I guess Elon put my open letter/post in the paper shredder.

I guess Elon put my open letter/post in the paper shredder.

Last post is gone? I guess the concerns shared aren't acceptable to Tesla?

AlMc | 4 luglio 2016

You are unlikely to get a response from EM. Did you ever contact @socalsam via the TMC PM system. I am sure that he can help.
If indeed your last thread was removed without getting you your desired outcome starting another one seems counterintuitive.
Different tactic might be a better bet. | 4 luglio 2016

You may need to work directly with Tesla management. Since you are dealing with a formal order that you placed that is covered by Corporate legalese, you might wish to engage an attorney. Good luck.

Remnant | 5 luglio 2016

@ AZNick (OP, July 4, 2016)

<< Last post is gone? I guess the concerns shared aren't acceptable to Tesla? >>

I have to call Elon out on this undignified and underhanded behavior.

What's the point?

We know you have the upper hand over the Forums. Why use that subterfuge as an argument in an honest debate.

And if the debate is wanting in some respects, why not use your scholarly talents to address such issues and clear the air?

If you prefer a private venue, you have our emails. Please use it, if transparency is not your preferred mode of clearing the air.

Please educate us!

speyerj | 5 luglio 2016

I'm sure Elon PERSONALLY deleted the thread. Or maybe you aren't that special of a snowflake.

carlk | 5 luglio 2016

Sorry to say I don't believe they would change anything at this point. That would mean they admit wrong which they likely are not. Man I think you blew it.

Remnant | 6 luglio 2016

@carlk | July 5, 2016

<< That would mean they admit wrong which they likely are not. >>

Why not? Is it better for the wrongdoer to be fingered by customers, passers-by, or the press?

In particular, is it better for a BEV-making startup to earn a reputation of probity, or to venture onto some quagmire of fibs and deceit?

carlk | 6 luglio 2016


Tesla did nothing wrong. They have the purchasing agreement customers signed to back them up. And I seriously doubt op gave us full account of the story. If Tesla relent now it will just be another case of Tesla mistreated a customer and one has to fight to get what he deserves. That would not help their reputation either. I wouldn't let it to happen if I were Tesla. I really think op mis-handled the whole thing.

siliconhammer | 6 luglio 2016

Tesla Motors is a large company with many directors and managers in charge of various aspects of the business. It is an over-simplistic view to think EM sees every transaction or signs off on every decision. It is unlikely that he is personally aware of this cancellation. It's probably a good idea for us all to stop taking EM's name in vain every time something happens at TM. Most of the issues are caused by over-promising by the sales organization, poor communication from the DS team or bad visibility from the production team. All of these groups have managers and directors who are doing the day-to-day business. EM and upper-management see the aggregate, macro-level data, not every order. They are making strategic decisions based in information provided to them by their front-line managers and tactical leaders (directors). It's a complex org with lots of moving parts, stop assuming the org is flat.

At this point the OP will need to engage NA Sales Management first, then escalate if necessary. Be prepared to get an attorney involved if necessary. @socalsam has offered some advice/contacts, he has been a good resource to many of us, it seems wise to contact him as well. Hollering on the forum won't get anything fixed.

lilbean | 6 luglio 2016

I've noticed that many who come to the forum with a problem just want to vent and get defensive when advice is given. Oh well.

siliconhammer | 6 luglio 2016

I noticed another inflammatory post has been deleted today, the one with a title something like, "WAITING OVER 5 YEARS FOR MODEL X." So it appears the forum moderators are taking out threads which attack management. This seems reasonable, it's okay to vent, I certainly have done plenty on the forums, but if there is a real transactional issue, something which transcends general grumbling about systems or processes, it is probably better to take it up with TM management directly.

lilbean | 6 luglio 2016

@siliconhammer- I believe the post was deleted by the OP. She snapped at me when I advised her to change the misleading title. She then changed it and responded with "are you happy now? You would be upset to if you were me." I then asked her if she honestly believed that Tesla does nothing but lie. I told her that it would be in her best interest to delete the post. Then it disappeared.

siliconhammer | 6 luglio 2016

@lilbean yeah, I saw that exchange between the two of you, you may be right, could just be coincidence.

lilbean | 6 luglio 2016

Also, I've been told that a post that gets flagged 5 times will drop off :)

Realure | 6 luglio 2016

@AZNick, this forum has a pack of fanboys, many who are investors, and if you post anything that might affect the brand or stock, they are likely to flag your post as inappropriate. I think the forum automatically deletes your thread if there are too many folks that flag your post.

EM's/Tesla's cult of personality creates these koolaide drinkers that act as a grass roots astro-turf PR organization.

socalsam | 6 luglio 2016

@carlk | July 6, 2016

"Tesla did nothing wrong"

This is an overly simplistic view of he situation. Ya tesla technically did nothing won't, I think we can all agree they are totally wrong in misplaced delivery dates, unrealistic expectations, and a painfully slow ramp up. Ofcourse they protect themselves with their agreement, but one cannot say they did nothing wrong. The whole launch and ramp up of the X has been wrong.

socalsam | 6 luglio 2016

@reeler - +1

carlk | 6 luglio 2016


Do you aware that you have negated any arguments you might have when you have to use personal attack with words like fanboy, stock or koolaid as your only argument?


Everyone's expectation is different so everyone's experience is different too. You mignt not believe there is a correlation there but I always do.

Ankit Mishra | 6 luglio 2016

The same kind of labelling can be done for you too as your behavior is extremely predictable (constant criticism of Tesla and dislike towards people who like Tesla). Please be kind in your words.

lilbean | 6 luglio 2016

@ankit +1 :-)

rossRallen | 6 luglio 2016

I've seen the forum used as a place to vent frustrations and seek support and advice. As long as a post stays positive and doesn't devolve into insults and accusations of lying, etc., many of us Tesla fanboys, fangirls, investors, and owners (I'm in 3 of these 4 categories, guess which ones) are happy to offer advice and support.

Anyone who has gone through the multi-year process of reserving and then receiving (and sometimes fixing) their Model X has had both good experiences with Tesla and its employees and experiences that could clearly be improved upon. If someone at Tesla is listening to the voices of their customers, then I believe positive change will occur. But, as @siliconhammer said, not every comment will get an immediate response from management and this may not be the best vehicle for that.

When posts are overwhelmingly negative, accusatory, and insulting is when I ignore them.

rossRallen | 6 luglio 2016

I'm sure missing the "Tesla actually let a wanker like me drive an X and I didn't like it and I want to tell you all about it because I like my KIA better" post. Guess it got too many thumbs down?

lilbean | 6 luglio 2016

Lol! But do you miss the plywood?

rossRallen | 6 luglio 2016

I have a CONTEXTURAL UNDERFLOW error on the plywood reference. Something @Trig wants to do with Eva? An airtight container he's building for you-know-who? Whaaaat?

AZNick | 8 luglio 2016

Yes I logged into TMC today and sent a PM to @socalsam. I hope he/she has great advice.

carlk | 8 luglio 2016

Hope sam is not all talk and can help you to get a satisfactory resolution.

socalsam | 8 luglio 2016

I'm all talk. Completely full of it.

sp_tesla | 8 luglio 2016

"socalsam | July 8, 2016
I'm all talk. Completely full of it."

Carlk is not a fan to those that dared to post some true but non complementary wording regarding his TM cult.

AlMc | 8 luglio 2016

@AZNick: Hope @socalsam can help. I know he will do his best.

socalsam | 8 luglio 2016

I spoke with Nick today and passed on some information that will hopefully help him. I wish him luck as he is getting a raw deal.

AlMc | 9 luglio 2016

@socalsam: *thumbs up*

AZNick | 9 luglio 2016

I have called the contact from @socalsam and hope to hear back soon, thanks for the help.

I have also called Tesla headquarters and hope to hear something from them.

We will see.

AlMc | 9 luglio 2016

@AZNick: The quiet and deliberate escalating of an issue is the way to go when it comes to TM.

Good luck.

Ross1 | 12 luglio 2016

If you want to interest Elon you need to interest Elon.

If you interest him you WILL get invited over.

AZNick | 13 luglio 2016

A sad day for me. I was a huge Tesla fan. Now I don't even want to drive the one I own. Each time I asked to cancel my X order after many delays I said the following, "Please cancel my X and give me a refund, if you don't give me a refund don't cancel my X." Well the X was cancelled and today I was told it was reviewed up the regional manager and they are firm in their choice to cancel and I will not be getting a refund. The details and the drama go on, but those are the basics. Sad.

lilbean | 13 luglio 2016

Bummer :(

AZNick | 13 luglio 2016

I'm thinking Tesla is rather confused. Now I'm getting multiple calls. Lots of help. And I'm being told my X passed final inspection yesterday and will be delivered within 2 weeks..... Crazy up and downs with Tesla.

lilbean | 13 luglio 2016

What? Do you still want it? That's crazy.

sp_tesla | 13 luglio 2016

"AZNick | July 13, 2016
I'm thinking Tesla is rather confused. Now I'm getting multiple calls. Lots of help. And I'm being told my X passed final inspection yesterday and will be delivered within 2 weeks..... Crazy up and downs with Tesla."

Mazel Tov.

teslagiddy | 14 luglio 2016

Congratulations. Once you get behind the wheel, all will be forgotten and you'll forgive yourself for cancelling in the first place.

lilbean | 14 luglio 2016

Yes. Congrats!

Remnant | 14 luglio 2016

@ AZNick (July 13, 2016)

<< ... I'm being told my X passed final inspection yesterday and will be delivered within 2 weeks..... >>


Have you got full credit for the $5,000 Reservation Fee though?

jon | 28 luglio 2016

@AZNick what ever happened here with the confusing phone calls? Car or no car?

David N | 28 luglio 2016

I'm wondering too.
Maybe got the replacement but then had to sign a " do not talk about it" disclosure ?

carlk | 29 luglio 2016

No news is probably good news.

Ross1 | 2 agosto 2016

Tesla is bipolar.
+ve and _ve terminals become confused at times.

Rocky_H | 11 ottobre 2018

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khawarrasheed1996 | 15 luglio 2019

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