EPA Pruitt defrocked

EPA Pruitt defrocked

Tesla-David | 4 agosto 2018

Yes, the unmitigated horror that flows from this despicable administration seems to know no bounds on how low they will go, with bees already being heavily impacted, we choose to ignore their plight and sanction the pesticides that are killing them. Unbelievable. I absolutely despise Drumpf/cabinet, and the people who support him and voted for him, and pray for a huge blue wave in November.

Another thing that distresses me is the Drumpf administrations and Republicans attack on the Endangered Species Act, which will have dire consequences on the endangered Puget Sound Orca pod who's population has shrunk by 20 percent since the 1990's. As a resident of the region, I and many others are saddened beyond belief to see this Orca mother (Tahlequah) carry her dead baby calf over the past 10 days. She is a visible manifestation on how we have failed to act to protect their critically endangered population from harm. Another member of the pod is near death due to starvation. We have not been good stewards of this planet.

Mike83 | 4 agosto 2018
Crazy hot Temperatures. This is very scary. Too sad to think about the self destruction that the Feds are doing now.
At least more people are becoming aware and opening their eyes to this crazy disaster.
But some good news. We got our M3 update today with WiFi and Summon. We got it to work setting the parameters to 8 inches and 26 ft. But we are watching it carefully as it is beta. What a great car.
Don't let the actions of the stupid get you down. It will change again hopefully prior to too much more damages.

Tesla-David | 4 agosto 2018

@Mike83, glad to hear about your M3 OTA update with Summon and WiFi. We are still waiting to get that for our M3. @nwfan on M3 thread reports he had OTA update failure for his M3, and the car will not run, and may have to be towed to get fixed. Terrible to hear, but we have never had an OTA update problem in more than 5 years.

SO | 4 agosto 2018

“Reversing the pesticide ban that kills bees.”

This is actually great news! I don’t have to worry about bee stings any longer!

It’s not like bees are vital to plant life or anything. Oh wait....

Mike83 | 4 agosto 2018

@Tesla-David We are very happy to get the OTA update. Has other new features we have yet to explore. With so many OTA updates over the years I also never heard of an OTA failure or had one. Somewhat suspicious. A simple call to Tesla instead of posting it publicly seems more logical for a solution. Of course I am skeptical with the shorts on the run as desperation seems to in the air.

Tesla-David | 4 agosto 2018

Yes, the Tesla haters have been around for years, I posted this hilarious utube link from 2+ years ago entitled: Hitler's Short position in Tesla is ruined", which was updated on M3 thread to reflect the recent quarterly earnings report. Makes me laugh to see how funny these utube videos of short's are, and that their attacks are unending. They are losing and will continue to lose, as Tesla keeps innovating and improving their products.

Mike83 | 4 agosto 2018

Great videos. Elon revealed some very exciting new innovations in the ER. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018
289 Million in damages. Perhaps lawsuits in other chemicals that the EPA wants to allow is coming next.

Mike83 | 4 settembre 2018

How much money did this dude take from American taxpayers besides causing more health hazards?

Mike83 | 29 settembre 2018

So the Feds say we are doomed and should just make more money destroying our life systems since we don't have the technology to prevent it? Are they being disingenuous?

The above link is worth the read. I see no logic and extreme unethical behavior in the current fed policy changes.
The world believes there is a solution but the GOP seems intent on destruction. Pride, arrogance, lust, greed, sloth, gluttony and wrath are the 7 deadly sins and it appears they are the motivation of some. Lets hope good triumphs over this self destruction.

Tesla-David | 29 settembre 2018

Thanks @Mike83, very sobering read and outrageous that this absolutely disgusting and irresponsible cult of criminals and AGW deniers would ignore the clear science facts that will utterly destroy the habitability of Planet Earth for future generations. These conclusions from EIS are indeed sobering and scary.

"Last month, deep in a 500-page environmental impact statement, the Trump administration made a startling assumption: On its current course, the planet will warm a disastrous 7 degrees by the end of this century.
A rise of 7 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 4 degrees Celsius, compared with preindustrial levels would be catastrophic, according to scientists. Many coral reefs would dissolve in increasingly acidic oceans. Parts of Manhattan and Miami would be under water without costly coastal defenses. Extreme heat waves would routinely smother large parts of the globe."

Mike83 | 14 ottobre 2018

18 deaths so far. Since it seems the climate disruption is in acceleration mode these catastrophes will become "normal" with politicians making the decisions. Who should be held accountable?

Mike83 | 17 ottobre 2018
Mike83 | 1 novembre 2018
jimglas | 2 novembre 2018

@Mike83: Are we great enough yet?

Mike83 | 14 novembre 2018
These scum are experts at scapegoating environmental people and got caught helping polluters.

Tesla-David | 7 dicembre 2018

The large number of reports coming out almost daily now with dire predictions about our limited time for action on AGW should give anyone with even half a brain pause. I have deep dispair for the future of our biosphere based on how little progress is being made.

Mike83 | 11 dicembre 2018
Mike83 | 15 dicembre 2018

Another fossil fuel crony bites the dust. Can't believe all the problems we face with the worst people still playing favorites who apparently need supervision. America is losing credibility.

Mike83 | 28 dicembre 2018

The new Trump's appointees have honesty issues. Like a rotting fish.

Mike83 | 30 dicembre 2018

Rewarded by industry and paid his pieces of silver doing fossil fuels dirty work.

Mike83 | 8 gennaio 2019

Many places are demanding and filing Lawsuits against fossil fuel interests for the damages they are causing. Perhaps the government officials who are put in place by the fossil fuel industry should also be held accountable. After all, the fossil fuel industry gets tax breaks and ENORMOUS subsidies paid by American and even farm workers who are taxpayers. They also pay to get people elected who can influence policies to keep the fossil fuel welfare checks coming.

Tesla-David | 8 gennaio 2019

The lawsuits are slowly making their way through the courts, and I feel confident that scumbag Fossil Fuel companies will ultimately be found liable for the damages they have done and continue to do by promoting front groups to push denial and confuse the public on AGW.

"Massachusetts' Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey declared "victory" on Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected ExxonMobil's attempt to derail her office's probe into whether the fossil fuel giant misled investors and the public about its knowledge of climate change.
The justices declined to hear Exxon's appeal of an April ruling by Massachusetts' highest court, Reuters reported. "

At least EPA is being forced to release incriminating emails from Pruitt/Wheeler to polluting industries.

Mike83 | 8 gennaio 2019

@Tesla-David. great link. Justice is coming.

jimglas | 9 gennaio 2019

Mueller Ain't Going Anywhere

Tesla-David | 10 gennaio 2019

Disgusting news that Wheeler formally nominated to head EPA. Worthless piece of crap. My EPA friends and colleagues are incredibly sad to have this scumbag leading EPA. He is no better than Pruitt, another total scumbag who disgraced this agency who's mission has been misdirected and taken off rails by the horrendous Drumpdf administration.

Mike83 | 15 gennaio 2019

These fossil fuel paid prostitutes want you to believe burning fossil fuels that make them even more filthy rich is no problem. Yet we have places that have REAL issues with the recklessness and lies that give fossil fuel interests more tax breaks and a free ride to pollute and not hurt their outrageous profits as they make tens of billions and destroy other industries. Pathetic is too kind for these unethical types.

Tesla-David | 15 gennaio 2019

Thanks @Mike83 for link. The undeniable facts linking AGW sea level impacts to coastal areas is now becoming main stream. The costs of delaying action will only grow.

Mike83 | 19 gennaio 2019

We need to change to save the future. Continuing down the road of ignorance and secrecy is catastrophic as we see the evidence building. This affects the human species and the survival of all, no matter what politics or money interests you worship. I am glad to see the shift in attitudes.

Tesla-David | 19 gennaio 2019

Thanks for the great link @Mike83, totally agree.

I like how the new congress is tackling important legislation to fix problems, especially HR-1.

"House Resolution 1 (H.R. 1) is a bill focused on addressing the corruption of this administration and restoring several important pillars of our democratic system: voting rights, money in politics, and ethics. We need everyone on board who cares about evidence in policy decisions. Here are three reasons the scientific community should support H.R. 1:"

Another piece of legislation (I-1631) that failed in Washington State that I worked hard to get passed was undercut by the fossil fuel interest, which is also mentioned in your link above.

Mike83 | 2 febbraio 2019

So the oil lobbyists may change the name of the EPA to EDA, Environmental Destruction Agency. Kochs must be counting their money and love to hoard it.

Mike83 | 2 febbraio 2019

Here is the take on Christy. For one big error he only uses one data set and ignores the massive amount of data like global T in oceans, land, etc. He is from Alabama which I find interesting.

Tesla-David | 2 febbraio 2019

Thanks @Mike83, another denier appointed to EPA advisory board, Utterly disgusting. Lots of stupid people in Alabama, but some progressives are fighting back. Not much hope from me that they will see the light in time.

SCCRENDO | 2 febbraio 2019

I heard they took Christie because Spencer was too busy marking the boundaries of the flat earth and trying to calculate how CO2 levels were higher 840000 years ago when the earth was only created 6000 years ago.

Mike83 | 2 febbraio 2019

SCCRENDO LOL. The GOP is terrible at math and now budget deficits. Best con artists around.

Tesla-David. Agree. Reminds me of the show House of Cards. Poor saps held back by their own votes.

Mike83 | 3 febbraio 2019

Is there any doubt that the EPA is directed by the fossil fuel cartel.

Mike83 | 12 febbraio 2019

Your tax bill goes to these interests. Had enough yet?

Tesla-David | 13 febbraio 2019

Disgusting propping up failing coal plant given the Planetary AGW emergency we are facing. Watched interview with Dahr Jamail yesterday that makes me fear for the future. He has a well researched new book out and is a journalist who has been writing articles for for years about climate disruption. According to experts he quotes even with action to bring our carbon emissions down, we already have 3 degrees C worth of temperature increases already baked in regardless. It will only be worse than that without serious carbon reductions, so the future is looking bleak IMHO. His interview on Democracy Now can be accessed at link below and is well worth listening to.

Mike83 | 16 febbraio 2019
Tesla-David | 16 febbraio 2019

Yes the economics of coal fired energy no longer are favorable as cleaner renewable alternatives become cheaper. No brainer to switch to renewables.

se.jose666 | 16 febbraio 2019

Guess this post has transcended from an EPA post to a Trump v. Health Issues.

Mike83 | 16 febbraio 2019

People are pissed off finding out that their Trump tax cut is not so great. Who owns the Swamp? Tax breaks went to the upper 1% or higher it appears.

Tesla-David | 17 febbraio 2019

Yes the tax cut for the rich is now being fully exposed for the shame it truly is. Also more evidence emerges as Amazon with $11billion in profits last year will pay zero (nada) in taxes. You and I will pay more in taxes than Amazon. Absolutely disgusting and not sustainable.

Mike83 | 28 febbraio 2019

Releasing more engine combustion products results in deaths. The only benefits go to the bottom line of fossil fuel interests who have their government appointees in place. Someone should be held accountable.

jimglas | 28 febbraio 2019

Coal lobbyist now heading EPA, god help us

Mike83 | 31 marzo 2019

What a big crazy ideology that uses no science for decisions. Banana republic?

Mike83 | 5 aprile 2019

Even though the GOP/Trump removed science and appointed fossil fools we have some issues even uneducated can understand unless you're paid to be honest