Anyone concerned about dogs and model3?

Anyone concerned about dogs and model3?

If the trunk is like that.. we wont be able to carry our dog in model3. It is a red flag for families with one or more pets. It is sad. If that not changes we will have to go back with the 1,000$ reservation.

ejgomez21 | 2 aprile 2016

I will do the same. If the way to open the trunk does not change in the final version as also opens the models I'll cancel my reservation.

ems1 | 2 aprile 2016

I agree whit that comments but I have the certain hope that the final production car is as we wish and the model S but proportionately smaller the gate.

Dirk.Schoppenhauer | 2 aprile 2016

Same problem here. I hope that there will be an open space behind the seats so our dog can see and breath. The model S solution should be used for model 3 as well

Ankit Mishra | 2 aprile 2016

In my opinion, Model 3 is the best electric car that can be made at this price point with a healthy profit margin. Also, Model S needs to be unique otherwise it's sales would fall. As of now, hatchback nature of Model S prevents a buyer to go to less priced Model 3 (assuming money isn't a constraint).
Model 3 is advertised as an electric car that can seat 5 adult humans comfortably and can carry a 7 feet long surf board. That's how it is.

ciscovj | 2 aprile 2016

I think the differences between Tesla model 3 and Tesla model S are more than only the trunk.

But, maybe they can mantein the design, and doing removable cover of the trunk, so dog (cat, etc..) would be with fresh air and in the same space as other passengers.

dd.micsol | 2 aprile 2016

My dog will get the back seat-no kids.

david | 2 aprile 2016

I agree that the trunk is awkward but I personally never use the trunk. The dog isn't allowed in my car, but in my wife's car (Prius V) the dog is typically loaded in the back then she helps herself into the back seat by jumping over the rear seat. Half the time by the time you get to the front of the car, the dog is already sitting in the front seat.

Tesla had to make some minor compromises to make that promise of "COMFORTABLE SEATING FOR 5 ADULTS" happen. They set the driver further forward that normal putting your legs into what would normally be where the engine is in a normal car. They put the passengers further back into where the trunk would be in a normal car. Add these two decisions together and you have more interior space because you stole some space from the trunk and the frunk.

So your options are let your dog hang out in a very luxurious for the size of the vehicle back seat in you M3, or get a MS :)

dtesla | 2 aprile 2016

I'll have to wait to see the final car before I make my decision. But no hatchback is a big negative for me. I don't need the extra trunk space often. But when I do... I do. It's been really handy in our Prius and Model S.

dnland | 2 aprile 2016

I'd think the hatchback fans will have their needs met by the Model Y cuv. It will certainly have a rear hatch and a cuv would be perfect for dogs or a little more hauling capacity. Same as the MS and MX, I would expect the sexy sleek sedan to be introduced followed by the more utilitarian suv. I would be amazed if the current car on display is changed to a hatchback that incorporates that fancy glass roof. Too many technical hurdles for this price point IMO.

ilovechem | 2 aprile 2016

so true, I could care-less about the large single glass window, I want a hatch!!! The trunk looks more use-less than the one in the new civic sedan

Chunky Jr. | 2 aprile 2016

Our dog goes in the back seat.

Bighorn | 2 aprile 2016

My dog insists on riding shotgun.

rodriguezfuertes | 2 aprile 2016

I like the car a lot but inserting/extracting things in/from that trunk must be really uncomfortable

tjames557 | 2 aprile 2016

From the looks of the trunk in the pics, it's plenty big for every day needs and leads directly to the back seat which would seem to fold down based on the claim that it can fit a " 7 ft surfboard". If you are that worried about dogs on the seats, could you not fold them down and have the dogs on back of the seats?

tjames557 | 2 aprile 2016

From the looks of the trunk in the pics, it's plenty big for every day needs and leads directly to the back seat which would seem to fold down based on the claim that it can fit a " 7 ft surfboard". If you are that worried about dogs on the seats, could you not fold them down and have the dogs on back of the seats?

CraigW | 2 aprile 2016

I think those complaining about the trunk simply don't get it. This car is the mass-produced EV - it is not the high end model. Tesla handcuffed themselves with the sexy aspects of the Model X and it cost them 2 years of bad publicity for being late. The Model 3 will not have a lot of new technology that has to be developed - it can't and still be on time and at the $35,000 price point to start. The trunk over a hatch-back is an example of this. The Model 3 will have a trunk - get over it - and the follow-on SUV will have a hatch-back. Simple and solves all problems.

dsvick | 2 aprile 2016

When she's not trying to drive, our dog moves between copilot and the backseat. Kids will fit easily into the trunk - just kidding ... they don't fit that easy.

Tersalita | 2 aprile 2016

"Anyone concerned about dogs and model3?"
Nope. If my dogs don't like the Model 3, too bad. I indulge my dogs, but not to the point where I will consult with them prior to purchasing a car. jk - of course.

I reserved the Model 3 prior to seeing it with the understanding it was going to be a sedan. It didn't occur to me that it might be a hatchback. But, I can't say I was worried too much about it either way.

Darryl | 2 aprile 2016

This is going to be a midsize sedan. Whatever issues you had with any other ICE midsize sedan will be the same as you have with this car.

frmercado | 2 aprile 2016

I agree, there is a reason why hatchbacks are so much more popular than sedans nowadays; their functionality just makes them a better car. I have a dog and having a hatchback is a must for me when buying a car. I also kiteboard and do a lot of other sports that require tons of gear, a sedan is just not practical for those who, like me, are more active and enjoy the outdoors. There is also a reason why the Model S and Model X are hatchbacks; they sell better. Hope Tesla listens to their customers, I'm sure the numbers would fave a hatch.

jordanrichard | 2 aprile 2016

I just read that article from jalopnik. Who said the car was supposed to be a hatchback in the first place. Please point out where the hatchback A4, BMW 3-Series, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Mercedes C-Class, etc....... are.

Orion | 2 aprile 2016

I vote against a hatchback Deal with the dog hair on your seats... don't hide the dog hair in the hatchback area.... just keep your car clean. Tesla is an upscale company an I don't want a hatchback to drive clients around. hatchbacks are't necessarily what families need.

FREE ENERGY | 2 aprile 2016

ciscovj...well said, from experience I guess...I may cancel my reservation SERIUOSLY !

FREE ENERGY | 2 aprile 2016

Bolt, Leaf, BMW i3, VW eGolf... they alle have hatches for every possible reasons !

FREE ENERGY | 2 aprile 2016

Bolt, Leaf, BMW i3, VW eGolf... they alle have hatches for every possible reasons !

FREE ENERGY | 2 aprile 2016

So far, its just an "engineering prototype"

jordanrichard | 2 aprile 2016

Those cars are designed to be and look like hatchbacks. No one ever said the Model ≡ was to be a hatchback.

frmercado | 2 aprile 2016

@MattC Its not just a dog problem, it's functionality. How is having a hatch a problem while driving clients around? You do realize that the Model S is a hatchback, don't you? The hatchback market share is going up, while sedans are going down. Look how successful Subaru has become thanks to their hatchback line up. Sedans are outdated and for old people who don't do anything but commute and drive around in their cars. Millennials want cars they can use for other activities and which are more utilitarian without being a bulky SUV.

dnland | 3 aprile 2016

Is this forum moderated? With the 253k and counting new owners, we seem to be getting the same questions asked over and over in multiple threads.

dnland | 3 aprile 2016

Well, "reservation holders," I guess. "Owners" will be a short 18 months to 4 years away.....sniff, sniff.

kevin_rf | 3 aprile 2016

Owning three dogs (62lbs, 64lbs, 85lbs) I don't see it as a problem. They fit in my Prius just fine. I fold down the rear seats. I also suspect the Model 3 rear seats fold down. That is based on Elon saying you can fit a 7' surfboard inside.

Would I like a true hatchback, yes.
Is it a deal breaker, no.
If they come out with the rumored cross-over based on the same platform will that be better. Off course.
Am I willing to wait for a cross-over, No!
The wife should be ready for a new vehicle by that time, let her wait.
Honestly, two years will be pushing it a bit with the Prius. It has 315,000 miles. I might have to switch to plan B with my wife getting my Model 3. (Emoticons for holding breath, turning blue, screaming and throwing a temper tantrum)

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

Don't the Model 3 seats fold down?

David N | 3 aprile 2016

My daughter has a Corolla and her large Lab just hops in the back seat. (Well, sometimes the front seat too).
No hatchback required.

hcwhy | 4 aprile 2016

I think this might be a 'wait and see" thing. It might work well, might be OK, might be better to stick with an S, or X or wait for the Model 3 SUV.

Red Sage ca us | 4 aprile 2016

I decided some time ago that should I ever own a dog again, it will probably be a Welsh Corgi. I'm not concerned.

Nexxus | 4 aprile 2016

"Anyone concerned about dogs and model3?"
No, I'm sure the Model ≡ is plenty fast enough to out run them...

All kidding aside, I think they nailed it. Elon said it was going to be a sedan that could seat 5 comfortably, no mention of it being a hatchback. If you want a hatchback, wait for that model. Until then, as vperl says: Wait for,...wait for it.... Buy a KIA and be happy!

akgolf | 4 aprile 2016

Not worried about dogs in the Model 3 or S(not sure which I'm getting yet), that's what my Leaf is for.

JeffreyR | 4 aprile 2016

@dsvick & @Go_Peddle_4_me +1
My dogs sit in back seat (when they are being good).

Some items from Elon's Twitter feed (see M≡ Unveiled post, among others, for summaries).

Rear seats fold
The "hat rack" space above the trunk is fixed

ejlada | 4 aprile 2016

I have a hatch right now. I don't like it. The hatch is stupid-heavy to open and the gain in functionality is minimal over a sedan with fold-down seats. Give me a sedan with better separation between cabin and trunk any day. My dogs ride in the backseat, not the trunk.

stevenli9999 | 4 aprile 2016

Family run with Golden -- Using our future Bolt that's going to fill the transition between our Fiat+Spark to Bolt+Model3