How do I get a personal message to Elon Musk?

How do I get a personal message to Elon Musk?

The company I work for is highly motivated by sustainability. Here's a link to our site. At our recent R&D conference we had some ideas for products we might be able to develop in partnership with Tesla, to mutual advantage. I don't want to say any more on a public platform, but I can't think of any other way to contact Elon. I'm in South Africa so he might pick this up and have his interest piqued! If you read forum posts, Elon, please e-mail me at

J.T. | 27 luglio 2016

Tweet him.

dsvick | 27 luglio 2016

For an actual business proposal I would not message him in a forum, or tweet him, or post something to his Facebook page. I would have someone in my company contact the appropriate person in his company. I'm sure there are well established business practices to do this.

vperl | 27 luglio 2016

Elon, is here.

Beware what you say.

BTW, where is my five seater configuration MX ?

SCCRENDO | 27 luglio 2016

Van Perley!! I doubt he listens to whiners. Bet you never get your Model X

lar_lef | 28 luglio 2016

Hw will, in winter, when the snowflakes fall.

lar_lef | 28 luglio 2016


Ross1 | 28 luglio 2016

When you do get invited to pitch, you need to get thru your message in 30 seconds, no powerpoints, no umms, no ahhs. If he is not interested then, walk away.

Like dsvick above said, your people speak to his people, first.

Read the book about him by Ashlee Vance.
Read the Wikipedia entry about Peter Thiel.

Do your homework. Or you won't pass the exam.
Remember, he is still a kid (45).

Ross1 | 28 luglio 2016

Alternatively, get a professional to pitch for you.

BTW, it could be just as profitable to see someone in the firm whose job it is to vet proposals.
He possibly gets 100 per day.

SamO | 28 luglio 2016

Buy a share then show up at the annual shareholder meeting. Once the line of people asking for jobs and vegan seats are finished, you can ask him to partner.

jordanrichard | 28 luglio 2016

How do you reach Elon, the CEO of Tesla? The same way someone would reach your company's CEO.

cbdc | 28 luglio 2016

Say his name 3 times and he will appear.

Aznjimmyk | 28 luglio 2016

You could crash your tesla and say it was the autopilots fault. You'd be getting a call

steve_woodhall | 29 luglio 2016

OK some good answers here, some not so good. Our CEO is dead easy to reach if you know someone who works for Scott Bader. I don't know anyone who works for Tesla.

I like Ross's idea of getting hold of whoever it is whose job it is to vet proposals. But who is that person?

Being in SA it's a bit difficult to justify the airfare to USA to turn up on the doorstep and pitch! Especially when this is such a way out idea, he might just say 'no' when he hears it. Or he may already be doing it! The pitch would definitely take no more than 30s.

I am not a fan of Twitter, I would not be able to even hint at what the proposal is, without the whole world twigging what it's about.

jordanrichard | 29 luglio 2016

Dude, really!? As I am sure your site has a "Contact Us" tab, so does Tesla's. Obviously they don't list Elon's email address or his phone number, but it is a start.

David N | 29 luglio 2016

get in line with the hundreds of others who have "ideas" for the one who builds rockets, electric cars, solar panels, stationary battery storage.
Kinda like saying I have an idea for Thomas Edison or Nikoli Tesla.
Ship Elon a working sample of your work, otherwise forget it.

blue adept | 31 luglio 2016



Otto | 15 settembre 2017

Elon, in the wake of hurricane Irma, with so many out of power, the idea of a solar emergency vehicle came to mind.
I work in the music industry and we often use portable stage systems which travel compact in a semi trailer which folds out to be a stage in less than an hour. I picture a fold out roof system with solar roof tiles and the inside of the trailer lined up with multiple power walls. Using feeder cable to juice up multiple homes. Here's a link to how this roof system is deployed.

AIA304 | 11 ottobre 2017

Write a letter and take to the Dearborn Creek location. It works......

Captain_Zap | 11 ottobre 2017


That shareholder meeting Q&A was a nightmare. Third degree genius included.

NKYTA | 11 ottobre 2017

CZ, I was there in person and it was -very- uncomfortable just to watch!

Captain_Zap | 11 ottobre 2017


Too bad I didn't meet you then. I was with Jamon. He hasn't been back to the forums in a long time. | 17 maggio 2018

Elon, Please review my ebook
It has evidence of VR


RedShift | 18 maggio 2018

This is Elon. I read your book. It’s garbage.

Tesla2018 | 18 maggio 2018

Why dont you just have your alien friends from your book abduct him instead? I think the alien probe implanted in you is really a needle filled with crack that you passed out on.

dustin | 25 luglio 2018

@RedShift I'm a web based application engineer, and fan. I have Ideas for a solution to your pravda idea and would love to share as it's a huge concern for me. if you get this can you point me to someone who I can share the strategy with?
Note: I'm not pitching a business Idea, just have ideas for your Pravda to be impactful.

Bobblec | 26 luglio 2018

Does the battery waste heat in Winter reach a level that could be useful for cabin heat to preserve battery like in gas powered carsuse waste engine heat?

luigibruti | 27 settembre 2018

Elon, I am the "business development" at DEXIBELL, an Italian company that design and produce digital musical instruments:
We have unique products in term of technology and we would like to explore the possibility to have them powered with rechargeable batteries.
Being a Tesla lover and a Model X owner I am dreaming about powering our products with Tesla batteries.
Is there any possibilities of a business relation between TESLA and our DEXIBELL company about this matter ?

larrypaulkelley | 4 dicembre 2018

Can you do me a BIG favor?

Please, please let me go to Mars on your Spaceship.

Jaswinder Brar | 4 dicembre 2018

I'm personally going to try:

Please don't litter with spam.

Hopes this helps.

Ross1 | 4 dicembre 2018

The alternative to going to Mars is to send your ashes out there.
There are 2 companies in USA doing this, and one of the 64 sats launched this week was a space burial.

ssxnetwork | 5 dicembre 2018

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EloMusk | 16 gennaio 2019

Listen everyone so I was headed to work this morning and I wanted to start my day off with my normal Starbucks coffee. Turns out Starbucks was closed because they were prepping for a catering event for some schmuck's office. Listen I am happy Starbucks is getting business through catering but its the day to day people that keep their business afloat. Take care of us... give me my coffee... please.

David N | 16 gennaio 2019

“How do I get a personal message to Elon Musk?“
I’m meeting him for lunch tomorow, what do you need to know?

lilbean | 16 gennaio 2019


jimglas | 16 gennaio 2019

Jennie, is that you?

rxlawdude | 16 gennaio 2019

Fact: for years after that song was out, telcos across the US put a block on that number to assure it wasn't assigned.

Probably long since removed that as the song fades into historical interest only.

james | 16 gennaio 2019

Elon, are you interested in sustainable planted based superconducting and supercapcitor technology that rivals graphene in performance at a fraction of the cost per ton? We are industry leaders with friends in multiple state departments of agriculture, we respresentaed our industry at the National Farm Bureau Federation this past weekend, and have the connections to make it happen with you. We have exclusive rights to distribute in multiple states, and see sustainable, plant-based batteries as the future technology that humankind will need to transition into.

Send me an email.


allensasphalt | 21 gennaio 2019

please send registraion were i can get my tag

allensasphalt | 21 gennaio 2019

please send registraion were i can get my tag

ilvanje3322 | 1 maggio 2019

my name is justin and this isnt really a request of any kind so much as a random suggestion. im not sure if this is a thing that has been considered yet, but given advances in holographic technology have you guys considered replacing all of your control panels on all of your vehicles, including spacex(consider the amount of weight that can be removed if no instrument panels are needed), with stream lined versions of vr goggles that are real time real world interactive? the bowls of the vehicles could remain the same and operate on electric triggers run by a central computer that houses the ships operating system. just a thought i ve had doing some research on your stuff though i have not researched if this has been considered by yall previously. the vr application would even take considerably less energy to run then physical panels. the benefits are quite substantial. i dont have any degrees in anything and have not really considered every angle for sure. but i feel like it is worth looking into.

psyxi41 | 2 giugno 2019

Hi ELON!!!!
I heard you might be reading these posts. Who knows???
If you are here is my little (huge) dilemma.

Great products however Im HUGELY disappointed in the way these cars ride.
sporty ride that lets you feel every bump on the road.

I own a 2016 Tesla X. rough/Sporty ride no matter what level you raise or lower the car.

I did buy the car used but im so distraught im trying to sell it.

If I wanted a sports car I would have bought one.
My Ford Edge has a MUCH better ride than the X. I'ts not a rant its just an honest opinion.

If there was a way to change shocks to make the ride rich/plush I will definitely keep it.
A $152000 CDN car before tax!!!!!!!!! ought to have a better ride than that. (That is a lot of hard earned money for a car for middle class earners )

It is not only my car ,everyone I talk to says the same.
They LOVE the car and, the technology, but don't like the way it rides.

Another issue as it is widely known is the shuddering from the front end when one accelerates from a full stop suddenly.

I made an appointment to have it looked at and the service Tech told me there is no fix for it.

I love tesla but ……… I wish that ELON would do something regarding the way the cars ride. | 2 giugno 2019

@psyxi41 - Sorry that you are disappointed with your X. Didn't you test ride it? Tesla offers sporty vehicles, but there are plenty of floaty/slow alternatives vehicles that are at the opposite end of what Tesla offers. Price has little to do with the sportyness/handling, it's a design choice - better handling vs floaty/soft.

There are some things you can do. If you have the 22" wheels, these will ride harder than the 20" wheels (which is true of any car - low profile tires (22") are designed for sporty handling, and will ride harder as they don't have as large of a sidewall. Next, check the tire air pressures - go a few pounds higher if you want the maximum handling (but harsher ride), go a few pounds lighter than spec to reduce handling and soak up more road imperfections.

Also the newest S/X offer a dynamic suspension that you might like better. I've not tried it myself, so hard to comment as it's so new. Alas, it is not retrofitable on older S/X. So Tesla has done something to improve the ride, but you'd have to buy a new one to get it. In the future, you should test drive any vehicle before purchase to confirm it meets your needs.

P.S. I disagree everyone or even a majority consider the ride poor. It was designed for great handling - far better than other SUVs.

Middledawg | 2 giugno 2019

There is a thread on where owners discuss the recent refresh after receiving their cars. Tesla has purportedly drastically upgraded the ride with the new suspension and no one is reporting the shudder problem with the X.

According to someone who spent some time with a service center rep, here is what has happened:
1. Tesla redesigned the front half shafts but the fix didn't work.
2. They are now working on the shaft mounts with a new design.
3. I was told by another service rep that they're looking forward to getting this fixed and rolling it out to the entire MX fleet.

andy.connor.e | 3 giugno 2019

how can anyone take what @psyxi41 said seriously.

David N | 3 giugno 2019

“How do I get a personal message to Elon Musk?
Submitted by steve_woodhall “

I’m meeting him for lunch tomorow at In-and-Out, wadda want to tell him?

skymaster | 3 giugno 2019

Tell him to give any buyer before July 1st, 2013 (The first of endless upgrades started with cold weather and parking sensors), a huge discount on a new modern model S, X or 3.

All of the Roadster and Model S owners before July 1st, 2013 were the genuine early adopters that paid a boatload for what they got!

psyxi41 | 4 giugno 2019

to andy.connor.e
So Stating My opinion is grounds not to take anyone seriously?

I m a better person than that and will not even address your Idiotic comment.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.
I stand By my opinion. And still support Tesla.
But im not a fanatic die hard fan of anything.
I spend my life savings and I should have an opinion.

So to you SIR andy.connor.e ……. no comment

andy.connor.e | 4 giugno 2019

too bad you commented on my comment

advocadoss | 4 giugno 2019

As far as I know he is active user of Twitter. You know what to do!

coreylynnlowry | 23 giugno 2020

I have a piece of art that I would like to know how to get permission to sell on merchandise. The piece is called "Dream Big" and features a portrait of Elon Musk, several logos of Elon's companies and more.... HELP