Powerwall Backup History

Powerwall Backup History

Is there any way to pull additional information about the outage is logged under Powerwall “backup history” in the mobile app?

My IOS app is showing one or two 5 minute outages each month since activation but haven’t seen any real-time alerts or noticing any grid failures.

gregbrew | 8 marzo 2020

Are you seeing energy out and in to the PWs on the Power Flow graphs that correspond to these events?

Patrick | 8 marzo 2020

Thx - will check.

Patrick | 9 marzo 2020

Everything looks normal on the mobile app charts/graphs.


Patrick | 9 marzo 2020

FYI - Received this response on a different forum - very likely the cause as power quality varies in this area.

I get a lot of these. What I think is happening is that the grid power is stepping outside of specs so the Powerwall is kicking in to maintain the right voltage to the house. Think of them as brownouts, not full power cuts but the power voltage is down and may be a precursor to a full power cut so the Powerwall is pre-empting that.

Jones | 10 marzo 2020

Concur with Patrick - based on the 19 events in my history (Northern California with PG&E), I have conferred with neighbors for each event. Empirically, the events listed as less than 1 minute are generally brown-outs where the neighbor lights dimmed but did not fully extinguish and the line of actual outage appears to be the 1 minute mark.