Road Trip

Road Trip

I dont yet own a Tesla, but am thinking about it. 4 years ago I got interested in a Mazda RX-8 and my wife put her foot down. Recently she saw a news article on the autopilot of the Tesla and said, "I want one of those." Then she looked at the price and started looking at an RX-8.

But when I suggested a used Tesla Roadster, she got interested again in the Tesla. She doesnt know yet that it doesnt have autopilot.....

BUT, our driving includes an annual 1400 mile trip from Corpus Christi TX to San Diego CA and back. Is it possible to make that trip in a roadster?

AEdennis | 17 aprile 2016


There are many that have done long road trips in the Roadster. We are not one of them.

The Roadster does not support Supercharging. There is a 3rd party CHAdeMO option being made by Quick Charge Power and this is a $3,000 option that is in development from a very respected EV modification company.

Those that have made roadtrips in Roadsters in the past have done so using a mix of differing plugs and adapters. Check out the UMC and adapters specifically.

Additionally, Henry Sharp provides the CAN JR and CAN SR, adapters that are critical for Roadster drivers that I wrote a while back.

Earl and Nagin ... | 19 aprile 2016

I'll go a step beyond what AEdennis said. One can take a Roadster on long road trips. The most I have driven is from LA to Salt Lake City a couple of times. However, it is not really practical from any reasonable standpoint. You have to charge for about 6 hours for every ~200 miles you drive. A long day gets you about 500 miles.
Also, there's no space to store much luggage.
You have to charge at RV parks most of the time so you have to stay either at the RV park (some rent cabins) or find one near a hotel and walk to the hotel.
If you get the Roadster, I recommend you plan to rent a car for your trips.

eric.zucker | 22 aprile 2016

The Roadster is a wonderful driving dream come true. It's sporty, very low, handles like a racecar, I unconditionally love it. My wife thinks I'm nuts and selfish getting this car, no space for my kids. Yet riding the Roadster she starts to get into it. Was very reluctant at first, now she's warming up to it.

However it's very cramped getting into and particularly getting out of. Luggage space is minimalistic, and charging is slow. No Supercharger for us Roadsters, it takes some planning to get anywhere long distance to find charge points and have the right adapters. No navigation either, I use a smartphone app.

Try one if you can.

shettigarroshni432 | 20 febbraio 2020

If you are considering getting a Tesla but you are worried about long distance travel please read this and consider. I'm a Model S owner and have taken several long distance road trips. The most significant change you will need to make is a mental change.

You will have drop the concept of "making good time"

For long distance road trips the only difference between stopping for gas and stopping at a supercharger is where you eat. With a gas car, when you are trying to "make good time" you fill up, go to the bathroom, get your food to go and eat it in the car. In a Tesla you plug in to charge, go to the bathroom, get your food AND EAT IT THERE! By the time you have finished your car is likely charged enough to get to the next supercharger.

This is the key to long distance road trips. You don't ever need to charge the car up to 100% you only need enough to get to the next supercharger.

So relax a little bit. Take an extra 15 minutes. Spend the $3 on those massage chairs. Enjoy not being in a rush if you can. Stretch your legs. Throw the ball with the kids.

Yes, supercharging takes longer than filling up the tank, but if you are prepared for that and embrace that, you will find the experience more enjoyable. Especially that moment when you get back in the car and you remember its a Tesla!