What happens when you die, how will we know?

What happens when you die, how will we know?

Ross1 | 13 luglio 2016

Of course your everloving will post on the forum under your screen name immediately and say, oh BTW, SCCRENDO, Bb0tin, vperl , Red Sage died this morning, thought you would all like to know. Or perhaps those guys are singles anyway, so how will we know?

Does your SigOther even know your screen name?
Mine calls me by it every day, esp if I am naughty.

So Mr or Mrs SCCRENDO knows bla bla

Seriously tho', how would we know?
Who on the fora was Joshua Brown?

I haven't heard from some members for a while.. (...idiots!)

ME; going on holidays for a coupla weeks, Gonna miss you all.

Ross1 | 13 luglio 2016

And @PD had that dreadful accident, and was able to tell us, but that is not always the case.

carlk | 13 luglio 2016

I'm dead when you don't see me posting in more than 24hrs.

Red Sage ca us | 13 luglio 2016

I am not, nor have I ever been, nor am I likely to become, a married man. I despise the term 'significant other'. If I die, don't worry about it. But tomorrow is my Birthday.

vperl | 13 luglio 2016

I can tell if all you losers die, silence on the forums, and peace in the Middle East.

Nexxus | 14 luglio 2016

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated but not proven.

Ross1 | 14 luglio 2016

Too many birthdays are not good for you, but having lots of birthdays keeps you living longer.

Wow @Red sage, happy birthday.
And but, I thought we were all your SigOthers!

SCCRENDO | 14 luglio 2016

@Redsage. Happy Birthday. Mine was yesterday.

lilbean | 14 luglio 2016

Happy Birthday Dr. SCCRENDO and Red Sage :-)

Nexxus | 14 luglio 2016

Yes Happy Birthday to both of you guys.

PorfirioR | 14 luglio 2016

Every time I come to this forum and see a new thread about perpetual motion, or a solar panels or windmills on the roof, I die a little.

But truthfully, I have had to self-exile myself several times because of various reasons that I will not mention. Yet I always find myself coming back. The phrase "I wish I knew how to quit you" comes to mind.

And to every one whose birthday is this year, like me, happy birthday.

PorfirioR | 14 luglio 2016

Darn! I see some grammar errors in my post.
"or a solar panels" = "or solar panels"
"self-exile myself" = "exile myself"

I guess I will see you guys next year.

Ross1 | 14 luglio 2016


and wiser now? lol

tesla | 14 luglio 2016

PorfirioR said: "Every time I come to this forum and see a new thread about perpetual motion, or a solar panels or windmills on the roof, I die a little."

I'm working on a solar powered perpetual motion machine. Would it kill you if I posted about it?


Happy b-days to all who have managed to survive another year on this god-forsaken solar powered rock.

-The forum member formerly known as Coastal Cruiser

Ross1 | 14 luglio 2016

Hey tesla, did you fall under SCCRENDO's snipper?

EmpiricalAudio | 14 luglio 2016

Based on what I've heard and read from NDE experiences about "the otherside", I don't believe I will care much about the Tesla forum or any other physical things when I die. According to many NDE accounts, it is like transitioning from watching black and white TV to feeling and knowing all. You evidently get to have your dog there as well as improve your golf game. I have no fear and you shouldn't either. Death is a part of life. Just another phase in your existence.

vperl | 14 luglio 2016

Being a facilitator , just ask.

No thanks required

compchat | 15 luglio 2016


The bible tells us what happens after we die. You are asking a metaphysical question and not requesting a description of necrosis ?

Ross1 | 15 luglio 2016

You lot are totally misinterpreting the OP question.

Did you even read it?

Will the forum be advised when you die?

The ability to read here astounds me.

SCCRENDO | 15 luglio 2016

@Ross. Taking you big RV accross Tasmania???

lar_lef | 15 luglio 2016

When you pass over,
Owners of Model x will be greeted by Nicolai Tesla and shown the premises.
Owners of Model S will be greeted by Tesla and given a 5 minute explanation of what to expect.
Owners of Model 3 will get a handshake and you are on your own.
owners of gas cars will be pointed South.

tesla | 15 luglio 2016

Unless Nikola Tesla is bond and gagged by Thomas Edison, and Edison sends us all south for not using DC motors.


Ross1 | 15 luglio 2016

Pretty stupid.
And irreverent.
And irrelevant.
Address the question.

Ross1 | 15 luglio 2016
Red Sage ca us | 19 luglio 2016

The 14th anniversary of my 35th birthday wasn't so bad at all.

dansplans | 19 luglio 2016

No Ross, no one will be coming here to inform anyone.

Brian H | 19 luglio 2016

Ross, you need a deadman switch that releases a post here that says "I'm dead now."

SCCRENDO | 19 luglio 2016

Brian I never thought I would agree with you

Civilpe | 19 luglio 2016

Note to self: Write a program script that will post on this forum the news of my death as soon as my death certificate is issued.

If I don't get to write the script on time, then perhaps I could try posting from my after life if I get bored there.

In any case, while I am alive and enjoying this material world, I would like to take this opportunity to advertise my referral code for anyone planning to make a new purchase on this lifetime:

PMadFlyer | 20 luglio 2016

Tesla transcends our reality.

P.S. I'm not dead, just busy.

AlexM3 | 20 luglio 2016

Nobody will see or care...

lilbean | 19 novembre 2016

Since I spend way too much time on the forum, you may assume I am either unconscious, missing or passed if you do not see a post from me for three days straight. Just in case this happens to be today, I want to thank everybody here. I've learned a lot from all of you. Thank you for welcoming me, making me laugh and even for the not so great times when your posts made me sad. We're only human with our individual values and beliefs but what brought us together was the love for our cars and this awesome company that is Tesla. I wish only the best for all of you. Peace. xo

Ross1 | 19 novembre 2016

Is it the wine?

lilbean | 19 novembre 2016

I don't drink. :-)

lilbean | 19 novembre 2016

Maybe it's the PMS. :/

Mike83 | 19 novembre 2016

Like Groucho Marx used to say.
Here today and gone tomorrow. On the other hand some people are gone today and still here tomorrow.

SCCRENDO | 19 novembre 2016

Mike +100 | 19 novembre 2016

I have arranged for a forum bot to be supplied at my demise that will generate a continuous sequence of threads even more inane than this one.

Ross1 | 20 novembre 2016

will your bot talk to my bot?

This post was auto-generated by www.bots.

lilbean | 20 novembre 2016

I never bot a bot.

McLary | 21 novembre 2016

The PMS would pose more of a risk to those around you lilbean.

Ross, I will make sure to have my lawyer inform the forums, when I'm gone.

Red Sage ca us | 21 novembre 2016

Still. Not. Dead. Yet.

Ross1 | 21 novembre 2016

Yep, good idea to incorporate that into your last will and testament.

lilbean | 21 novembre 2016

@mclary, so true!!! Fortunately, the storm has passed, I hope.

Mel. | 21 novembre 2016

Best post of the year.

NKYTA | 21 novembre 2016

@gh, probably all about lightning. ;-)