Waze vs. Tesla Navigation

Waze vs. Tesla Navigation

Has anyone compared the traffic information from the Waze mobile phone app against the traffic data that's used in the Tesla navigation system? I believe Tesla's traffic information comes from Google, which owns Waze. But I'm not sure if the Waze traffic information is reflected in Tesla's navigation.

Has anyone compared travel times/commutes between both?

KP in NPT | 12 settembre 2016

The times are not the same. I use both when I commute from JFK to RI - CT traffic is notoriously bad and Waze more accurately reflects estimated time in traffic. (As in, it will take longer.)

Makyar | 12 settembre 2016

Good to know. Does the Tesla navigation use local streets to route you around traffic on main roads? That's very common on Waze.

Makyar | 15 settembre 2016

Does anyone else have good/bad experience comparing Waze against the Tesla Navigation System?

davediep | 15 settembre 2016

Yes, Tesla navigation will re-route you in real time to local streets if need be to improve your arrival time (that you can select in the control panel i.e. 5 minutes, 10 minutes...).