"Steering System"

"Steering System"

As intriguing as the hints about the new "steering system" are for the phase 2 introduction to the Model 3, it's got me thinking that it could be the new "Falcon Door" delay as well. Since keeping the price point low is a prime mission for the Model 3, I doubt that the "system" will be an optional change to the standard steering wheel design we've had for 120 years now. But that will introduce a complex matrix of jurisdictional approvals for any "system" that isn't reasonably close to a steering wheel with an airbag in it.

Frankly, I'd be happy with a good steering wheel, augmented by a state of the art HUD, but I'm as curious as the next guy about what the design team has in mind; and he's pretty curious!

Red Sage ca us | 6 aprile 2016

Something tells me it will be at least a bit better than an IndyCar steering wheel...

Sparky | 6 aprile 2016

Yes, well a race car steering wheel is a good example of form following function; something Tesla is very good at. So the question is, what is the best form for a steering system for a road going vehicle? (if they have a "drink" button they better put in a breathalyzer lockout too!)

Teslaguy | 6 aprile 2016

I am thinkin' a touchscreen display on the steering wheel with all driving data plus stalk controls. Cheaper than conventional display and stalks. There would be lockouts for certain functions depending on movement and speed.

dd.micsol | 6 aprile 2016

I was thinking more along the super hornet hud.

yongliangzhu68 | 6 aprile 2016

Airbag design and safety negate any 'hard' or potentially shape objects from being mounted. | 6 aprile 2016

May be easier, cheaper and more reliable to just go with the same steering wheel as the Model S and X. It's already one of the best available. Controls are logical and the scroll wheels are brilliant. Some cars offer + and - buttons that requires a bunch of presses to get what you want - very annoying.

lock123 | 6 aprile 2016

Joystick. Yup. Definitely gonna be a joystick.

With trigger launch missile system.

Thats why the front end hasnt been finished yet.

Haggy | 6 aprile 2016

If it's supposed to be like a rocket ship, I'm hoping that somebody who has a rocket ship can post a photo of its steering wheel.

cchouston | 6 aprile 2016

A possibility is to put critical read outs in the thin black strip between the top of the dash and the white lower portion, which with a more rectangular shaped steering wheel, will make that area of the dash more visible.