Brexit ...

Brexit ...

Would the result tomorrow affect you in any way? Your M3 order?

grashelm | 22 giugno 2016

Uh no...and no.

PaceyWhitter | 22 giugno 2016

Could affect the world economy, so maybe a little?

Dr. Toonhattan | 23 giugno 2016

The Pound would likely decrease in value against the dollar, which would make buying a Tesla more expensive in the UK.

jdanielp_uk | 23 giugno 2016

@Dr. Toonhattan that is certainly a concern of mine, although whatever happens today we should have a couple of years during which the economy will have the chance to recover or, who knows, even improve from where it has been recently.

dachuyn | 23 giugno 2016

It (the vote) is happening in UK, but i am feeling excited in the US. I hope you guys choose the right path. Either way, Britain should be all right. Not sure about the European Union though ...

carlos | 23 giugno 2016

Leave!!! It's the smart thing to do.

Bighorn | 23 giugno 2016

Stay--it's the polite thing to do. Stiff upper lip.

mntlvr23 | 23 giugno 2016

All of the US and European markets (which are driven by financial firms that have done extensive polling and have much more information than the common man) are doing very well today - so it would appear that there will be no exit for now.

dachuyn | 23 giugno 2016

I guess someone can buy half Tesla shares and then vote "No" ... And make billions...

carlk | 23 giugno 2016

Long as Kate Middleton stays. Isn't that what Brits care the most?

dachuyn | 23 giugno 2016

Congrats UK! Looks like you are gonna leave ...

Bighorn | 23 giugno 2016

Or not. I've only seen news that it's undecided but leaning towards staying in.

KP in NPT | 23 giugno 2016

None of us should hope they leave.

dachuyn | 23 giugno 2016

Why not ... It is just fun ...

ShockOnT | 23 giugno 2016

Watching now ...

mntlvr23 | 23 giugno 2016

I guess that my analysis was pretty wrong

ShockOnT | 23 giugno 2016

Surprises all over...

Mike83 | 23 giugno 2016

The pound down around 8%. Appears leaving is what they are betting on. I have no opinion on this issue since I am not familiar with the UK. Dollar should go up.

Mike83 | 23 giugno 2016

But I would guess Tesla's will cost more there.

carlk | 23 giugno 2016

Stock futures are down big time.

SCCRENDO | 23 giugno 2016

Dumb move. World economy will suffer short term. Depends if the EU stays together. If so Britain suffers long term. Will lose EU labor. Brits will have decreased opportunities to work in the EU. Likely to lose favorable trading status with the US. Scotland could consider leaving the UK. Eire and Northern Island will need to re-establish a border. It's possible EU could collapse. We are a world economy. Isolationism is a retrogressive step. This is what Trump wants to do to the US. Break trade deals which will result in the reintroduction of tariffs.

tommyalexandersb | 23 giugno 2016

Will this affect tsla stock?

bj | 23 giugno 2016

Tesla in the UK has suddenly become a lot more expensive. GBP has crashed against USD. AUD only down a bit.

warren_tran | 23 giugno 2016

Sorry chaps, Tesla price just went up a bit for you guys. Whoever invest in gold will gain short term profit.

Market will be a bit unstable short term.

SCCRENDO | 24 giugno 2016

US markets will suffer in the short term. The U.K followed by the EU will suffer more

Ross1 | 24 giugno 2016

The little ignorant, sorry, uninformed, people have spoken.
Democracy is sometimes not a good look.

carlk | 24 giugno 2016


They think they are punishing the system but they in effect are punishing themselves. I hope we don't have enough of that kind of people here in the US but I'm really worried now.

KP in NPT | 24 giugno 2016

Coworker sent this to me day before yesterday. Taken in London.

Red Sage ca us | 24 giugno 2016

Excuse me folks...? I have never heard of 'Brexit' before. I picked up the probably very bad habit of not watching regular news broadcasts back in 2001. And yes, I'm too lazy to look it up. If you peruse the responses above, it seems you guys know what you are talking about, but haven't actually said what it is you are talking about. What is it, and why should I care, and what could this possibly have to do with Tesla Motors or the Model ☰? Thanks.

KP in NPT | 24 giugno 2016

Too long to explain, Red. Jump to BBC News - Great Britain just voted to leave the EU. World is bracing for the economic repercussions.

Red Sage ca us | 24 giugno 2016

Oh. I thought that was announced last year. No big deal, then.

Mike83 | 24 giugno 2016

Checking Tesla sales it seems the UK is very small. The EU countries buy a lot of Teslas. Maybe problems with steering wheel placement.
From what I've read the exit from the EU countries is due to nationalism and perceived fear of immigrants yet it was split decision with Scotland wanting to remain. Maybe Scotland will join the EU. Interesting. America had quite the war with Britain back in the 1700's.

dachuyn | 24 giugno 2016

Fasten seatbell... If Brexit holds, a whole lot more is gonna happen!

PhillyGal | 24 giugno 2016

Finally, an upside to being down so damn much in my little portfolio already... no real changes today :-P

Mike83 | 24 giugno 2016

My Clorox is doing well. May sell it and buy Tesla.

Ross1 | 24 giugno 2016

British democracy voting for brexit is as USA voting for Trump as is AUS voting for Shorten.
All to punish, without understanding.

Ross1 | 24 giugno 2016

Brit ex Prime Minister Tony Blair has written a piece for NYT to show he agrees with me, in a more verbose form albeit.

http://www.nytimes DOT com/2016/06/26/opinion/tony-blair-brexits-stunning-coup.html?_r=0

Ross1 | 24 giugno 2016

@ Red Sage:
It means this:

Currency and financial markets are in meltdown, birds are falling out of the sky, dogs are walking on their hind legs.


Mike83 | 24 giugno 2016

Mary Queen of Scots was a great series. Now it appears Scotland and Ireland will vote to leave Britain and join the EU.
The good old days?

I also read that some voters didn't know what they were voting for. Too late now.

deeageux | 24 giugno 2016

Voting out of a customs union and increasingly a non-democratic Super State is not isolationism.

Brexiteers want free trade and an Australian type immigration policy that rewards skills and education. Brexiteers want to be part of the European free trade area but want their own Parliament to make laws on business regulation, consumer protection, immigration etc not unelected Eurocrats in Brussels.

Short term there will be chaos caused by panicked Elites fearing the boogeyman they created.

Long term The UK will be better off as a free independent parliamentary democracy.

Ditto for Tesla UK sales.

dachuyn | 24 giugno 2016

It is the clash of clashes ... Right or wrong depends on which side you are. I would be on the LEAVE camp too.

By the way ... Love UK politics :-) and the Europeans'. We talk a lot about spreading democracy, but there will almost never be such voting by the people here in the US...

dachuyn | 24 giugno 2016

... the clash of classes :-) ...

No edit feature ... but it is fair ...

carlos | 24 giugno 2016

Called it !!!

Mike83 | 24 giugno 2016

Along with currency crash the debt rating of the UK cut to negative

dachuyn | 24 giugno 2016

Likewise, Earth people need to vote to shut down the United Nation...

sp_tesla | 24 giugno 2016

"carlos | June 24, 2016
Called it !!!"

Can you call 2016 TM lowest stock price?

SCCRENDO | 24 giugno 2016

It's kind of like Texas voting to leave the US, close its borders. Workers need work permits to work there and vice versa. Goods could be taxed. They would have to provide their own military. Hmm. Perhaps not a bad idea. When is Texas leaving??

Mike83 | 25 giugno 2016

This is interesting. The EU tells the UK to leave already and Scotland wants them to hurry so they can remain in the EU.

Red Sage ca us | 25 giugno 2016

So, the European Union has 1 GB of free space on their hard drives now. No big deal at all.