Is supercharging included on pre-owned Teslas?

Is supercharging included on pre-owned Teslas?

I'm thinking of trading in my 2013 Ford Escape for a used 2014 Tesla Model S 85kwh before the end of this year. I believe all 85kwh models had Supercharging and that should transfer to the new owner, but I'm not sure. How can I tell, since lifetime Supercharging is the main reason I am consider buying now? Also, I would be buying this car 500 miles from home, and would need to Supercharge to make it back home.

Rocky_H | 14 dicembre 2016

Yes, it stays included with the car.

Quote: " Also, I would be buying this car 500 miles from home, and would need to Supercharge to make it back home."

From this statement, you seem to be misunderstanding something. It is not a case of "This car can Supercharge, but those others can't." All of the cars are capable of Supercharging. It is a matter of whether and how much of it is included free, versus you having to pay for it. So you definitely would be able to use the Supercharger for that 500 miles no matter what. The older ones have unlimited use included. For the ones beginning next year, they will include an allotment of 400kwh of energy per year included for free, and any amount of use above that will have to pay a fee. They have not announced what that cost will be yet.

malbrough | 14 dicembre 2016

Thanks Rocky. I don't mind paying for Supercharging, and I only plan on doing it on road trips. It's confusing when some car descriptions from the same dealer say "Supercharging" and others say "Supercharging hardware". Then other ads don't even mention Supercharging. A definitive statement on pre-owned Supercharging from Tesla would be great, but I can't find that.. Getting stranded on day 1 is a big concern, but the main reason for doing this before the end of the year is to get grandfathered in. It would be nice to know what I'm paying for. I'm thinking I will call Tesla to be sure.

malbrough | 14 dicembre 2016

I just called Tesla support, and even they did not know. They said I "should" be OK, if I purchase before the end of the year, but I should ask the dealer. Most dealers are not familiar with Tesla, but I'll try to get something in writing (yeah, right). If I can Supercharge on the test drive, then I "should" be OK. And if I do buy before year-end, I'll be sure to call and transfer ownership with Tesla support before the end of the year, also. | 14 dicembre 2016

@malbrough - To add some confusion, older pre 2015 Model 60s, the Lifetime free supercharging was a $2000 option. If you didn't pay for that option, you don't get access to Superchargers at all. There were a very small number of 40s (less than 100?) that do not have Supercharger access at all and was never available. Both these models could be upgraded for a fee at any time. The 40 requires paying to upgrade to a 60 first for $10,000. The 60 could be upgraded by a phone call for $2,500 to get Supercharging. All Model S versions have the Supercharger hardware.

If you're considering an 85, none of this matters, as every 85 made had lifetime free Supercharging included and is transferable with the car.

Rocky_H | 14 dicembre 2016

Rest assured that you don't need to question being able to use them. The 85kwh models did all come with the lifetime use of Superchargers included with the cars. I am MORE than 100% sure that the used one you are considering will be able to use Superchargers, and I am only 100% sure that it will be free. :)

SrKErd | 14 dicembre 2016

I can confirm that I am in the process of getting a CPO P85+ and I was told unlimited supercharging is included...
Although if I were you I would hurry up on putting the deposit down this year. My delivery is still more then a month away since reconditioning is taking a while...

john.r.siddall | 1 settembre 2019

Is my 2015 model S 70 able to be supercharged?

carlk | 2 settembre 2019

Yes. Only certain S60 that can not do this. It will have free for life supercharging too if you are the original owner. Not sure if it's CPO though.