Tesla Insurance website has bug

Tesla Insurance website has bug

hi all,

I am trying to purchase Insurance via Tesla's website
but when I click on "Complete Purchase" at Notification-Tesla Insurance via Tesla's Website

I received a new page with this "Whoops, Sorry About That. An error has occurred submitting your information. Please try again."

several months ago, this button was work good to me, now it rejected

I called Tesla's Insurance, they asked me to try another browsers and delete on browser's cookies. Chrome, Firefox, MS.Edge or even I tried the browser via the car with latest firmware but all give me same issue.

anyone here have same issue with me?

any solution?

let me know


taronwalton1 | 29 febbraio 2020

I have that issue on one of the two model 3 on my account page.

tonyhua2000 | 1 marzo 2020

@taronwalton1 :
I can feel like the quote I had not match with current car in my account
unable to remove the quote that is the big problem, so I can start-over the quote processing,
they don't have analyzers to fixed the issue

danp203 | 3 marzo 2020

same exact thing for me, emailed with no response and chat is never available for insurance.

tonyhua2000 | 6 marzo 2020


Agree! we should stay away from Tesla Insurance. I feel like they don't know what they are doing

carmencabuel | 15 marzo 2020

Is the Tesla insurance price comparable and reasonable with other insurance company or is it more expensive? Thanks

tashaorourke | 27 marzo 2020

Same thing here, 'Opps An error has occured' - are you kidding me? Plus, this new totally online of experience of purchasing our second Model S has been like dealing with the most tone deaf and clueless company. NOT GOOD ELAN

brianmcpherson02 | 27 marzo 2020

I'd have to agree that the Tesla web sites often seem as if they are dropped before anyone checks to see if they are functional.
Rather embarrassing for Tesla and very frustrating for customers seeking information

Demixl | 1 giugno 2020

I think Tesla's hosting works pretty bad. A lot of popular websites usually drop, since there is a lot of visitors on the website which disturbs the loading speed of the website. Actually, not always devs of the popular websites change the hostings, but it's necessary actually. When my website had the same issue, I decided to find the best hostings which would cost not too much but can offer a quick loading response. Btw, my best friend has recommended to me the list of the best hostings in states, based on information from the site . I picked Siteground because it's not expensive due to the discount, but it can offer pretty good loading speed. I'm actually still using this hosting, so I guess devs should take care of the website...