We should initiate a petition requiring side guards for trucks and trailers

We should initiate a petition requiring side guards for trucks and trailers

Dozens of car passengers and cyclists get killed every year due to this obvious safety gap, a move fiercely opposed by trucking lobby.

brunner | 3 luglio 2016

That's a good idea. Let's have the first auto-pilot fatal accident make the world safer for all drivers !

It's easy to start a campaign on Avaaz but on the White House site there is also a petitioning gear.

Al1 | 3 luglio 2016

This lady lost her two daughters in a similar truck collision. I'll watch the story and will certainly support her should she put up a petition.

www bloomberg com news 2014 12 16 dead-girls-mom-says-100-truck-fix-may-have-saved-them.html

Jwbabiak | 3 luglio 2016


Spread the word!

Tesla-David | 3 luglio 2016

Thanks, just signed petition!

Al1 | 3 luglio 2016

I just signed it too. Thanks for putting it together. I will also support if there is one from the mother of two girls. We should really help her to get her voice heard.

rhpalmer | 3 luglio 2016

Thanks for setting this up.

dkenta | 3 luglio 2016


carlgo2 | 3 luglio 2016

Yes, but the truckers have a huge lobby and the Teamster's Union is perhaps second only to the NRA in power. ABS brakes, disc brakes, anti- jackknife tech, the same emission requirements as cars, automatic braking and more, all failing to be mandated because....scroll down for answer.

Every year a truck goes off the end of the grade here, killing the driver and whatever passengers, because they evidently cannot stop when going downhill with a heavy load.

Note that if cars had such a hazardous design this would have been addressed a hundred years ago.

Will sign the petition anyway.

Money talks.

carol288 | 3 luglio 2016

I'm on board!

sugacookie | 3 luglio 2016


Jeff Hudson | 3 luglio 2016


skygraff | 3 luglio 2016

Could they be designed to be dual purposed as aerodynamic skirts as well?

A lot of truckers and trucking companies have installed those over the last few years and that function along with some kind of tax incentive to install the dual purpose (heavier duty?) type might encourage adoption even before mandates.

skygraff | 3 luglio 2016

Guess that's been researched and affirmed by (at least) Volpe.

ampeep | 3 luglio 2016

The PTB have known about this deficiency for years, with no change. It can't hurt to sign the petition.

brando | 6 luglio 2016

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d.r.coursol | 23 luglio 2016

This is great. We need to keep this moving forward.

kaffine | 23 luglio 2016

@ carlgo2

Trucks can stop with heavy loads when going downhill if they are maintained. Just because there are a few trucks a year that go down a hill without working brakes does not mean there is a design flaw. It is either lack of maintenance or driver error causing the trucks to loose control going down hill. The brakes are supposed to be inspected as part of the daily pre-trip inspection. They also have ABS brakes and have for some time. I know it took a lot longer for them to enact the regulation reducing the stopping distance by 30%. They were talking about it when I got out of the trucking industry in 2005, I just looked it up and it was phased in starting in 2011 and fully implemented in 2013.

I am surprised that they have not required the side crash guards but are requiring the aerodynamic ones. They did force the rear guards to be retrofitted on trailers. Hopefully they will require the side crash guards as well.

AlexM3 | 23 luglio 2016

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