Poll: How do you charge?

Poll: How do you charge?

It's time again for my semi annual charging method poll. Approximately every six months, I ask the community how they charge their Teslas. I've changed the question slightly this time in that I want the answers to reflect how people charge at home as well as on the road. In 3-4 days when I've collected about 150 responses, I'll post results with proper percentages (the immediate poll calculation results you'll see isn't a useful way of seeing the data), and some comments about how this has changed over time.

By the way, I'm using this third party polling tool since I ask this question in a lot of disparate places (facebook, Tesla forums, etc.) so I don't want to use this forum's polling system.

Thank you for your response!

ps. if you chose "Other" please reply to the thread with what that other charging method was.
pps. This poll is for North America only.