Support Class 1 trailer hitch on the Model 3

Support Class 1 trailer hitch on the Model 3

I would like Tesla to provide support for a Class 1 trailer hitch on the Model 3. Nobody wants to put their muddy bicycle inside their brand new car and a Class 1 hitch offers the most flexibility for owners who can't afford the model X, a second car, or a roof rack.

A Class I Hitch is the lightest weight of the trailer hitches and is good for bike racks, cargo boxes, and lightweight vehicles (snowmobiles, motorcycles). Class 1 supports up to 200 lbs Tongue weight and 2000 lbs gross trailer weight.

There are numerous forum discussions on the model S and whether third party towing solutions like the Ecohitch violate the warranty. It isn't clear whether it does or doesn't, just that the Model X supports it. It would be very helpful to have a clear statement before the car goes into production on whether the Model 3 will offer a Class 1 hitch as an option or whether 3rd party hitches invalidate the warranty (or not). I hope it does, this is a very important feature for me.

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Red Sage ca us | 13 aprile 2016

As I have noted on a few other threads already... Elon Musk has already confirmed there will be a tow hitch option for Model ☰.

peterden | 13 aprile 2016

Awesome, I must have missed that