Unexpected rapid acceleration problem?

Unexpected rapid acceleration problem?

Has anyone experienced unexpected rapid acceleration while driving a Model S?

I was pulling into a parking space. Per engineering data recorded by Tesla, I was driving under 5 miles an hour and depressed the brake as I turned into a parking space. At nearly the same moment, the accelerator pedal went to 100% and I crashed into the car in the facing parking space. Airbags deployed and damage was done. Either my foot slipped off the brake and pushed the accelerator to 100%, which seems so strange, or something else was going on. This has been so disconcerting for me as I have not been in accidents in the past and am not reckless.

If there is something else to this, besides me braking and within a second slamming the accelerator to 100%, then it would important to know and to fix.

Also, given the sensors, it seems the Tesla should be able to stop this type of crash from happening. Since the car can "see" an obstacle, why would it allow the car going so slowly to rapidly accelerate into another car?

Jcastillo18 | 10 aprile 2019

In the beginning I admit I confused the reverse and drive on the stick it’s foreign to me and since I also drive an ice vehicle every other day I would press reverse but I will press to the drive but usually I notice the symbol before I accelerate so I can see how people may think they press reverse when I could be in drive just saying. I can admit it could of happened to me if I wasn’t paying attention.

alex_koshy | 26 giugno 2019

Yes, It happend to my wife today. Thank god she is ok , but the impact would have been terrible.
Our 2018 MODEL X 75 D (6 months old ) crashed into a my wife employers building while parking. it acclerated 100% hit the wall . None of the senors provided any warning . I was under the impression that Tesla was programmed to detect and avoid collission.

Based on all everyone's experperince , it is a known issue. How come tesla is not doing anything about this ?

Question for you - How did Tesla resolve this issue for you? Can you share your experience ?

Bighorn | 26 giugno 2019

Your wife pressed the accelerator. Zero question.

lilbean | 26 giugno 2019

+100 @Bighorn

trevor58 | 27 giugno 2019

Not this again?!?

redacted | 27 giugno 2019

I expect @alex is asking about the "Obstacle aware acceleration" setting. I have never tried it out so I don't know if it actually works, but from its description it shouldn't let you go to 100% when reversing into a building.

Bighorn | 27 giugno 2019

I think you’re giving him a lot of credit to know that setting even exists let alone whether it was engaged st the time. Not sure what sensors prevent regular acceleration when it’s chosen. If it’s radar, it would not work in reverse. What exactly is 100% acceleration? Oh right, it’s not a thing.

Silver2K | 27 giugno 2019

"Based on all everyone's experperince , it is a known issue. How come tesla is not doing anything about this ?"

Hitting the wrong pedal is a known issue. This known issue is not isolated to Tesla owners

Bighorn | 27 giugno 2019

Plus Tesla has incontrovertible proof of which pedal was pressed which wasn’t always the case in the past. Sensors don’t lie or get confused unlike humans.

lilbean | 27 giugno 2019

Right tighty, lefty loosey.
Right goey, lefty stoppy.

sabuson | 27 giugno 2019

If creep mode is turned off, yes there is a difference for Tesla. Please turn it on for your wife (or anybody else who is used to ICE cars). Don't let them park with adjusting accelerator. When you sense something close, you step on the pedal you are using. This happens to be the brake pedal for ICE (harmless) and accelerator pedal for Tesla (if creep is off). So turn on creep and leave it there. Turn it on for yourself and any other video loving kids only:-)

PrescottRichard | 27 giugno 2019

Pedal confusion has claimed a few lives, and caused several accidents in the past.
Perhaps this is what happened here, and a Tesla with its logs is probably one of the few cars where you can see records of this.

Remember the ‘floor mat’ problem the Prius had? Mostly that was pedal confusion. I scored a decent deal on a 2010 Prius during that time.

As far as the car being smart enough to mitigate this kind of accident- I dunno but there’s only so much you can do with physics, and I believe the car will defer to the driver if you’re pressing a pedal.

TranzNDance | 27 giugno 2019

If creep off were the cause of the issue, wouldn't creep on in ICE cars prevent their drivers from running into buildings? Yet, it still happens. | 27 giugno 2019

Yep, not sure how creep on/off helps - pressing the accelerator pedal instead of the brake hard in any car while stopped is always a bad idea and leads to accidents.

RandallKeith | 27 giugno 2019

@Sabuson +1
No doubt creep was turned off and she thought her foot was over the brake.