DIY 6 seater rear center console

DIY 6 seater rear center console

I made a rear center console for my 6 seater that I wanted to share - it is working out nicely so far. Let me see if I can post pictures:

And here it is in use on our trip to Utah:

Madatgascar | 11 settembre 2016

Basically it's a styrofoam cooler in a plywood box that's shaped to fill the whole gap so it can't move side to side or forward and back. The height is set to exactly level with the folded down third row seats. This way you can actually sleep on it. I'm 6'-3" and it is comfortable for me to lie flat. It is a little lower than what I would normally want for armrest height, but still gives some nice arm support. And keeps a LOT of drinks cool.

hami05 | 11 settembre 2016

That's really nice! I've got a 7 seater so can't really try this out, but I've got to say that's pretty innovative. I hope more people catch onto this. One thing that I'd be concerned about though is that you've limited the third row passenger leg room by a lot now as that console won't move up, but that shouldn't be an issue if you don't really use those seats. Also, I see that you can't open those rear front console cup holders from the second row seats now, but who needs those when you've got an entire cooler back there? Lol

Triggerplz | 11 settembre 2016

@tbouquet how did you secure it to the floor?

Madatgascar | 11 settembre 2016

@hami05, thanks! I pull it out for normal use, and so far I have only used it for long trips for me and my wife. It comes out the back pretty easily. Tomorrow we are leaving for a week in southern Utah's parks, now that the Page AZ supercharger has opened.

@Triggerplz, I didn't secure it to the floor. It is blocked in tight and has nowhere to go except straight up. I seem to remember you used velcro for yours - is that still working?

Triggerplz | 11 settembre 2016

@tbouquet yes mine is still good I've accelerated many times with ludicrous and made sudden stops it has not budged

Vawlkus | 12 settembre 2016

pretty clever. Wonder if Tesla's gonna offer their own version in a few months :D

LimawanS85 | 12 settembre 2016

@tbouquet, can you the dimension? I am planning to look around furniture store when my X arrive for the same purpose.

Madatgascar | 16 settembre 2016

@LimawanS85, sorry for the delay, I was on a road trip in southern Utah (added a couple of pictures above).

The dimensions of my "console" are as follows:
Length = 35" at the top, 30" at the bottom - one side is sloped as shown in the first picture to avoid the third row seat bottom
Width = 15 1/2" to fit snug between the seats
Height = 15" to level with the folded third row seats

Good luck!

FalconONE | 28 agosto 2019

Hey I cant see the pictures here anymore. can you post them again or send a link of the products you used please? very interested in doing this mod!

Davila1024 | 2 settembre 2019

Same here I dont see any picture ?