Will the Model 3 hurt the used Model S?

Will the Model 3 hurt the used Model S?

Obviously a car is a depreciating asset that normally drops at an exponential rate once it is driven off the show room. My concern is given the relatively similar design and mileage of the Model 3 how will it impact my ability to sell my S at some point down the road. To get in front of it, yes I know the Model 3 hasn't been formally revealed but if speculations are correct it is just going to be a slightly paired down Model S which is smaller and a reduced range.

Silver2K | 31 marzo 2016

does the c class Mercedes effect the s class?
does the 3 series BMW effect the 7 series?
does the a4 Audi effect the A8?

I think you know the answer with me saying it.

Silver2K | 31 marzo 2016

I think you know the answer "without" me saying it

jordanrichard | 31 marzo 2016

willbeas88, as I am sure you know, people buy cars for different reasons. A Model ≡ may not meet the needs of someone, so they buy a used MS. There are those that want the best of the best, the top of the line car of a given brand, even if it's used.

It's not all just dollars and cents.

Tesra5115 | 31 marzo 2016

I think S sales will be affected. Although we love our car, I spent way more on our S than I every thought I would have on a car, and I know I am not alone. Rumors are that the 3 will have acceleration <4 secs and range of 200+ miles. Not sure what trim this will be, but even if acceleration is <6 secs and the car is slightly smaller (can't imagine range going lower than 200 miles), saving $35k will appeal to a lot of people.

JAD | 31 marzo 2016

No one knows, but you can certainly argue the 3 with greatly increase demand and awareness of EV's. Greater demand for EV's could mean higher prices for your used S as the supply of 3's will not meet demand for a LONG time. I think most 3's will be $50k+ cars for the first year. More superchargers can make owning EV's better, so lots of factors forcing prices in all directions. Only time will tell, but why would you ever sell your car :)

Joon @US-CA | 31 marzo 2016

If Model 3 cannot support Supercharging, no worry about S and X market. (Just guess)

david | 31 marzo 2016

The Model S doesn't follow normal rules of model comparison. It is outselling everything else in its price range by a wide margin... because it is attracting MOSTLY buyers who normally wouldn't spring for a 90k S Class or 7 Series. I for example just upgraded from a Leaf (Ford Focus before that) to a Tesla S and couldn't be happier. But I would never have been in the market for an S Class or 7 Series.

If I could have gotten a Model S scaled down to the size of a BMW 3 series I would have preferred that regardless of price. Add price in as a factor, the MS I bought far exceeds what I ever would have paid for a car (a light-money-on-fire expense) but I bought it because of the emotional connection to the vehicle. I have test driven literally every car from every brand over the last 6 months while trying to find my wife the perfect car and the MS moved something in me that made me feel like I couldn't imagine my life without it.

If I could have bought a pimped out electric that drives like an S in a smaller package, I would definitely have bought that instead. Although I am an N=1, I think there are a lot of people out there that bought a Model S that would not have bought a model S if a smaller, cheaper alternative was available with an experience even in the same neighborhood of the Model S. The Leaf, i3, Volt simply don't compare.

steveg1701 | 31 marzo 2016

I'm excited as heck about my new MS70 to be arriving by Monday, but quite frankly from what I know about the M3 I most likely would have gotten it instead of the S if it were available right now. And as strange as it seems to be thinking right now about my NEXT car, I see it as a real possibility that I'll trade the S in about 4-5 years for a M3 that'll have better range and autopilot 2.0 (or maybe even 3.0 by then)