Driving pleasure Model X vs S

Driving pleasure Model X vs S

Hi, I'm going to place an order for a Model X P90D but unfortunately here in Italy we have no test car, so I've been able to test only a Model S and I really enjoy it; both acceleration and handling are great.

I'd like to know what are the main differences between the two models, I have the impression that the Model X is heavier and not as agile as the S.

Thank you in advance.


Shelmire | 7 giugno 2016

get ready for a host of small but reoccurring problems with you over designed X. The doors, in my experience, are asked to do too much to work properly every time. The inconsistency this causes is frustrating, and my service station cannot seem to get the bugs out. I would say that the windshield experience is almost worth the aggravation. I would stick with a loaded S.

elguapo | 7 giugno 2016

Driving experience - virtually identical. S is lower to the ground and feels a bit more sporty, but I far prefer my X. Zero body roll, superb handling, very agile and with he windshield, a far more open feel inside. The S makes me feel claustrophobic now. Still a great car, but X loses very little, if any, in handling due to its size. This is one place where reviewers seem to agree.

lilbean | 7 giugno 2016

I agree with elguapo. Handling is identical. In my opinion, the Model S is more of a stress free experience. In the Model S, you can park virtually anywhere, you don't have to explain to your passengers how to operate the door or worry when they close it manually, and you don't have to worry about your driver door swinging out and damaging other cars. The FWDs are beautiful and get a tremendous amount of attention. If you don't like attention or talking to strangers everywhere you go, I would get the Model S. If you want to have the coolest car ever, I would choose the Model X.

eric.zucker | 7 giugno 2016

If you are impatient, get Model S. You will get it faster, and have fewer issues.

In a few months, say early next year, Model X will be available in a more reasonable time frame and the early issues will have been ironed out. It will be an easier experience.

carlk | 7 giugno 2016

I have both S (P85+) and X (P90DL). Originally I thought X will not be able to match the handling of a low sports sedan, especially the one with upgraded handling package, but more and more it looks the X when driving aggressively feels just as good and in control. I could never have imagined a tall vehicle like this can have almost no body lean when making sharp curves. This is definitely not your grandfather's SUV. I agree with @elguapo and @lilbean X is the way to go unless you absolutely want a sedan than an SUV.

bak_phy | 7 giugno 2016

I found that the X (90D) which I test drove felt heavier than my S (P85) . The sales guy pointed it out before I could say anything. It's probably not really apples to apples though since my car has coils and is a fair bit quicker.

aesculus | 7 giugno 2016

I hate to stereotype, but if I was an Italian make faced with a decision between an Model S and a Model X, it would be the Model S all the way. :-)

Seriously though they are two separate cars. The Model S is more sporty, agile and versatile IMHO, but lacks creature comfort, ingress/egress, the windshield and perhaps seating for more adults like the Model X eXcels in. You need to figure out which of those are driving your decision.

aesculus | 7 giugno 2016

male not make.

carlk | 7 giugno 2016

Good point @aesculus. S is more like a untilitarian sports sedan and X is more like a luxury sedan. On the other hand not stereotyping either I thought Italian males like finer things in life and that certainly goes to the X.

vprelovac | 7 giugno 2016

Drove both and X is so much ahead.

Not only X looks better (I am European) but it has a major advantage in terms of seats. X has best seats I've ever tried in my life and 've driven many cars (luxury, sports, SUV). Nothing comes even close to the level of comfort offered by X seats.

bak_phy | 7 giugno 2016

@vprelovac which seats did you sit on? the white ones?

jjs | 7 giugno 2016

We own a P85 S and a P90DL X. City - S Road Trip - X
I like the look and driving position of the S. Prefer it in the city.
The higher driving position makes getting in and out of the X easier/better. The seats of the X are much more comfortable and great for a long trip. The windshield of the X is great for site seeing.

davediep | 7 giugno 2016

My wife and I much prefer the X over the S due to many reasons stated above (comfort, driving position, easy entry/exit, roominess, pano-windshield, powered doors...). Also, the X is taller thus less vulnerable to scraping/damaging during parking near tall walkway etc.

Redmiata98 | 7 giugno 2016

S85P+ vs XP90D. Had one, have other. X is better for handling, acceleration, comfort and long trip driving.

rossRallen | 7 giugno 2016

I have a P90D Model X and have recently driven many miles in P90DL Model Ss. I prefer the X in every way, echoing the positive sentiments above.

For me, the S is claustrophobic, and very difficult/uncomfortable to enter and exit. Maybe the S is a bit quieter, but the SC is working on that on my X. The handling, comfort, range, features, and utility of the X meet or exceed all my needs.

The X is a stunning piece of technology, beautiful and futuristic in design, totally fun, and exciting to drive. Closing the Falcon Wing Doors for the (seated) second row pax signals the beginning of an E-ticket ride. I look forward to every drive. I couldn't say that about any other car I've owned or driven.

Get the HPWC, outdoor car cover, CHAdeMO adapter (for Plan B recharging) and tire inflation kit.

RiyazMomin | 7 giugno 2016

I own Model S (P85D 2015) and Model X (90D 2016). I love my MS, after driving it for more than an year I still can't get enough of it. Based on the issues reported on early MX I was skeptical if it will even come close to MS. MX flat out beats MS in comfort, driving experience, and features. MS certainly looks more sexier than MX.

I believe now all MXs are coming out clean. I suggest go for MX.

vprelovac | 8 giugno 2016

@bak_phy Yes these were the white ones. Is there difference between the seats?

bak_phy | 8 giugno 2016

@vprelovac There are 3 kinds of seats. Black fabric, black leather, tan leather and white synthetic. I've only sat in the white ones and they really were very soft and comfortable. Much more so than the leather seats in my '14 S. It's not really a fair comparison but it's all I've got. I'm not really sure why the color/material combinations are so limited.

socalsam | 8 giugno 2016

I own an S and now an X. Anyone wanna buy an S off of me? :)

Triggerplz | 8 giugno 2016

I now own a X and I drove a S, the S drives like a dream the X drives like a Wet dream :-)

rdalcanto | 8 giugno 2016

We have a Model S P85D, and a Model X 90D. I used to have a Porsche 911S (991) that I ran at the race track. Anyone who says the X handles as well as the S is wrong. The X is easier to get into. The windshield is awesome. The seats are soft, but there is not enough lateral support compared to the Model S next gen seats. The Model S feels like more of a sports car. It is lower and has a lower center of gravity, and weighs a lot less. You can't defy physics. I wanted to love driving the X so I could get rid of my Jeep and sell my S for an X. Every time I drive the X, I just can't do it. The S, from a performance driving perspective, just drives more like a sports car, and I would be very unhappy if I had to drive the X every day instead of the S.

lilbean | 8 giugno 2016

@rdalcanto: I agree with you. The S is more sporty and zips around town so easily. I love my X but I would be happy with the S only.

carlk | 8 giugno 2016

There are certainly different opinions but I agree with every one of them. That's why Tesla is making the two different models. As for me if I can have only one I'd have the Roadser II. ;)

Since the op was asking about handling of X I thought I should put a link of my experience of that here. | 8 giugno 2016

Both great cars. S is mature design and execution. X still having teething issues.
I got the X for the seven seats. If I didn't need the seats, I would have stayed with the S.

lilbean | 8 giugno 2016

I got the X because I liked the idea of having more cargo space :/

davediep | 8 giugno 2016

I agree with @rdalcanto regarding the performance of the S P90DL. However, we much prefer the X P90DL due to its many added attributes and its performance is more than enough for us.

bak_phy | 8 giugno 2016

@rdalcanto. I felt the same way when I test drove an X 90D in comparison to my S P85. I'm hoping that the P version if he X (with L?) can bridge the gap.
I like the look of the S much better as well. As with George I too need the extra seats though as my kids are starting to grow out of the trunk.
The interior of the X is pretty awesome though from a pure comfort and view perspective.

dleidy | 8 giugno 2016

I have both. The S is a masterpiece of design, and drives like a rocket sled. The X is a sporty, family SUV that only turns heads when the back doors open. The S is far superior in build quality. My X currently has 14 issues I have identified to be addressed by service just 2 weeks in. As always, I still love both.

lilbean | 8 giugno 2016

I have no worries taking the S on a road trip. Not so with the X. Can you imagine door failure far from home? Not fun.

bak_phy | 9 giugno 2016

@dleidy I agree with the looks and drive comparison but I'd think that if you order now and take delivery in late August most if not all of the build quality issues should be gone. After all that's what happened with the S.