21" wheels vs. 22"

21" wheels vs. 22"

Has anybody got experience with 21" wheels? I love the look of the 22" wheels on MX, but don't want to reduce the range and have a harsher ride. I've got the 20" slipstreams now, and need to replace one. Seems like a good excuse to upgrade!

mtrain | 14 febbraio 2020

I'm actually interested in trading my Model X 22 wheels and tires for 20" wheels and tires. What is your wheel color? Are you interested in a trade?

My wheel details: I have 4 22” Onyx Black Wheels and Tires looking to trade for 4, 20” wheels with tires.

My tires are Good Year Eagle F1 285/35R22. One of which was purchased new in August of 2019.

If anyone has any interest please text me at 248-795-0530.

gwier001 | 15 febbraio 2020

Let me refine my question a bit. Clearly, 21" wheels will fall somewhere between the 20s and the 22s, with respect to the hit to range and ride harshness. So if 22" s suffer a loss of 15% in range, on average, do 21"s do half that? Probably not, it's probably not linear. Too hard to predict, that's why I was wondering if anyone had tried going from 22s to 21s. Clearly, a lot of people on this forum don't find the characteristics of 22s acceptable, although probably everybody agrees, they look best!