Feast Or Fizzle?

Feast Or Fizzle?

I have been thinking for months that Model 3 will create iphone-like lines.

Now, I am thinking with iphone, the iphone was in stock, which is what put people in line. They were about to be immediately rewarded.

Model 3 is almost two years away from production.

Reservationists cannot sell their place in line for a profit.

Reservationists will not know if they qualify for a $7500 federal tax credit.

Reservationists must put up $1,000 for The Big Wait.

Reservationists will not see Model 3 until after stores open first day.

Now, I am thinking big-time interest, but not iphone-like lines.

No feast and no fizzle, but strong sales for Model 3.

vperl | 27 marzo 2016

Tesla never had honored delivery of first ordered, first delivered.

No need to hurry up and order, what you get may be last in line .

Tesla speak, " coming soon"

jordanrichard | 27 marzo 2016

True, but perhaps people will be bale to walk out with a print confirmation of their reservation. Yes it is just a piece of paper, but what that piece of represents is why they waited in line. There may not lines around the block, but enough to certainly be noticed by the press.

carlk | 27 marzo 2016

mclary your turn now,

PhillyGal | 27 marzo 2016

Has anyone spoken about the intangibles? It will be FUN and EXCITING to be at a store on 3/31. I"m bummed to miss out on that part of the excitement.

jordanrichard | 27 marzo 2016

PG, but you, to quote a line from Bull Durham, "....are going to the show". You may very well have a chance to ride in a car that relatively speaking, no one will be able to do for another 2 years.

Tersalita | 27 marzo 2016

PhillyGal, I'm not really going for the fun but I'll be happy if I find some.
I'm getting there several hours before the store opens and if there's already a big line when I get there, I'll probably be there several hours after the store opens. I'm bringing a small, portable chair and snacks to share with or just flat out bribe the people in front of and behind me to hold my place in line while I seek out a restroom - or go out in search of coffee.

KP in NPT | 27 marzo 2016

I'm going for the scene. If there isn't a scene I'll get some shopping and some delicious roast beef at Kelly's. It's a win-win. :)

Red Sage ca us | 27 marzo 2016

FLAGGED!!! | 28 marzo 2016

Hey, our favorite company hasn't introduced a totally, from the ground up, new car since 2010. This is a big deal and it only costs $1000 to join the party.

flight505 | 28 marzo 2016

I'm in. Let's get this party started.

Ankit Mishra | 28 marzo 2016

IPhone can't be compared with a car as it's price point is very low, hence more people can buy it. However, I am sure the interest of people on 31st will be unlike any car launch in the history.

Hi_Tech | 28 marzo 2016

My perspective is that it will not be long lines, but plenty of people will be in and out throughout the day at the locations. They may have some snacks/drinks and go-go girls, oh wait, it's not Microsoft.

To be honest, I can just as easily do my reservation online, but as a current Model S owner, I've really enjoyed meeting other owners. Also, knowing that we have another 18-24 months wait, this is a nice way to at least take my wife and get her involved in the long wait. Have her feel the joy, so that she doesn't eat my head for the next 18-24 months! :-)