12volt Battery Location?

12volt Battery Location?

Anyone know where the 12 volt battery is located in the X......I see posts on how to access in the model S, but nothing about the X. I dont want to just start removing panels to try and figure it out.

eric.zucker | 16 ottobre 2016

Frunk, in front of the driver. Look at the Model X first responders guide.

lilbean | 16 ottobre 2016

Thanks, @eric!

psusi | 2 novembre 2016

Ahh, good to know. When the 12v battery died in my Prius, I was not happy about not being able to even push it out of the garage to jump it from my other car. Had to use the emergency key to open the driver door, and climb into the trunk, tear the covers off, and manually actuate the release latch, then I could reach the battery from a standing position, get it out, and take it to the auto parts store to get a replacement. Now I check the thing with the service screen every couple of months, and the next time it was about to die, I replaced it before it did with an after market AGM battery that supposedly lasts longer.

Speaking of, has anyone figured out how to get to the service screen in the MX yet?