Yes, Virginia, there is a Reno Service Center

Yes, Virginia, there is a Reno Service Center

Although it's not something Tesla is making a big deal about-- the map still shows the closest service center as the Rocklin store.

However, the Reno service center is open and will happily accept an appointment. The only thing is that it's not (as was explained to me) a "customer facing" facility just yet. It's sort of out near the Gigafactory, but they're not in a permanent location yet and in fact keep getting shuttled around to new locations.

So what they'll do for customers in this area is pick up and deliver the cars. Just had a malfunctioning door handle and seat belt recall fixed on my 2013 Mod S.

The number to call is (775) 453-7957. You'll probably talk to Chris Barrett.

jefjes | 24 maggio 2016

I am hoping for a more permanent service center closer to Reno before my Model 3 reservation is reached. I drove to the Rocklin store the day of the reservations but after seeing the line, decided to return home and place my deposit online. It may affect my decision as to whether I will still order mt car if I have to drive to Rocklin for any issues. I'm happy to read here that they are able to take care of local customers but would still like a convenient store front for peace of mind. When researching this issue, I did see that the deal with the gigafactory includes letting Tesla have direct sales in Nevada.

Dramsey | 24 maggio 2016

Well, you don't have to drive to Rocklin now, so you're good.

I imagine by the time your Mod 3 is delivered the Reno service center will have been open to the public for years.

stuart | 24 maggio 2016

Just called today. They can't deliver a car. I am in Reno, getting mine in about 45 days (Inshallah) but they can service it.

tesla | 24 maggio 2016

Hmm. I think it's Virginia.

Just sayin'

jefjes | 25 maggio 2016

Thanks for the info Dramsey. As a Tesla owner in Reno, do you find driving to or from the bay area problematic as far as charging locations or the time it takes to charge going or coming?

Dramsey | 25 maggio 2016

Jeffers: Ha ha, no, driving to the Bay Area is trivial. When I got my car the only intermediate Supercharger was 15 miles off 80 in Folsom. Now there's one in Reno at the Atlantis casino, two in Truckee, one in Roseville, one in Rocklin, one in're spoiled for choice.

Normally when I drive to the Bay Area I start with a full charge and then spend about 20 minutes at the Vacaville charger. Coming back I generally charge at Roseville or Rocklin.

Dramsey | 25 maggio 2016

CoastalCruiser: I just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention… Yeah, that's it!

jeff_r | 27 novembre 2018

An update since this is the top link when you search for Tesla Reno - Spark service center.
Phone number for from Dramsey is still correct: (775) 453-7957
The address is: 420 USA Parkway, Suite 103,McCarran, NV 89434

They will be installing winter tires on my Model 3 as soon as they arrive.

dingsheng.li1987 | 11 febbraio 2019

Looks like they might finally get a more customer facing facility in south Reno:

Dramsey | 11 febbraio 2019

That would be nice. Since the existing "service center" is the Gigafactory, and customers can't drop by, cars have been picked up and delivered with Tesla's "valet service". Since this is going away it means the Gigafactory won't be much use as a service center...

BFranklin | 16 aprile 2019

RJG reported back in February that Tesla had pulled permits to remodel the former Sport Haus location at 9732 South Virginia. This location is Freeway facing on a frontage road in between South Meadows and In-and-out (not located directly on S Virgina as one might assume from the address).

When I called to their temp location on USA Parkway today, I was told that they were in the process of moving!

This is going to be super convenient being that we live just south off Mt Rose Hwy. Just in time for my new PSL!

Dramsey | 18 aprile 2019

I drove by the new Reno center yesterday. There were several pre-refresh Model Ss in the parking iot, and equipment was being underloaded from a cargo truck. The inside of the display area-- formerly Sporhaus Motors-- was empty. I'd say they have at least a few weeks to go before it's operation. Also saw no sign of Superchargers...

lburrell | 4 giugno 2019

Took my 3 to this new location. Its definitely a step up from the old location on USA parkway.

JPPTM | 4 giugno 2019

FYI one of the long time great service advisers, Brian Phillips, who I have known since 2013 @ Fremont, and more recently @ Dublin, just moved up there and is starting to work there. A great resource. You are all really fortunate.