Tesla Model Y Wheels and Tires

Tesla Model Y Wheels and Tires

Just saw a video where they weighed the Model Y Performance Uberturbine wheels. (64.8lbs Front/68.8lbs Rear)

I was wondering if anyone has heard or is planning to run aftermarket 20's to cut weight? If so, what tire package will you run?

Factory is not same size like with the Model 3. The rear tires are significantly bigger in diameter versus the front.


Been looking at Titan 7, Avant Garde and VS Forged. Anything or anyone else...

FISHEV | 25 marzo 2020

Are the front and rear wheels different sizes?

imacgyver | 25 marzo 2020

Yes, the Model Y Performance front and rear tire sizes are different. My Model Y Performance with the Überturbine wheels has 255/35 R21’s in the front and 275/35 R21’s in the rear.
They are Pirelli P Zeros

grbaker2 | 26 marzo 2020

The question is...can you change wheels and tires to lose the weight of the 21's. I think that is yes with 20's but I am curious what tire combo to run. Still staggered but thinking 20x10 and 20x11. 255's front and 285 or 295 rear? Clearly, range is not a factor in this decision. Just look good and lose some weight to possibly drop the 3.5 (saw a 3.3 YT) by a few 10ths before Elon drops the fun zone on the Y.