Radio station resetting

Radio station resetting

After the latest update going from 5 to 11.1, every time I get in the car the station is on 91.7. I change it, get out to pick up the pizza, get back in my car, and it's on 91.7 again.

I can't imagine it's a battery issue, is it a profile thing? How would I adjust it in a profile, or other ideas?


RichardKJ | 10 maggio 2020

I’ve had the same behavior off and on with many software versions

spuzzz123 | 10 maggio 2020

It happens to me for a handful of drives after many OTA’s but usually stops happening on its own. Minor nuisance. It’ll go away.

Endodoc | 27 maggio 2020

When I try to play radio stations such as CNN MSNBC CNBC I get ridiculous playbacks not associated with the station. One says there is a nationwide gas emergency and everyone should stay at home. I don't know if the radio has been hacked or what is going on. Any advice and/or similar experiences??

aperfectecho | 28 maggio 2020

I have always had some organizational issues with the M3 radio/streaming. I once tried to organize favorite podcasts into folders on TuneIn, and they all disappeared from the list. The only ones I could get to were my most-recent. I went online, and reversed what I had done, and nothing changed. Not sure if it was that action, or a software update, which occurred right around the same time.

wytknukls | 28 maggio 2020

Maybe it's the Easy Entry feature? If you set the radio while M3 has set the driver to your name, when you park it will set the driver to Easy Entry, which may have a different radio setting.