What do you anwer to these people?

What do you anwer to these people?

I've got some collegues that say a Lithium-ion battery pack is not a good long term solution as the process to extract Lithium and manufacture the batteries is polluting and that on a world wide scale there won't be enough recycling capabilities.

yongliangzhu68 | 14 aprile 2016

Well at least oil fracking, refining, distribution and burning don't pollute.

Pricee2 | 14 aprile 2016

Where are the gasoline recycling centers? I can't find ANY.

archvillain | 14 aprile 2016

Wait... so it's believable that there will be enough manufacturing capabilities, but enough recycling capabilities is unthinkable?

There's a simple answer to that: $$$Profits$$$
Commerce means that if it is cheaper to make new batteries from old batteries, then not doing so is throwing away money that could be lining pockets.

yongliangzhu68 | 14 aprile 2016

Here is a decent video that was just posted on D-news.

www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=qMJNvQ8X5Fw

archvillain | 14 aprile 2016

(The gigafactory is going to be the source of most of the world's batteries, and from day one the plan has apparently been that battery recycling will be built right into the gigafactory. Is there a reason to think the plan has changed?)

mos6507 | 14 aprile 2016

People like that will just keep shifting the goal-posts to maintain FUD. Ignore them. By the time you're ready to receive your Model 3 I expect their tune will shift as they realize they're out-of-touch with the newest it-gadget.

DTsea | 14 aprile 2016

The aswer is worst case they are safe in landfill. | 14 aprile 2016

I answer onto them: "Go be fruitful and multiply with yourself" (but not in those exact words).

They are misinformed and rationalizing their own behavior of not doing anything.

Red Sage ca us | 14 aprile 2016

Wait... Didn't I answer this already...? Yeah, I did!


RedShift | April 13, 2016
OK, I gotta ask you guys this : someone mentioned to me that big lithium battery manufacturers prefer 'virgin' Lithium not recycled, so the Lithium batteries are actually going to poison this earth. Hence BEVs are inferior to Hydrogen FCEVs.

I countered the hydrogen argument in other ways, but I couldn't quite rebut the recycling part. Anyone here with the know how? I tried googling and reading through many links but got no clear answer.

Is Lithium recycling really such a bad proposition?


RedShift: Lithium-ion batteries were ruled by the EPA to be landfill safe, and environmentally neutral. They don't poison anything at all. Everyone who tries the 'poison' angle is either very much uninformed, or flat out lying. There is, on the other hand, very few things that are more environmentally damaging than petroleum fuels, which are considered to be carcinogens. You could take a bath in Lithium salts every day for the rest of your life and be fine. I wouldn't try that with gasoline or diesel if I were you.

Orthopod | 15 aprile 2016

It seems that you can drink up to 3 liter of gasoline before being severly intoxicated.
He came with the argument too that Lithium was a rare element and has polluting process to extract. I didn't have numbers to contre-argument.

He bought a VW Tiguan
the year after VW had their Diesel gate revealed