Anyone having tire problems - I have blown two in just a few months

Anyone having tire problems - I have blown two in just a few months

Folks, I have blown out two tires by hitting curbs at relatively modest speeds. The first one happened in a parking lot. I scraped the curb coming into a parking space at 5MPH. The sidewall of the tire burst and the tire was shot. Cost about $450. It then happened again. I scraped a curb at closer to 25Mph taking a turn a little to aggressively coming out of a parking lot.

Okay, maybe I'm a sloppy driver, but this has never happened to me in my Honda pilot or my Toyota minivan.

Is anyone else having problems?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would spring for tire insurance in a heartbeat!

earlyretirement | 11 settembre 2016


Don't hit curbs while driving. Problem solved.

eddiemoy | 11 settembre 2016

what wheel are you running? 22's? 20's? what are the tires? summer performance or all seasons? vin?

carlk | 11 settembre 2016

That's not tire problem. That's driver problem. You could have even biggher problems if you keep in hitting things.

carlk | 11 settembre 2016

keep on hitting things.

MX is a rear wheel drive weighted AWD. Pilot is a front wheel drive weighted AWD. The way they turn are different. Try make a bigger arc when you trun on the corner. Think how 18 wheelers truns to get the idea.

lilbean | 11 settembre 2016

How do the rims look? You may need an alignment now.

jfarmer | 11 settembre 2016

Hah, thanks for the tips. I still feel like a tire should be able to hit the curb at 5Mhp and not split open. I'm not talking about turning hard into the curb. These were scrapes. I get it that my Honda Pilot is a very different car, but my other other car is an old Toyota Previa which has the engine close to the center of the car. I might also add that the first incident was front tire and the second incident was rear tire.

Of course, if I'm the only one who is having problems, then it most likely is my fault!

lilbean | 11 settembre 2016

I accidentally scuffed a curb in my odyssey so hard that the steering wheel was no longer straight. The crappy expensive tires survived though. Sorry to hear this happened to you. So are your rims trashed or what?

aesculus | 11 settembre 2016
jfarmer | 11 settembre 2016

Rims look fine. I barely tapped the wheels. That's what is bugging me. This is supposed to be a cross-over SUV, right? These tires are not durable, but, hey, maybe I'm the only one having problems.

No, the Youtube is not me.

lilbean | 11 settembre 2016

Do you have Contis?I know there have been reports of premature wear.

eric.zucker | 11 settembre 2016

Strange that this happened to you twice. You might have had a bad tire batch, or, it might be the driver :-)

Civilpe | 11 settembre 2016

Tough crowd here... lol. You may want to consider installing the old metal curb sensors that was used a few decades ago on large vehicles. Please provide specs of tires and rims. The sidewall of tires are typically not designed to take a beating; on the other hand, they should not be destroyed this easily.

Vawlkus | 12 settembre 2016

Sounds like your tires weren't sealed properly to me. I hit a curb hard enough to take a chunk out of my rim and the tire didn't blow. Garage was actually amazed the tire stayed inflated, so I just chalked it up to a good seal on that tire.

Triggerplz | 12 settembre 2016

Just let me know when you are in my city so I won't walk on the sidewalks :-)

jfarmer | 12 settembre 2016

I have the 20" standard issue wheels with continental tires. It still seems odd to me that these tires were utterly destroyed by brushing a curb. It's not like I hit the curb head on. The card did not jolt. The rims are not damaged.

lilbean | 12 settembre 2016

Hmm. That is disturbing. Glad to hear the rims aren't damaged.

jeffpoel | 20 settembre 2016

I went through 2 tires and 3 21 inch rims on my MS in 3 years. I hadn't had a flat tire in 30 years of driving various ICE cars. Just brushing curbs or hitting small potholes, or in one case for me, a 2 inch high rock will pop a low profile tire and/or break a rim. It took one month to pop a tire on my MX. Just bumped a hard to see metal pedestal at a state park in NorCal. These cars are extremely heavy and the low profile tires cannot absorb a serious bump without popping. I'm getting used to it, I hope, and won't be popping any more!

nxpoliak | 30 novembre 2016

Hello, Tesla forum. I just got Model X and have blown 2 tires within 6 days. My story is almost identical with jfarmer post. I am very disappointed. First tire was blown when I hit a curb. I was driving relatively slowly. The tire was replaced for $425. Then I was parking in front of Wegmans, no potholes, no issues on the road and suddently I hear strange sound. When I went outside , the tire tire ( that was new and replaced 6 days ago) has a tear.
I have been driving the same road for the past 3 years and I driving a lot but Ihave never had this kind of experience before with any of my cars. In fact I have never blown any tires in my life despite driving enormous amount of miles per year. I contact Tesla and they are telling me the tires have no warranty. Any thoughts or suggestions? It seems Tesla Model X has problems with tires. Now I am afraid to drive this car. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations or any other thoughts.

sosmerc | 30 novembre 2016

What? Tires have NO warranty whatsoever? That doesn't seem right.
Has anyone looked over the damaged tires to see what has failed? (like the sidewall). Maybe when you hit the curb you damaged the wheel in such a way that it has a sharp edge. Or maybe something within the wheelwell is rubbing against the tire at some point either during steering or over bumps.

lilbean | 30 novembre 2016

Americas Tire. Warranty is great!

mathwhiz | 30 novembre 2016

Need a cow-catcher... :~

lilbean | 1 dicembre 2016

Seriously people. Buy a car from anybody else, there is no warranty. Learn how to drive.

raging.dragonfly | 1 dicembre 2016

Buy tires from America's Tire, or Les Schwalb, tbey both have excellent warranties. OTOH, it sounds like a batch problem to me. We have the 20" Contis, and an April delivery. I have hit a curb with the right rear wheel twice now (part of an approach to a tiny roundabout in my neighborhood) - both times good and hard, 2nd time hard enough to send a very serious jolt through my husband and I. Scuffed the rim, and tore a chunk off the sidewall. DID NOT blow the tire. Did need an alignment, which we got during our Annual. I had to learn the hard way that the wheelbase on the X is both longer & differently-placed than that of our old VW van. Learned to swing out a little wider on that corner, & wait just another second before turning hard right. We cheer everytime I miss it, lol ;-) But it didn't blow the Conti's, and it shouldn't. Not even a hard bump & scrape should, though pressure, temp, profile and angle of blow may all contribute to individual cases. Maybe you can take it up with Continental?

PedanticOne | 1 dicembre 2016

Can I ask the first question that comes to mind here? Was the tire pressure set right? I read something where tire pressures were being set too high on delivery. But it sounds like this has happened twice? Could it be the tire not being seated right on the wheel? If the bead isn't set, then it wouldn't take much to pop it. Was it actually the tire that split or did it just come away from the wheel? What is the meaning of life? How much popcorn can you eat?

I demand answers!

...and clearly have had too much coffee.

Vawlkus | 2 dicembre 2016

Try not running into curbs then? Just a thought.

christurbeville | 2 dicembre 2016

After 3 years in a MS and around 8 rims and 12 tires I can tell you it's their achilles heel. I'd never had bought the MS 21" if I'd known - Oh I'd get the MS just with 19". Tesla's a massively heavy (see redundant) car. What inside feels like a little nudge can be a huge force on the rim or sidewall. Get smaller rims and drive like the curbs are lined with knives!

Tâm | 3 dicembre 2016

You have to register with Continental within 45 days:

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elguapo | 3 dicembre 2016

+1 @lilbean

poloX | 4 dicembre 2016

Seriously all, the OP or any drivers for that matter should not run the curbs. That said, anyone has done that before no matter how good of a driver you are. The real question here is given the mistake, should the tires do that?

Like when you hit a tree at 30 mph and the whole front end collapses into the cabin and kill all passengers and would you then tell the driver to learn how to drive then? Or would you sue the heck out of the car does not meet the crash test safety requirements? We all are serious tesla fans, or Elon's fans or both. But we must help this new young company improve and perfect and change the world together. If we don't do that, fossil oil will take over again with the SOB in the whole house soon.

raging.dragonfly | 4 dicembre 2016

That's kinda why I told my little story - to illustrate that the Conti's SHOULD NOT just blow like that. I hit that curb harder than I've EVER hit one in my life before, (yes, I'm mortified) & tore rubber off, and somewhat damaged the wheel, and they DIDN'T BLOW. I think something was off w/OP's & they should be checked with service, or someone they trust. Not enough knowledge to say what might be off, but something was. Pressure, bead, bad wheel, ???

poloX | 5 dicembre 2016

Yeah, most of us here are tesla fans. Most of us here are not Trump's supporters either. Please don't be like them.

sjoannaday | 28 marzo 2019

My model X have blown four tires in the last two years by the curb. Twice was hitting low curb with low speed, and once when parking it rubbed on the curb. The last time it hit over a very low curb (3/4") with a curved rounded edge at a moderate speed, and the two tires at the right side immediately popped. I believe these Tesla tires definitely have some defects.

jimglas | 28 marzo 2019

they are not "Tesla tires", just regular tires mounted on your tesla.

lilbean | 28 marzo 2019

How about not hitting curbs?

00Tesla | 28 marzo 2019

I feel for you jfarmer. I have had my MX about a year and a half. I never ran into in curbs but I do drive more like a grandpa when in parking lots. The MX should have a tighter turning radius. I use to be able to whip into parking spots like a boss. Now I do it like like a cautious boozer.
Parking the MX is a challenge.

Xp100DL | 28 marzo 2019

To fix this issue which I also had you must go get your wheels alignment done. Schedule with Tesla for $168 plus tax.

ScooterJim | 28 marzo 2019

I have scraped the curb several times, mostly at 1 mph and have small marks on the rim. It is difficult to judge distance because the hood slopes so much and the wiper blades don't raise enough above the hood to be used as a reference. I have installed rim protectors from RimRingz and has avoided more damage. Driving a 5000 lbs car at 25 mph can result in significant damage to a tire and rim. You got unlucky here and lucky in your other scapes.. Imagine if you were hit by a MX at 25 mph.

The 20" Continental ContiSilent come with no mileage warranty from Tirerack or Discount Tire. Don't know about other retailers. I replaced mine at 33,000 miles only because there was a great tire sale over Labor Day last year. I got Pirelli Scorpin Zero A/S Plus with a 65,000 mile warranty. Warrant coverage mileage and defect in workmanship/manufacter. Hitting a curb might be covered under a road hazard coverage when you buy replacements from a tire store, but not Tesla.

lilbean | 28 marzo 2019

Sorry to hear you scraped your rims. That's such a bummer. I scraped my Model 3 rim and the Wheel Wizard fized it right away. I haven't scraped the rims on the x. Then again, it hasn't been driven since August. I have wheelbands on those rims.