Trivia: Fun Model X fact - tow hook

Trivia: Fun Model X fact - tow hook

For those of you that don't know the Model X comes with a tow hook - apparently this is for the front of the car should it need to be towed for various reasons. The tow hook is over 13" long and 3/4" diameter cold-rolled steel with a steel loop on the end - this is common on german cars to have a tow hook in the car - makes things easier on the side of the road.

playing with it the other day - working to find a solution for mounting the front plate without drilling the bumper - I've used tow hook mounted plates on my other cars to avoid doing damage to the front bumper covers…

Well the Model X's tow hook is reverse threaded!! You turn it left to the tighten instead of turning it right…no judgement here - just a fun fact!

that is all!

enjoy your X's people!

rdainer | 28 marzo 2016

Keep us updated on your plate progress! Any way you think we could jerry-rig magnets in the frunk? Or a t bar attached to the hook?

dortor | 28 marzo 2016

there are several companies that make front license plate tow hook mounts - I've used them for years for my other cars - it's a way better solution than no plate and avoided the $400 fix it ticket in states that require a front plate

this is one example of one such company - but for obvious reasons they don't yet make their solution for the X

at a minimum there are some challenges for this type of solution for the X in that you want to avoid having the plate block the parking distance sensors and you really really don't want to mess with the forward facing radar for auto-pilot…so any solution is this space would need to be careful tested and designed.

gerardP | 28 marzo 2016

There used to be front license decals in Belgium. They stuck on the front of the car and were accepted. I have not had the chance to check lately, but that could be a worthwhile system thant would not perturbate the airflow...
I will check tomorrow for my own car and keep you up to date.