No store near me! $1,000 deposit question.

No store near me! $1,000 deposit question.

I live hundreds of miles from the nearest store. Can a friend/relative that lives near a store make the $1,000 deposit in-store on 3/31 on my behalf? My thought was they order it for me, and choose the nearest Tesla dealership to me (Portland). Is that possible? Does anyone know?

PhillyGal | 25 marzo 2016

I asked someone at my local store that question because I can't be there as planned and he said yes but I think no way that's correct. We should know more before Thursday about some of the frequently wondered questions such as this one.

upsboise | 25 marzo 2016

Thanks. I'll keep checking in

Haggy | 25 marzo 2016

I can't see any reason they would ask for ID in person in order to assure that the person ordering is the one whose name it's in. They do need to make sure to get paid of course, but I can't see how they would care whose card is used, given that the chances of fraud are about 0. Nobody is going to use a stolen card to make a deposit on a car that will be picked up in over a year. In the worst case scenario, you'd order on line and be a fraction of a day behind others.

There's no saying how many people will line up compared to how many will go to work and then order on line later in the day.

dd.micsol | 25 marzo 2016

I'm driving 400 miles to get to a store on the 31st.

Hi_Tech | 25 marzo 2016

DD, good to see you've committed! :-)

CDAVIS | 25 marzo 2016

I think this is the deal but worth getting confirmed by a Tesla representative:

The $1,000 is a refundable "reservation deposit" (as apposed to an "order deposit"). Later when Model 3 starts to go into production you will be invited by Tesla to configure your Models S and convert your reservation deposit to an order deposit or alternately cancel your reservation and get your reservation deposit refunded. So with that said and to answer your qustion, have your friend/relative show up at a Tesla store on your behalf to make the deposit (by credit card) and on your behalf they will provide Telsa your name/phone/email/home-address (NOT your friend/relative info) for the purpose of the deposit. To doubly cover yourself, provide your friend/relative a signed written letter saying you have authorized your friend/relative to make the reservation deposit on your behalf.

CDAVIS | 25 marzo 2016

Typo: meant "...configure your Model 3..."

jordanrichard | 25 marzo 2016

Orrrrr save yourself the trouble and simply place your reservation on line. First to configure doesn't mean first to get the car.

carlk | 26 marzo 2016


Tesla should provide a loaner for a dedicated customer like you.