced Cost is related to the infamous $50 HDMI cables one finds at Best Buy. It's not that Best Buy's cables are worth $50 when one can pick up the same thing for $8 or less at practically anywhere else: It's just that there are reliable suckers out there that'll pay for the Magic Thing That Moves Electrons.
3. For non-Model S people (who may need that 80A circuit), the difference between charging at 32A and 48A isn't all that much. The only other difference of note is that a Wall Connector or equivalent is more convenient, mounted on the wall with the cable curled on it.
4. If one is going to charge at 32A, then putting in a NEMA14-50 socket and buying a spare Mobile Cable (or using the one that came with the car) will probably be more cost effective.
5. One advantage the Wall Connector has: If one has multiple Teslas, one can wire up a pair of TWC's on one 60A circuit and charge both cars at more-or-less the same time; the TWC's will figure out between themselves how to load share. Don't know if any of PSE&G's 3rd party chargers will do this trick.

dgstan | 8 febbraio 2020

I won a CPH-25 in a silent auction and added a 14-30 plug to the end of it. I've been using that and it works fine. I paid something like $300 for it. I had a Prius Plug-in at the time, so I wasn't considering any Tesla hardware.

rxlawdude | 8 febbraio 2020

I like Clipper Creek products. Built like tanks and great customer service.

andy | 8 febbraio 2020

I have a Pod-Point fron Pod. Was free - mix of Government grant and Nissan contribution when I bought my Leaf. Standard Type-2 7kWh.

The upgrade of the main fuse to my house was also done for free on request by UK Power Networks. Just took a quick call to them and they came out a few days later. In the meantime I used my smart meter to keep an eye on peak power drain and made sure we didn't run the kettle, washing machine, dryer and car charging all at the same time!

bill | 3 marzo 2020

From what I have found the difference between a Wall charger and a 14-50 outlet using the mobile cord is only 10 mph more. I installed the 14-50 outlet myself. The water proof outlet, 40 amp double breaker and wire came to $75 Using the mobile cord I get 30 mph of charge.

Tommoloughney | 3 marzo 2020

I have all of the units you mentioned and more (I review them for InsideEVs). What are your specific concerns/questions?

FISHEV | 3 marzo 2020

This one is portable, no utility and can charge two cars.

Tronguy | 3 marzo 2020

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.

So.. He could be right about his post. But, given the falsehoods and FUD galore this entity posits, why bother reading anything he/she/it linnks to?

shank15217 | 4 marzo 2020

Juice box 40 is my suggestion

Rick | 4 marzo 2020

OK, so i posted the question and then havent checked since. D'oh.
I wish that the forum would alert you when there are answers like very other forum. Anyway, I am just wondering if it is worth getting one of these chargers rather than just installing another 14-50 at my office. I can install that myself, so the cost is less than $50. The credit is $500 from PSEG and the chargers cost around $700 if i remember correctly, so i was just wondering if it is worth the $200 to get one of these and if so, which is best and why? I thin that with some of them I can lock it so no one else can use it, which is important since it is at work. Do any of them allow to charge? Then I would just allow any stranger to use it.


Joshan | 4 marzo 2020

my house

Joe M | 4 marzo 2020


On the topic if your are an expert on chargers.... there was a period of time where Tesla’s communication thru J1772 failed to see the “initiate charge” command from JB40 when time of day was used on the JB40 vs. Tesla’s internal TOD charging settings. Is that dependably resolved?

Czardmitri | 4 marzo 2020

I have had a clipper creek for four plus years. Still working great. And made is USA.