1 model X vs 2 model 3

1 model X vs 2 model 3

Need absolutely 1 car for work, wife needs a car for the 3 kids and big dog

Tesla Model S P100D 7 seatings 613km range 0-100 km/h 2.5 seconds 160 000$+tx - 8000$= 176 000$ or Tesla Model X P100D 7 adult seatings 0-100 km/h 2.9 seconds 170 000$+tx - 8000$ = 187 500$ for 7 seatings = 26 785$/seat


2 Model 3, 320 km range 40 000CAD$+tx each - 16 000$ = 76 000$ for 10 seatings = 7 600$/seat

What would you go for or do you have any other optimal suggestions?

lilbean | 10 settembre 2016

I would get the Model X is with a smaller battery and fewer options to lower the price plus the Model 3. :)

carlk | 10 settembre 2016

If you really craze for a P100D then nothing less will satisfy you. Otherwise @lilbean's suggestion makes sense. 3 is still an unknown car and a year and half, probably longer, away.

KP in NPT | 10 settembre 2016

+1 lilbean - X75D plus Model 3. Does the wife really need a P100D to haul around 3 kids and a dog? ;)

Maxxer | 10 settembre 2016

Do you suggest a lease on the X75D until the model Y is available

KP in NPT | 10 settembre 2016

No one knows when the Y will be available or what the design will be. I would buy the X, take the federal tax credit, and then trade it in on a Y, if you like it. The Y could be several years away and it might not meet your needs.

Red Sage ca us | 10 settembre 2016

EVolution: Oh, Canada! You should wait to find out what the highest capacity, greatest range version of the Model ☰ will be before making a final decision.

NKYTA | 10 settembre 2016

Sensible suggestion @RedS!

Red Sage ca us | 10 settembre 2016

NKYTA: Thanks. I figure it depends upon whether or not the prognostications of the League of Lowered Expectations wins out over my own. Which they tend to quantify as 'Over-the-Top Optimistic'.

David N | 10 settembre 2016

"until the model Y is available"
What's Model Y?

lilbean | 10 settembre 2016

It's a compact SUV.

houstonviper1 | 10 settembre 2016

Get the P100D, or you will always be longing for it

Silver2K | 10 settembre 2016

if I could afford it, X+3 without question

Imn2Paine | 10 settembre 2016

S or 3, please, no! We want travel to be reliable: cost effective for the consumer, electric (I take 7-8 minutes to commute, which increases maintenance costs), less moving parts to maintain.

Maxxer | 11 settembre 2016

Problem is when I got to work and I'm on call, my wife won't have access to any electric car to transport the kid if I go with the 160k P100D. That's why I hesitate to split the battery pack in 2 with 3 Model 3

houstonviper1 | 11 settembre 2016

Get the P100D for now, and lease a volt for your wife until the 3 comes out.