*Use the homelink auto close function at your own risk*

*Use the homelink auto close function at your own risk*

I assumed because of the will close in 20 ft etc that the homelink garage auto close was GPS connected and would not create a problem. But I was leaving home the other morning, started backing out with the garage open, but saw a text notification and paused. Then I continued backing out but the garage door began coming down on my roof and unfortunately, because my wheel had not blocked the garage doors own sensor, and the tesla homelink system is *not* a smart system, My roof was damaged, my garage door was damaged too. They apparently just engage based on my having paused, and the cars sensors not detecting that I was still in the garage. (clearly only the forward sensor with the 30" clearance is checked by software). Tesla's response is, yes, the homelink did set off though you were not out of your garage -- tough luck! The homelink system is not a smart system!.

kn_sudha | 21 settembre 2016

BTW I have a sig 300 something VIN M/X

kn_sudha | 21 settembre 2016

BTW I have a sig 300 something VIN M/X | 21 settembre 2016

I had exact same issue last night. I was trying to park my car into garage. the garage door triggered to close by Tesla homelink when I was 1/3rd in to the garage. I did not notice the door coming down on me. I was doing a reverse park checking all the sides and back and making sure that I am not hitting anything. the Garage door landed on my frunk. I see a big line of scratches all over the frunk. It did not close while I left my car parked just outside the garage door to get my kids off and get them inside. but it started closing as soon as I started moving into the garage. This is not good. which number did you call to complain? | 21 settembre 2016

when I configured mine, it used to close when my car is 20/30 feet from my garage door motor and moving away from it. yesterday it did trigger the door to close when I was right under it. | 21 settembre 2016
MicTheCat | 21 settembre 2016

Have this in our S on occasions. You need to be aware of that sometimes the GPS system in the car is in deep sleep and are not gaining enough satellites to give a precise position. So the car thinks it out of the garage already

They could solve this by saving the position and only trigger homelink if the car have moved an minimum distance after power on.

aesculus | 21 settembre 2016

One reason I don't turn on any music and even why I have climate off too. I want to hear the garage door if it goes off unexpectedly. So far it has opened or closed wrong a few times once I was clear. ie it closed on me when I got inside which it is not supposed to do.

BTW you can stop it from closing by touching the button while it is in motion. Its just like pressing it manually to open or close. So if you hear it go off at the wrong time, just touch it and it should either reverse course or at least stop so you can deal with it.

lilbean | 21 settembre 2016

@aesculus, I do the same thing. Music off, air low, kids in the house, passenger window rolled down.

kn_sudha | 22 settembre 2016

@lilbean, @aesculus Well - I called the sunnyvale service center and was told that it *is not* a smart system, i.e. it does not use GPS, too much thinking. So would warn folks to not use auto close at this point unless they are careful like you, I tend to be the type that turns up the music and escapes while in the car....

houstonviper1 | 22 settembre 2016

If your car is underneath the garage door and the car closes it, I thought the sensors on the sides of the garage door would halt it from coming down?

ramana | 22 settembre 2016

generally sensors are too low. They only work, if tires or something block the sensors. If the car is moved a half a through, both front and back tires miss the sensors.

rossRallen | 22 settembre 2016

Absolutely, positively DO NOT USE AUTO HOMELINK unless you don't care about body damage to yourself or your vehicle.
1. Garage doors and gates are heavy objects that can cause injury to people and property if their motion is not directly-controlled by you AND observed. Many examples of this in other threads on the forum. Example: Garage doors have closed after the Tesla is clear only to hit another car backing out.
2. There can be a significant delay between signal transmission and initiation of motion. My gate seems to have a 5-second delay. Who knows why? Garage door is immediate.
3. HomeLink is position unaware: it merely toggles from open to closed or vice-versa. So, you could have exactly the opposite of what you expected.

Operate HomeLink-enabled devices as if they were dangerous, which they are.

Triggerplz | 22 settembre 2016

Touching the screen to open the garage door then touching the screen to close it is good enough for me

rockyouever | 22 settembre 2016

I only use the HomeLink to open the garage door for me never let it close the door automatically.

aesculus | 23 settembre 2016

There is a statement on FW 8.0 that they have enhanced the HomeLink function but no one has reported what it does exactly.

darlin | 23 settembre 2016

Tiggerplz +10

siliconhammer | 23 settembre 2016

I turned off auto-close. I don't mind pressing the HomeLink to manually close the door. It's just an integrated garage door opener to me.

dbh | 23 settembre 2016

risk / reward ratio seems to be a divide-by-zero error imho

MicTheCat | 24 settembre 2016

Turning off autoclosing will not prevent the garage door to close if its open when you are returning home. Home link only issues one command on most doors. If the door is open it will close and if the door is closed it will open. If the door is moving it will stop

lilbean | 24 settembre 2016

Yes but if the automatic function is not enabled, the driver has control of when to open or close the garage.

aesculus | 24 settembre 2016

Automatic operation of Homelink via geofencing now beeps when it triggers/operates. I love this. Sometimes it's the little things.

aesculus | 24 settembre 2016

That was supposed to be a quote. I have not gotten V8 yet.

Lubdub | 25 settembre 2016

so glad for this thread I turned my auto close off.
I have had people in garage near door when the door closed automatically not good