Dash Cam

Dash Cam

I've followed the directions to format my SD card and USB (2.0) and still it doesn't work. I don't see the icon. Anyone else having trouble?

gmr6415 | 17 marzo 2020

Did you make a TeslaCam folder using that exact spelling and case?

Seth2020 | 17 marzo 2020

Also, you must format it FAT32. If you are using an SD card greater than 32GB and a Windows computer to format it, then Windows cannot do this without a third party tool. If you used exFAT that will not work.

I used fat32format.exe which is a command line tool, which I downloaded from here:

If you prefer a user interface, try:

EVRider | 18 marzo 2020

exFAT support is either available now in the most recent builds or coming soon, I don’t recall which. If you use Linux, ext4 format works too, and has for quite some time. | 18 marzo 2020

The advice above is great. Here's a complete troubleshooting guide for the dashcam: