USB Music Player - request for enhancement

USB Music Player - request for enhancement

After a few weeks using the music player with USB as source, I am very happy but I am missing some details to do it even better:

- When browsing "All Songs", a button to play all ramdomly
- When browsing by Artist, a button to access and reproduce all the songs of that artists.

I did not try "by genre", but I guess It could be the same.

Thanks a lot!!

M3D | 26 febbraio 2020

Tesla doesn't officially monitor this forum as far as I know.

vanfriscia | 26 febbraio 2020

I believe M3D is correct. Every so often a thread pops up here asking for USB music enhancements, and I chime in with my two cents because it's probably #1 on my "not really important but man would it be nice" list (I'd kill for voice commands to work on USB rather than fumbling through the screen UI!)

That being said, I don't think this is a heavily used feature and, therefore, not very high on Tesla's priorities list. Most people these days stream their music, which makes us weird :). Sigh.

EVRider | 26 febbraio 2020

You can already play all songs randomly. That’s what I do. When you’re on the song list, turn on random/shuffle mode by tapping that icon above the song list. You still have to select a song to get started, but if you don’t want that one just skip to the next song.

DJKingsley | 26 febbraio 2020

I've had my 3 less than a week. I too prefer a USB music source. The screen is enough of a distraction, but phutzing with a device is inconvenient at best and as dangerous as texting while driving.

I'm experimenting with genre tags to fake playlists. There are also a myriad of playlist formats. Who knows, I may stumble across one that works.

I did a lot of digital engineering document management, and UI design in my past. I'm trying to make the best of what I have in my 2019 3. Genre tags alleviate moving/copying the files to a folder. You can manage tags in Win 10 file explorer, but I use a really powerful program called Tag Scanner (freeware - Sergey Serkov Other devices have recognized multiple genre tags, allowing a song to be on several playlists. Apparently Tesla doesn't. I'm also trying to figure out how to use alphanumeric genre names to default them to the top of the screen.

I have not seen any documentation, or solutions offered in forums. I would like to contact the designer of this UI. It seems like a poor execution, considering how much safer it is to use the USB/screen interface, and the high caliber of so many other design features in the car.

datoda | 26 febbraio 2020

All my issues with music on USB would be solved if it works with voice command-- Today, when you say 'play XXX', it would give you the search result of XXX, rather than play it straight up. This looks like a simple enhancement from the software engineering perspective (given that it's already done for Spotify and Slacker) but probably very low on Tesla's priority list.

vanfriscia | 26 febbraio 2020

datoda, my thoughts exactly! If I could just say "Play album x on USB" or "Play artist y on USB" I'd be ecstatic. I mean, my old Honda Civic from several years back could do it. My M3 is about a bazillion light years ahead of the Civic in every other way possible so it's just kind of puzzling.

But yeah, I'm sure it's not a high priority, and I can't say I blame them either...But I feel like they could make it so much better if they gave one programmer just a single day to work on it. Maybe someday.

Frank99 | 26 febbraio 2020

DJKingsley -
Sadly, playing music from a USB drive seems to be Tesla's lowest priority. There were threads in the Model S forum complaining about how poorly it worked back in 2016 when I reserved my Model 3, and it's still a mess. I really wish they'd have a software engineer who actually enjoys using flash drives rewrite the player, rather than using a summer intern, or that they'd open up an API and allow a few open source players to come on the scene. Like most auto manufacturers, however, they've decided that they're the experts, and that they should have tight-fisted control over every little thing on the UI, so we get to live with that.

At least I can say that the USB player works better than the Backgammon game. But not by much.

Stinnett | 26 febbraio 2020

I also prefer to use the USB flash drive for music. I almost never stream music, perhaps in part because my LTE/G3 connection has no bars most of the time. One day it shows five bars, the next three days just a slash mark ... and on the same commute. Eh, it comes and goes. Mostly goes. With my flash drive, I listen to my favorites anyway.

Life is good but it's better in a Tesla.

sidetracked1 | 26 febbraio 2020

Add another voice asking for the same - just in case Tesla ever peeks in here.

I really don't like how distracting/dangerous it feels trying to find tracks on the usb, and would love voice controls and/or an easier interface!!