Part missing from install

Part missing from install

I had my solar panels installed Nov. 2018. The app seemed limited but everything seemed to be working fine.

In reading another forum I see others have a different, additional screen - I learned that I have no power blaster on my system.

How can I get a power blaster installed? I emailed Tesla for support but got no response.

Thanks! | 6 maggio 2020

There are different systems over the years. Some don't need a Power blaster, so I don't know if your system needs one or not. My solar roof does not have a powerblaster as it is not needed. The gateway has the equivalent of a powerblaster as part of the design. It is a new system (Jan-2020) so I don't know about back in 2018. Maybe others know more.

gregbrew | 6 maggio 2020

If you don't have either a Powerblaster or Powerwalls, you'll get only solar production information from the Tesla app. There are a few reasons why a Powerblaster wasn't installed: There was no room in the main e-panel, or local building codes don't allow it. You'll need to call Tesla's Customer Service (888-765-2489) to see if these apply, or they simply forgot it. A year and a half later, I doubt that they'll install one, even if they simply forgot.

My PV install in late 2015 didn't have a Powerblaster, because they're not allowed in my area, so I only had production data through the then Solar City website, and later, the Tesla app. I got two PWs in 2019, with the big Tesla Energy Gateway (TEG). The TEG provides the home consumption data to the Tesla servers, so now I have consumption data (as well as production and PW stuff) through the Tesla app.

There are third-party products that can give you home consumption data, but they won't work through the Tesla app, and they're constrained by the same installation limitation issues that Tesla faced with the Powerblaster.

dragon_summie | 6 maggio 2020

GOOD LUCK getting an answer not alone coming back to install lol

mail.dendy13 | 7 maggio 2020

Yup. Did a massive remodel in coastal So CA. New e-panel enabled solar and EV chargers. Unfortunately, I was limited to a 200A feed by our utility (SCE) unless I wanted to spend many tens of thousands of dollars more for a new feed.

My goal was to keep total household energy costs below $100 a month. This includes electricity, natural gas and gasoline. With super efficient everything, EVs, PV and Powerwalls, we got there two years ago.

Now, with the cost of all forms of energy sure to increase, keeping it there will be a challenge.