Thumb drive that DOESN'T fail?

Thumb drive that DOESN'T fail?

I've tried a number of thumb drives in my model s mostly SanDisk ones, from the 2.0 speed ones to 3.1 speed ones, a couple different ones of each speed and most of them worked initially then start failing after only a few months (the car just shows the x over the recording icon instead of the red dot)...with my current one, a fit plus, often I can take it out, then reinsert it and it will work for a couple more days, sometimes only hours, but it's constant.

Wondering if anyone has / knows of one that has yet to fail?

Thanks! | 25 marzo 2020

They will all fail at some time, but better ones should last a year or two. I strongly recommend going with an SC card and adapter, as only SD cards are rated for car temperature ranges and are designed for dashcam use - i.e. massive writes. Here's an article I wrote on it:

mcdonsco | 25 marzo 2020 thanks for the suggestion, my only problem with these is they stick out super far and I have a bunch of storage/cables in this area and so it would be really easy for me to bend it/break it due to how far it sticks out ... Wish there was a tiny one.

mcdonsco | 25 marzo 2020 wonder what you think of this one?

andy.connor.e | 25 marzo 2020

Looks fine to me.

This 128GB micro sd has 100/90 read/write. Not too bad for only $20.
256GB for $37

Teslatap, you gotta update your SD card list. The price as dropped and performance is way up from what you have!

DAlexModel3 | 25 marzo 2020

This site has specific recommendations: | 25 marzo 2020

@mcdonsco - Looks like a great solution. The ones I recommended make it easy to view videos on your phone/tablet but does make them larger as they have two connectors. I've just ordered one for testing and assuming it checks out, I'll add it to my recommended list. I don't have any real concerns about working, but I like to test what I recommend.

@DAlexModel3 - Thanks for the call out (it's another of my sites - just for Tesla dashcam)!

Marciaahampton | 30 marzo 2020

Ive purchased the two thumb drives that Tesla recommend amd neither have the ability to be for formatted as FAT. What are you guys using?

EVRider | 30 marzo 2020

The link posted by DAlexModel3 above will tell how to format your USB as FAT32. | 30 marzo 2020

@Marciaahampton - FAT is totally obsolete and used for floppy disks if you still have any. It was replaced by FAT32, and several other later formats many years ago.

Here are step-by-step how to format for FAT32, both on a PC and on a Mac, with screenshots:

FISHEV | 30 marzo 2020

Here's the best I've found. Had two top rated fail in the Tesla already. This is one is still going.

DAlexModel3 | 31 marzo 2020

@mcdonsco: to deal with the problem of the SD card adapter sticking out into the storage compartment and possibly breaking, could you use a short USB extension cable like this one?

garyjtate | 31 marzo 2020

MS 2017 2020.12
After installing.12 started getting the usb full alert. Rebooted a nd also reformatted the drives. This started after updating to 2020.12.

Memphis SC has advised this is known issue.