Correct grammar: is/are was/were

Correct grammar: is/are was/were

It seems that I see the use/misuse of the plural verb "are" or "were" after "Tesla" as in: Tesla were installing...
If referring to Tesla the company, shouldn't the singular verb be appropriate ?

If referring to Tesla owners, shouldn't the noun be: Teslas?

Ross1 | 7 settembre 2016

You coulda bin in the play had I scene your post 'sooner', as it were.

SCCRENDO | 7 settembre 2016

Is this BrianH with a new ID?

UnshodBob | 7 settembre 2016

I notice British people use plural instead of singular at odd times. Like an only child saying to a parent, "tell us a story" when he should have said "tell me a story."

I read somewhere that before the Civil War the United States was considered plural "the United States are ..." but afterwards, it became singular "the United States is ..." (e pluribus unum and all that) but don't go quoting me. :)

artC | 7 settembre 2016


science-isbetter | 7 settembre 2016

If the counter-factuals are going to ridicule and open another can of worms, I regret my trying to elucidate in advance.

General usage in the US is that collective nouns take singular verbs. In British usage, collective nouns generally take plural verbs.

http://blog DOT dictionary DOT com/collective-nouns/

vperl | 7 settembre 2016

Spell checkers and the Tesla Forum, who'd a thunk !

Some people have the issue that, this is racists, poor shamming, and elitists .

I have no opinion, just an observation .

BozieB | 7 settembre 2016

What ever happened to the idea of spreading information in a kinder and gentler way?
No need in shaming or measuring out a dose of harassment.

KP in NPT | 7 settembre 2016

Who cares.... SMDH

Ross1 | 7 settembre 2016

has he left the forum or not?

Silver2K | 7 settembre 2016

If you know what the person meant by correcting the person, then what the difference? correct it in my head and move on!

I don't see any reason to correct someone, then point it out to make them feel stupid...

When I was younger my brother would hand me his stuff to correct his spelling. My brother's credentials are:

0. Music D.J. - Beat JellyBean in a mix contest for Funhouse DJ position, but turned it down because Jellybean was his friend.
1. Chemical engineer
2. Went to medical school and was doing very well, but dropped out due to his wife having a child and needed immediate income.
3. Self-taught Unix Admin
4. Self-taught NT Server/Citrix Admin
5. Helped with design of Windows 2000
6. English, Biology and Philosophy teacher in China. (currently)

I'm proud of that bugger! :)

That's who you would be correcting at times....

Silver2K | 7 settembre 2016

my = your

UnshodBob | 7 settembre 2016

@Silver - I asked someone to fix the topic sentence to replace to with too so it would be correct. That is out there visible to all and it jars my nerves to read stuff like that in a topic. Too sides two every coin, I guess. (See?)

Silver2K | 7 settembre 2016

you're crazy! I don't have time for that crap, nor do my brothers. :)

UnshodBob | 7 settembre 2016

@Silver - no, your crazy! So their!! Hmmph. :)

Nexxus | 8 settembre 2016


You meant "there", see? Another correction. :-)

(Yes, I know you meant to do it. Just to see what type of response you would get.)

Ross1 | 8 settembre 2016

I think I could criticise most posts, but I am far too nice.

dsvick | 8 settembre 2016

@Silver - "my = your"

I'd rather correct it in your head, mine's full of mostly useless clutter ...

makobill | 8 settembre 2016

Is it artC or artsy? I think your quest is a lost cause....

David N | 8 settembre 2016

Dunno wat u meen.
Pease xplain bedder.

Remnant | 8 settembre 2016

@ artC (OP, September 7, 2016)

<< Correct grammar: is/are was/were >>

How about it's/its?

We should note that "it's" = "it is", or "it has", a verbal contraction, while "its" is a possessive pronoun, often replaced by the nonexistent possessive look-alike "it's".


Verbal: "It's" been a pleasure discussing grammar with you. "It's" polite to abide by the rules of grammar.
Possessive: The car needs "its" carpet replaced. His rage had "its" roots in his poor impulse control.

vperl | 8 settembre 2016

Opinion, all this talking down of mistakes people have made, spelling and punctuation, is by nature not a good thing .

However, if public shamming and ridicule is your tactic it is your choice.

It is a shame most posts on the Tesla Forum are not about the Vehicle .

A shame.

SCCRENDO | 8 settembre 2016

@vperl. You have been pretty guilty yourself in the past of posting meaningless stuff. Appreciate it that your posts are now mostly on point.

vperl | 8 settembre 2016

I realized who and what is going on in the forms.

All of these folks need to reevaluate their contributions.

Just past two - three weeks one may see continued negative harassment and shaming, by these same folks.

Very little of their posts are helpful to the forum for questions about the Tesla , just shaming and disrespectful attacks on opinions they disagree with.

Shameful .

Trying to reason with these folks is futile.

I await .....

Be Happy

Ross1 | 10 settembre 2016

@vp: congratulations on the new leaf, very nice. (as in turning over, not the Nissan)

Now if Mclary would also see the light...

Then there are one or two more to go, lol. :)

Imn2Paine | 10 settembre 2016

What are we learning from this thread? What have you, artC, learned?

Imn2Paine | 10 settembre 2016

What are we learning from this thread? What have you, artC, learned?

vperl | 10 settembre 2016

This thread was to shame and to be disrespectful to those that made punctuation and spelling errors.

There was no purpose for this thread. It has been said in previous posts, the shaming is racists. I have no opinion on that thought.

But, being disrespectful, and elitists seems probable, though they do not realize how they seem to others.

A shame, a real shame. These forums are about the car, nor punctuation and spelling.

Remnant | 11 settembre 2016

@ vperl (September 10, 2016)

<< This thread was to shame and to be disrespectful to those that made punctuation and spelling errors. >>

Not true! The OP's obvious intent was to improve clarity of communication.

<< There was no purpose for this thread ... the shaming is racists. I have no opinion on that thought. >>

In the previous sentence, you said the purpose was to shame and ridicule and now you're saying there was no purpose to this thread, but the shaming is racist, even if you have no opinion on this thought.

This looks like word salad to me, and not because of spelling or punctuation.

<<.These forums are about the car, [not] punctuation and spelling. >>

Clarity of communication is needed in order to talk about anything, even cars.

Implicitly, from time to time, we need to stop and wonder why our posts start to look like gobbledygook, and that has to do with concepts, logic, spelling, and punctuation, in just about any language, English included.

There is no shaming or racism in the criticism of any such aspects regarding clarity of communication, even when it is about cars.

vperl | 11 settembre 2016

Your opinion , yours.

Sorry, you feel the need to not see the facts.

Yes there is shaming, not every one is schooled in the fine arts of posting to many of the elitists spell checkers standards.


Be Happy

UnshodBob | 11 settembre 2016

@Remnant - clear communication is a fine goal. Rereading what you have typed before pressing SAVE is recommended. It's amazing what auto-correct replaces tiny typos with. :)

@vperl - if you feel you are being picked on for spelling or punctuation errors, just do your best. I know that not all forum users are native English speakers and not even all English speakers can spell or punctuate correctly. I do appreciate clearly written comments. All are welcome on the forum, even if it feels like a hostile place at times. :)

vperl | 11 settembre 2016

Shameful you act so special and elitist.

I am Just one person with one opinion, mine.

Your opinions vary.

Shameful you need, feel the urge to correct others.

Very shameful

Be Happy

vperl | 11 settembre 2016

By the way, it is so special you feel the need to be some type of " corrector", "forum guide" .

Your Klan ought to show up soon to support your shameful, disrespectful posts, as usual.

NKYTA | 11 settembre 2016

Oh, my.

- That sounded like a full sentence, in my head -

Bighorn | 11 settembre 2016

You spelled it wrong...

dsvick | 12 settembre 2016

Shaming is shameful, so shame on y ..... errr, nevermind...

Rocky_H | 12 settembre 2016

@vperl, Quote: "This thread was to shame and to be disrespectful to those that made punctuation and spelling errors."

Bull. You apparently don't appreciate being corrected on grammar and are upset and offended by it. I do appreciate being corrected on it. It is an attitude difference.

I appreciate being accurate and not making mistakes. Mistakes make one look bad or uneducated, and I would like to avoid that. So when someone gets a chance to correct a spelling or grammar mistake I have made, it is an opportunity to learn, and I want to value learning and becoming more knowledgeable.

However, some people are not interested in learning or accuracy, so they view the spelling grammar correction as an attack or insult and get offended.

This is especially noticeable among teachers. I had one really great teacher who would award bonus points if you could catch and correct a mistake he made in the physics that he was teaching. This encouraged students to know the material well and to pay close attention to what he was teaching. He was open to the correction because the goal was for accurate information to be taught and learned. The vast majority of teachers are not like that. They more value the position of power and will punish students for correcting a mistake they make because they are the authority figure who is supposed to be telling them, not being challenged. That is very sad to see, because it shows that they do not value the actual learning.

UnshodBob | 12 settembre 2016

@Rocky - very well said. I agree. Learning doesn't (or shouldn't) stop when you leave school. It is a lifelong endeavor. :)

vperl | 12 settembre 2016

Public shaming makes you feel superior.

So be it.

I opt out of being disrespectful, and your elitist public shaming.

But, it is your choice.

This thread is yours to carry on your agenda.


Be Happy

UnshodBob | 12 settembre 2016

I think vperl is shamming.

Sham - Falsely present something as the truth: was he ill or was he shamming? ... she shams indifference [ no object, with complement ] : the opossum escapes danger by shamming

dansplans | 12 settembre 2016

I have to support vperl on this. There have been many comments in the forums, where the poster is attacked and questioned about where they are from. The actual content of the posts is not even mentioned.

Simple spelling, grammar, and typos do not matter. We all make them, and are stuck with them, with no edit ability. We should be intelligent enough to understand meaning, without ridiculous nitpicking, particularly when some of it seems to be racially motivated.

vperl | 12 settembre 2016


UnshodBob | 13 settembre 2016

vperl | September 8, 2016
Opinion, all this talking down of mistakes people have made, spelling and punctuation, is by nature not a good thing However, if public shamming and ridicule is your tactic it is your choice.
It is a shame most posts on the Tesla Forum are not about the Vehicle .
A shame.

As seen in this quote, vperl is shamming. See, "public shamming." :)
If a person misspells a word, and no-one points it out, how will the person ever know the word is misspelled?
@vperl - I think you meant "public shaming," Not being elitist or racist, just trying to help another human being.

vperl | 13 settembre 2016


Thanks now for your opinion .

Rocky_H | 13 settembre 2016

@dansplans, Well, there is a good way and a bad way. A spelling correction can be just stated. It doesn't need commentary or questioning the user's background. You're right that that can be a negative. But it can be very simple, with no emotional intent to just state the difference. For example:
Summons is a request to appear in court.
Summon is the Tesla car feature of remotely moving it.

UnshodBob | 13 settembre 2016

@vperl - my point is that a single missing, wrong or added letter can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

"If you want to change your car, you have to plug it in." Maybe I meant charge your car? One letter.

If we care to communicate, we should try to communicate clearly. :)

Ross1 | 13 settembre 2016

The biggest dunce in my primary school class, where I learned to spell, turned out to become the best and brightest road building contractor in my state.
It often happens.
And another became the biggest transport operator and rally car sponsor.

It might be a burden in being a good speller.