Insurance cost

Insurance cost

Model S owners,
What is your yearly insurance cost on just the Model S and what variation and trim level do you have? I am curious how that may scale for Model ≡ and what we should put aside in comparison to what we drive now.

mntlvr23 | 28 aprile 2016

Very good question, I was wondering something similar. If I am moving up from a $25K vehicle to a $50K vehicle - but the new one has all of the auto-pilot safety features for collision avoidance (and less working parts to damage). Would there be any chance of the insurance rates being a wash (assume for this exercise that the previous vehicle is new also). I guess that I should really just call my ins. agent though

skygraff | 28 aprile 2016

Good questions.

I'd also like to know which companies have been best to work with because my insurance agent didn't have a lot of understanding about the different models ("body styles" in their computer) which undermined my confidence in them.

slasher0016 | 28 aprile 2016

I have some concerns as well, even coming from another 50k car. My current car is actually very cheap on insurance for some reason (Audi S4), so hopefully the Model 3 follows suit.

Maxxer | 28 aprile 2016

Tesla owners never had accidents nor claims. insurance cost will be 0$

jordanrichard | 28 aprile 2016

I understand what you are looking for, but it is pointless to ask. Far too many variables to even get a general consensus.

Also, Tesla doesn't have "trim levels", just different battery pack sizes.

mntlvr23 | 28 aprile 2016

I will ask my agent tomorrow that I am considering a S-model at $90K with autopilot vs another similarly priced car without AP, and see if there is any difference in premium for similar policies. I will report back.

Red Sage ca us | 28 aprile 2016

jordanrichard: I figure the main 'trim levels' for Tesla Model ☰ will be Rear Wheel Drive, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive, and Performance.

Tstolz | 28 aprile 2016

Insurance isn't bad at all. Pretty sure I pay less or the same for my MS vs my BMW Z4!

Czech | 29 aprile 2016

I would just get a quote for a MS and figure that it will cost somewhere south of that. You might be suprised also because even though the MS is a 75k plus car insurance for me atleast are very reasonable i assume because medical bills are the bulk of costs on a claim and the MS is the safest car on the road

jordanrichard | 29 aprile 2016

Red Sage, ya I sort of forgot that. I guess when I hear the term "trim level" I think "LX, SE, SEL, Limited" etc. The basis for the term "trim" has more to do with appearance items.

Red Sage ca us | 29 aprile 2016

jordanrichard: Yeah, I understand. I figure that with Tesla Motors they may go to more Options Packages with Model ☰. So, the various features and accessories will be bundled together rather than being a la carte. That should make Ordering easy, and Production easier. Sure, there will be those that complain about one feature being thrown in with another -- I know I'd prefer my Performance car to NOT have a leather interior, but cloth/textile instead -- but Tesla Motors has to make money somehow. Ultimately, I've decided to trust in the decision making process of the Chief Product Architect to make their cars the best they can be, even over my objections about an entirely black interior.


tfay412 | 1 luglio 2016

I'm curious on this question as well, However with the car not being launched yet, with no safety specs, The insurance companies wouldn't even be able to quote you a price on it at this time. You can always call your insurance company, Unless you have Geico. They want a Vin number in order to give me a quote.

Jcastillo18 | 1 luglio 2016

I think it will be similar to any car during that price range

Badbot | 3 luglio 2016

I think they should be less than the others in the range.

Teslas are the safest cars on the planet.
5.4 stars out of 5 possible.
Highest rating ever !

The Highest average for a car makers entire line !

tfay412 | 3 luglio 2016

Safe for us, However, other drivers on the road are at the mercy of the driver of the Tesla's

wrightmikeb | 8 luglio 2016

I think a large part of insurance cost is the based on the safety of the driver and passengers. I wouldn't be surprised if the Model 3 had cheaper insurance then an older cheap car that doesn't have a 5 star safety rating.

dsvick | 8 luglio 2016

A significant portion of the cost of insurance is cost of repairs which includes number of possible repair shops, availability and cost of parts, and ease of repair.

vp09 | 8 luglio 2016

Tesla Model S owners have already reported that their insurance companies have never heard of their car. Someone in Connecticut on the S Forum posted that experience a couple weeks ago. By the time the 3 is out, probably every insurance company will at least know about the Model S.

enriquez.r.ny | 21 luglio 2016

Insurance is expensive ....... well for the model S. It is ~1100 Bucks for 6 months.

I hope it is cheaper for Model 3

2leaders | 22 luglio 2016

enriquez.r.ny: What Province are you in?

scarface | 22 luglio 2016

He's probably not in a Province but in a state such as New York. I'm I right?