Unusual Service visit today

Unusual Service visit today

Took my 1 month old X in to my local service facility to fix a couple things that I though needed attention.

Had perhaps one of the best automotive services ever.

They checked me in at the appointed time. Gave me a clean and well running loaner car. Confirmed with me via PM throughout the day to let me know what was happening. I could watch on my app and see exactly when the car was being test driven, the speeds and route. One of the things addressed was headlight alignment. They asked me if they could keep the car overnight so they could test drive it to make sure the lights did what I wanted.

The next morning they called to see what time would be most convenient for me to come in and pick up my finished car, as they wanted to have it washed and ready for me at that time.

They PM'd me a statement, detailing charges (none), what their testing determined and what they had done to address those issues. They also upgraded my firm ware to the latest edition and noted it on the statement. Everything was well documented and professional.

I picked up the car that morning. Everything was fixed perfectly, everybody congratulated me on my new Model X and gave me some helpful hints to speed me up my learning curve. Even though it was evident that they were extremely busy, everyone took special note to see that everything was done to my satisfaction.

I have read on this forum how many people have had less successful services, but just wanted to balance their complaints with those of a totally satisfied customer.

Tesla Rocks.

Mike83 | 16 marzo 2017

For the last four years every service experience I have had is similar to yours.
Bravo Tesla.

The flying hippie | 16 marzo 2017

I had a door handle issue where it was presenting to 100% instead of 90% and in the process opening the door every time I unlock. This was a problem as I frequently unlock the doors remotely and then lock them again via the app. I noticed my door was ajar so wouldn't re-lock. Took it in to the service center at opening the next morning as I had a long trip planned and half expected them to tell me they were booked solid and could only give me an appointment in a week but they took it on the spot and had me out in an hour with new micro-switches in the offending handle. They even offered me an Enterprise rental, which I declined. Over the last few years service was on a bit of a decline at my service center but they hired a new manager and service seems to be good again. Thanks Tesla!

Dramsey | 16 marzo 2017

All my Tesla service experiences have been good as well...well, one time my loaner was a stinky Infiniti (I mean, the car literally smelled funky. I think someone had smoked in it.)

Silver2K | 16 marzo 2017


Keep febreze on hand. I one got a wet dog smelling Tesla loaner and febreze took care of it

David N | 16 marzo 2017

Thank you the super service report.
Go Tesla.

NKYTA | 16 marzo 2017

Service is exeplery in Nor Cal.

Haggy | 17 marzo 2017

That's been typical of the service I always get. The last time was an exception and it was hard to get through to them by phone. They said they were understaffed and working on it. I just checked the job listings and it's clear that they are hiring several people as concierges and service technicians where I take my car in. As long as Tesla recognizes the problem and is actively working on it, I hope that won't be an ongoing problem. Overall, the level of service has been far above what I've gotten from other high end companies.