Towing a trailer/boat

Towing a trailer/boat

We are thinking of getting a small trailer. Has anyone towed a trailer with their X? Please share your experiences here. Much appreciated!

TrikinCurt | 5 aprile 2016

There is a blog out there on towing a boat. Summary, tows very well, range suffers a lot. I have the towing package for a side by side utv but have not tested. To be fair, I don't even know how to get to the receiver yet, apparently some trick to it.

vperl | 5 aprile 2016

Go to service center to install received.

The location is behind a cover under the X

Helenamitchell | 5 aprile 2016

We did a test on the weekend with the Model X and the Bowlus Road Chief. The owner was so satisfied they purchased a Road Chief.

vperl | 6 aprile 2016

Yep great trailer

Cheapie 120K

Best 150k

lance.m.parks | 6 aprile 2016

Thank you everyone for the feedback. The video was nice to watch. It is just like what we are look at getting (a small Airstream in our case). We have an RV, but are thinking of downsizing.

vperl | 6 aprile 2016

Airstream, Bambi - 16 footer. New 50k. Used in new condition 41k