White or Multi-coat white?

White or Multi-coat white?

I am finalizing my X within the next week, and I'm set on everything except for the color. My wife really wants a white car, but I'm having a hard time deciding between the flat white and the multi-coat white (my wife has no preference).

It's a little hard to tell the difference looking at photos online, other than that the multi-coat looks a bit warmer.

I know this is subjective, but does anyone have either the flat or multi-coat white and wished they had gone with the other?

Appreciate any feedback.

aesculus | 25 marzo 2016

Get back 10 feet and it's hard to tell the difference. I would go look at Model S's if you can to decide. Same colors.

FWI I was going to go MC White and then decided at the last minute to go all out and got MC Red. Glad I did.

pvetesla | 25 marzo 2016

I love the regular white on my MS. Here's why.

Easy for touch ups when you get a paint chip.
Looks crisp
Looks brighter.

When you see both whites next to each other the multi coat looks a little off white.
When the multi coat is running around by itself you almost can't tell which white it is.

jamesmd | 25 marzo 2016

I think the shinier it is, the more blemishes, dirt and salt will show. Went with the regular white myself

mercc3650 | 25 marzo 2016

Multi-coat white (Pearl white) has a shine to it when sunny (i.e. like metallic/glitter).
I have the Sig so was same price, but if have to pay extra for it, likely not worth it as the regular white is very nice.

Get the Pearl white if you want to say you got your wife some "pearls" :)

jamesmd | 25 marzo 2016

Haha! Real pearls would have been cheaper!

carlk | 25 marzo 2016


The MC red I saw a few days ago looked real good. I never thought I would like a red SUV before. I'm getting an obsidian black with white interior and onyx wheel this time though. Yeah just like Elon's car.


I have a pearl white MS that was OCP'd. Everyone says it looks great. The metallic paint does reflect lights under the sun and makes it looks more shiny. I saw a brand new white MS the other day it looks very good too. I think this is mostly a personal choice every color will look good.

Just want to add what I've always been saying. Every color will look good long as you keep the car clean. The opposite is usually true too. Do a coating, Opticoat Pro or CQuartz Finest if you want to bring out the best of the look.

vperl | 25 marzo 2016


Yep my X P90DL multi-coat red

Saw one on the Tesla tour.....


All I need now is a custom neon sign guy....

vperl | 25 marzo 2016

Yes, it is also a fantastic, brilliant, and jaw dropping five seater.

Expect hands on by year end, my own present from Santa. Being good is what it took.

borodinj | 25 marzo 2016

Great feedback. Thanks, everyone. I was originally leaning toward the pearl white, but I think this feedback is shifting me towards regular white -- especially since it's $1500 less.

BTW, I went to the Devon store last week and saw the S in both colors, but it was a really cloudy/drizzly day, and the cars weren't clean, so it was really hard to evaluate.

Bw476 | 25 marzo 2016

I got the withe and love it, I did see a S with the pearl white after I committed, it looked amazing, probably would have picked the pearl...
You can't go wrong:)

Triggerplz | 25 marzo 2016

The white looks nice until you see the pearl white its 1500 more for a reason

vperl | 26 marzo 2016

Cool, Yourself Trigger, walk around for ten minutes, settle down, Multi-coat RED is the best with full black interior,
Complimented with the five seat option.

All others, silver, any white, blue, black are just another vehicle of tens of thousands.

mercc3650 | 26 marzo 2016

Everyone has a different opinion. Pick the color you like.

I got a custom color paint mix to powder coat the 20" rims (mix of glossy black, silver, gun metal, gray) on my pearl white and the place I did this will call it the "X" color and looks like this:

chris.pribe | 26 marzo 2016

I wrestled with this decision as well and wound up going with the multi-coat.

I am glad I did (though both are excellent whites and I’d be happy with either).

Here are my observations.

Though I am still awaiting delivery of my X, there is often a white multi-coat painted X parked near where I work so I’ve been able to see the car in various lighting conditions in recent weeks.

Also, I was able to compare the two white colors side-by-side on two Model S’s outside a Tesla showroom on a few occasions right before I ordered.

The difference between the effects of two colors is somewhat larger than the modest difference in the colors themselves might suggest.

The multi-coat definitely brings out the nuances of the curves of the cars and is quite flattering. The standard white flattens the S a bit by comparison. On the other hand, the standard white on the S can be quite eye catching on the street.

How did I decide? I used that old trick from clothes shopping. If you are looking at an item and you can easily imagine it pairing with many things you and your spouse already have, you’ll probably be happy seeing it in your closet and will wear it.

The standard white color is a decidedly “cool” white. The multi-coat color is a slightly softened though still fairly neutral white that would pair well with a wide range of tones.

The other consideration is the durability, maintainability, and repairability of the standard vs multi-coat paints. Preferences here seem to depend on how the car will be used and stored as well what aspects of care/repair matter most to the owner.

oragne lovre | 26 marzo 2016

Personal preference of color aside, isn't it true that multi-coat paint will add more painting protection as the name suggests?

aesculus | 27 marzo 2016

No. Actually the multi coat paints are harder to repair. Both paints start with white and finish with a clear coat. But the MC also get a pearlescent clear layer in between. That makes it much more difficult to match if you need to repair a section.

Without going into deals because of the NDA we signed for the tour, I can just say that Tesla goes out of their way IMHO to make sure all of your panels match when the car is made.

rdainer | 27 marzo 2016

Aesculus - without violating the NDA can you comment on the supposed softness of the paint? Multi vs solid?

aesculus | 27 marzo 2016

No comment on the softness and was never mentioned on the tour. I don't think softness has anything to do with MC vs non MC. Paint it paint.

The difficulty lies in the number and types of coats, not the paint.

chris.pribe | 27 marzo 2016

I did not mean to suggest that the paint itself was soft.

vperl | 10 aprile 2016

Just a philosophical question to the topic.

Is white a color ?

Just asking.

borodinj | 10 aprile 2016

Well, if it isn't, we're down to like 4 actual color choices!

aesculus | 10 aprile 2016

Is white a color ?

In the paint world it is. But you could claim it's pigmentless but that is not really true. Many times it has a titanium dioxide base.

In the light world it's the combination of all colors.

vperl | 10 aprile 2016

Remember, philosophical , cultural question | 11 aprile 2016

Now I have to consult a philosopher about my paint choice? Luckily, one of my sons is a philosopher. Maybe he could get a consulting gig on choosing paint? :-))

vperl | 11 aprile 2016

Which burger King does he work at?

podoffice | 11 aprile 2016

I think regular white looks cleaner and better from a distance. Pearl white looks better and shinier up close.

vperl | 11 aprile 2016

Never considered white a color.

White is a base used in colors.

Now, Multi-coat RED that is a great COLOR

Darryl | 13 aprile 2016

No question I would choose the multi coat. The regular white has no depth. Of course white would be one of my last choices. I also wouldn't choose black. I had a loaner P90 which was black. With all the pollen we have in Florida it was always yellow. I had to have it washed twice a week. | 13 aprile 2016

@vperl: He used to teach at Hong Kong University but is now a software engineer as Philosophy jobs are hard to find. But he is still a philosopher in his spare time and might be willing to help with color selection.:-))

I have a white Model S. Good idea in Florida in general with the exception of love bug attacks. I picked the pearl white because it looks a littler nicer but it's still practical in a warm, sunny climate.

vperl | 14 aprile 2016

Yes, I know all about those degrees,Philosophy), that was why I was sarcastic.

I know a guy, a real great person, reply clever, a bit sarcastic, but still a fantastic person that got a degree that looked good on paper but, no real day to day usage.

hcwhy | 22 ottobre 2016

I have a classic white S 85 with gray leather interior...I think it's one of the best color combinations out there. I recently took my car to a body shop to fix some minor scratches on the hatchback. The body shop thought the white was pearl.....when I assured him it was basic white he had to look really closely to agree with me. He then lowered the estimate for the work 20%.
So not only was the basic white one of only two colors without an upcharge, it is considerably less to repair when work is necessary. It's attractive, stands out more than darker colors...thus is safer...doesn't show the dirt very much. and is more economical both to buy and to maintain.What's not to love? Please bring basic white back!