SR+ Delivered without premium connectivity

SR+ Delivered without premium connectivity

Hi All,

I am new to Tesla having taken delivery of my first Tesla (& electric car) on the 4th of March 2020.

I was under the impression that all new cars came with a 30 day premium connectivity plan but my car doesn't have it. I reported it to the delivery team and they said they are looking into the issue because they have received numerous complaints about it but its now been a month and no word, even after numerous follow-ups.

If premium connectivity was an option to subscribe to right now in Australia I would go ahead and do so but its no where to be found on my Tesla login.

I feel like this is hindering the type of experience I should be getting with maps, spotify etc.. but I have no idea what can be done about it.

Any ideas?

FISHEV | 31 marzo 2020

Put in a Service Request on the app and list "Lost connectivity" as the reason. Add something else like installing some minor Tesla add on, that way you get into the shop vs them telling you the problem is in your head.

It should be easy for them to fix once in the shop.

dymond.margarito | 3 aprile 2020

Hello folks, Has anybody as of late taken conveyance of a SR+ however doesn't have the superior availability preliminary? I heard SR+ from last quarter have been refreshed to have premium network. Anybody had comparative encounters?

EVRider | 3 aprile 2020

@dymond: Like the OP, you’re supposed to get a free 30 day trial of Premium Connectivity, so contact Tesla Service and see if they can fix it.